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Birthday Book of Jeannie Jackson.

Notes updated - in red - July 26, 2014.

Inscribed inside front cover:
Jeannie Jackson
With Kindest Wishes
From J.A.A.(? not sure of initials)
January 18th, 1890
Proverbs 8-17*

*Proverbs 8:17 :I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.

Jeannie JACKSON who would later marry Charles MOORHEAD was born August 17, 1877 and was 12 years old when she received this book. Since the entries are mostly done in the handwriting of the person whose birthday is marked, the readability varies considerably but it makes it more interesting.

Many of the entries date from Jeannie's days at school in Switzerland. I have not taken the time to follow up on those ones (still too many other urgent tasks at hand). Other clusters of names such as JOHNSTON, CHERRY, DARLING ( bits shown in red were added in 2014), McCAW will be worth more attention. They have already shown up in either photos or letters. There are also names that occur frequently in our family tree, such as COULTER, DICKIE, REID and WRIGHT where the specific person listed in this birthday book is still maddeningly elusive. All hints from other kind souls are always welcome.For example, I know of a Robert WRIGHT marrying a Sarah REED - but in Jeannie's book there is also an Annie REID (September 3)marrying a WRIGHT as well as a Lizzie REID (October 21) marrying a WRIGHT. Given the nature of both social and marriage relations, there is likely a familial connection here. The quote above from Proverbs is oddly appropriate: ... those who seek me diligently find me..

Notes in red represent the latest additions. This helps me to pay attention - always a challenge!

Date Inscribed name & details Notes - with help from Wendy Jack - all errors mine.
1 Edith M. Sproule Edith Margretta SPROULE b. 1 Jan 1879, Fern Hill, Donegal, Ireland. Father Andrew SPROULE. Mother Margaret Ann Cochrane SPROULE
4 T. Jackson Thomas JACKSON b. 4 January 1881, Brackagh. Father: John JACKSON. Mother Kate Marie Jane Whiting JACKSON. (NOTE: The record actually said "Bracknagh, Offaly, Ireland, but given other family info, I have rendered it as Brackagh which is in Co. Fermanagh.
8 Maud Young b. 8 Jan 1875 Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland. Father: Samuel YOUNG. Mother: Margaret Mussen

Margaret [?] Gauffn
Laura E. Leeueost

10 Edith J. Pring Edyth J. Pring b. 10 Jan 1878, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. Father: Henry PRING. Mother: Mary MASON. Married Robert Percival JAMES 12 Mar 1903 London.
13 G Cruijff Amsterdam 1877  
20 A.L. Morrison [USA]  
21 Mary Dickie Possibly Mary Wallace DICKIE, daughter of Alexander DICKIE and Anna Maria McCULLAGH (or McCULLA).
25 Mary E Pollock (or Mary C. Pollock) A Dr. William POLLOCK had a dispensary house at Annaghvacky, Parish of Creggan- near the DICKIE family.
27 Maude A. Scott

Maude Anna SCOTT b. 27 Jan 1868, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: John SCOTT. Mother: Elizabeth KYLE.
The only related SCOTT I have in this time frame married Blanche Emily DARE (a sister-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON).

29 Bessie Brown d. 24
b. 29 January 1843 Elizabeth BROWN nee JACKSON, daughter of David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER). Wife of Thomson BROWN(E).
Jeannie Gilmore m. Bartley
d 4.9.07
Mary Jane BARTLEY b 1876 (nee GILMORE) daughter of Eliezer GILMORE & Sarah JACKSON)m. Thomas BARTLEY
Tuggi Vullenmier 1884. Bale  
4 Lizzie Hand  
5 G.G [or S.S.] Torrens  
6 Mabel Sidney Jackson  
8 Sarah Evelyn Ferguson  

Harriett Walker

Harriett Miller WALKER b. 12 Feb 1879 Derry, Londonderry, Ireland. Father: Thomas WALKER. Mother Mary Anne MILLER.
The only related WALKER: a John Ralph WALKER m. Joyce Katherine JACKSON, daughter of George Julius JACKSON, a son of Sir Thomas JACKSON. There are also WALKER entries in the JOHNSTON tree.
Martha Meyer, Zurich  

Sarah Bailie

Sarah Jane BAILIE b. 14 Feb 1878 Antrim, Ireland. Father: James BAILIE. Mother Emily: Emily Bailie HILLBROOK.
Emily McCullagh  
Fred D. Swan The SWAN family of Co. Monaghan married into the WRIGHT family in the late 1700s. No other known connection. In the 1901 Census, a Fred David SWAN, an auctioneer age 30, was living with his parents William & Louisa SWAN in Monaghan.
15 Claire Suchinger Zofingen

Margaret McCaw m. Bayne b. 15 Feb 1874 Co. Down, Ireland. Father John Robert McCAW. Mother: Elizabeth AKA "Lizzie" HUGHES. Married 31st August 1870 John Sloan BAYNE - a writer to the the Signet (Edinburgh) and son of James BAYNE of Edinburgh and Mary Elizabeth McCAW. SOURCE: The Rea Genealogy. 1971.
They were the parents of Margaret Emilie Sloan BAYNE who married Thomas Jackson HOUSTON - the son of Jeannie MOORHEAD's sister. There are 7 other McCAW entries and one of them signed the back of a photo sent to Jeannie on April 193?
17 Louisa Campbell
b. 16 Feb 1875 Antrim, Ireland. Father John CAMPBELL. Mother Elizabeth HANNA. The HANNA name shows up in intermarriages.
Althea M. Hollis Althea M. HOLLIS was a governess living with the COLHOUN family in Londonderry, age 30 at time of 1901 Census. She was Church of Ireland and the family was Presbyterian. She was born in Lifford, Co Donegal.
M.W. Smyth  
18 Edith Bryan
Edith Elizabeth BRYAN b. 18 Feb 1876 Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. Father George BRYAN. Mother Elizabeth Wright BRYAN.
Gertrude Blumer 1883 m.  
19 Edith D. Lipsett m. Houston The family connection to the HOUSTON name is that John Knox HOUSTON maried Elizabeth Oliver Muriel JACKSON
20 Wm. C. Rogers The Bank manager of Crossmaglen was a ROGERS
23 Mollie Darling Maria Grace DARLING b. 23 Feb 1864 Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland. Father: Arthur J. Darling. Mother Emily FURNEY. SEE: Emily DARLING
25 Mary F. Smith Probably the Mabel F. SMITH of Botanic Ave., Belfast, age 25 and a school teacher in 1901 and living with her widowed mother Sarha M. SMITH and her grandmother Maria SMITH.
27 Amelia Gault McCay 93  
28 Florrie Armstrong
Ada C. Weston m.  
Lizzie McCaw d. 29.3.9[?] Possibly Lizzie McCAW nee Elizabeth HUGHES, wife of John Robert McCAW & mother of Margaret and Christopher McCAW.
A Ray [FC or H] Fiez  
4 Maggie Johnston m.
Isabella Weily d. In 1901 Census, she was a widow age 58 living in Co. Meath with 7 daughters and a son. NOTE: See Charles A. WEILY August 14. Living in Cullentry, Co. Meath
6 Marian Walshe d.
Martha Hoffmann 1883 Zurich  
7 Alwina Schar 1877 Bale "Bale" = "Basel" in English maps
8 Rebecca Phillips m. Banks m. 16.2.97 d. 29.9.97
Phroso Wourlisch 1883  
9 Lillie Coulter She may be a daughter of Samuel COULTER and Emily Wilhelmina BAILIE
11 Edith Russell  
13 Norah Jones  
16 C McCaw Christopher McCAW b. 16 Mar 1877 Tonoughmore, Co. Down, Ireland. Father John Robert McCAW. Mother Lizzie McCaw HUGHES. Corroborated by entries in The Rea Genealogy. 1971. He seems to have moved to Pittburgh as did his brother Thomas Dickson McCAW.
E.S. Gilmore m. McBride b. 1885 Ethel Sarah McBRIDE (nee GILMORE) m. William Scott McBRIDE
17 Edwd Gill died 25 2 99
Possibly related to Richard Edward GILL ( see 4 June 1864).
Sarah Keyser  
20 Marthe Locher 1878 Zurich  
22 Millie Bauer Zurich 1882  
25 M. I Ferguson  
27 Annie Richardson  
28 Willa Sayers  
29 Letitia Henry d. 7.95  
30 Dora Leser 1883 m.  
31 Ellie L. Montgomery
Clementine Ritter 1883  
1 Sarah Gilmore b. 1848 Sarah GILMORE (nee JACKSON) daughter of David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER
3 Jeannie Jackson m. Cosgrove

Jane Ledlie JACKSON b.9 April 1878 (in a Gilford Castle source) married John Corrie COSGROVE and had a daughter Jeannie.

Maggie McCullagh b. 1853 Margaret McCULLAGH (nee JACKSON) daughter of David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER
4 Wilhelmine R. Aiken
Sharlie M. Chick  
7 John Billing 1882 Golsern-Leipzig  
8 A.C. B. Jackson 1846 d. 29.10.1929 b. 1846 Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON son of David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER
9 A.H. G. Jackson 1881 d. 30.1.18 b. 1881 Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE
10 Eliza Jackson 1815 died 23.10.1903 b.1815 Eliza JACKSON (nee OLIVER) daughter of Benjamin OLIVER & Elizabeth BRADFORD)
NOTE: clipping inserted on this page: "JACKSON – October 23 at her residence, Urker Lodge, Crossmaglen, Elizabeth, widow of David Jackson, in her 89th year. Funeral to Creggan on Monday at 12 'clock."
11 Ena Johnston m. Stanley
Hugh K.. Browne Hugh Kirkpatrick BROWNE d.5 July 1904, son of Daniel Gunn BROWNE who married Margaret JACKSON. He had a daughter "Lily" who died as an infant.
12 Lizzie Carlton Elizabeth CARLTON b. 12 Apr 1875, Ireland. Father: Edward CARLTON. Mother: Elizabeth CLARKE
13 Alice Weily Age 28 in 1901 Census - daughter of Isabella (see March 4). Living in Cullentry, Co. Meath
18 Katty Weily m. Walshe Kathleen WEILY age 26 in 1901 Census - daughter of Isabella (see March 4). Living in Cullentry, Co. Meath
19 Marie Rengger Brugg/Aargau 1875  
20 Mabel Allen  
23 Jeannie Bates d. 24.11.25 Jane BATES (nee CLEMENTS) daughter of ? CLEMENTS & Esther GILMORE. She later married William BATES. Her official death date is 20.11.1925. She died in Montrelt, Canada.
24 Marie Kidd Platt m. Currie
W. Bates d 7.9.06 Probably William BATES, husband of Jane CLEMENTS ( see Apr 23) A 1906, Sept 22 letter from Elizabeth JACKSON describes the nature of his death from liver failure.
25 E. Emily Jackson d. 8.3.1938
b.1846 Eliza Emily JACKSON (nee GILMORE) daughter of Samuel GILMORE and Jane COULTER
M. Mayr Lausanne 1880  
26 Emmy Hummel, Strasburg
Anna-Meisser, Davos  
Mayarel Dewer  
27 David Gilmore Son of Eliezer Gilmore & Sarah Jackson. b. 27 April 1878, d. 18 August 1959.
28 Sarah T F Prentice  
29 G.E.N. Gilmore d. 5.3.1900 I wonder if this might be George Coulter GILMORE, son of Samuel GILMORE & Jane COULTER
1 Anna Clara Warnock  
2 M.K Robinson 2/10/93
See 1875 Letter on my Blog post. This is likely her.
Hilla M. Wark m.  
3 Arthur S. Coulter
Arthur Samuel COULTER (1878-aft 1934). There are letters from him from Dundalk. He was the son of Joseph Arthur COULTER and Elizabeth McDOWELL. He married Nora TEMPEST.
Marthe Herdener Bale-Fiez  
5 T.D. Jackson 1879
Thomas Dare JACKSON b 5 May 1879 , son of Andrew Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE
Henrietta Joyce  
8 Elfra Davidson  
9 Mary E. Johnston m. Bremner There is a photo of her - most compelling.See: JOHNSTON-BREMNER
10 Margt A. Gordon Margret GORDON b. 10 May 1879, Ireland. Father: Bartly GORDON. Mother Anne Leonard GORDON.
14 Marian Adeline Brown  
15 Lizzie Dickie
Probably Elizabeth DICKIE b. 14 May 1874 in a COULTER genealogy. Her parents were Alexander DICKIE and Anna Maria McCULLAGH.
C.J. Lightburne d. 2.7.1900  
Lillian Edith Nesbitt ?? Lillian NESBITT b. abt 1878, Ireland. Father: Henry Kerr NESBITT. Mother: Margaret BRADFORD.
16 Flossie Weily m Reynold?
Florence WEILY age 17 in 1901 Census - daughter of Isabella (see March 4). Living in Cullentry, Co. Meath
Frances McGregor Frances Maria McGREGOR b. 16 May 1878, Ireland. Father Robert McGREGOR. Mother: Esthel McGregor HAMILTON
17 Marianne Henry d.  
18 Fanny Buhler 1882 Basel  
19 Maud M.E. Reed 1878 m. Skuce b.1878 Maud Elizabeth SKUCE (nee REED) daughter of Robert Hamilton REED & Margaret JACKSON
21 E. Keller 1883 Stein
Annie Wilson m. McNeil  
23 Will Bride I am unsure of this name. It could also be REID. It could be all kinds of things. Very creative calligraphy! I wonder if it might be William Scott McBRIDE? b. 25 May 1862 (according to my records)
25 T.N. Ballentine
Bessie Smythe  
K.H. Cherry My memory hints at a mention in a letter. Check this out. Kate is a possible 1st name.
26 Georgie McMurray d  
T. J. Reed b. 1881 Thomas Jackson REED son of Robert Hamilton REED & Margaret JACKSON Robert Hamilton REED & Margaret JACKSON
29 Jack Horner m. Long The HORNERs were in business with the WRIGHTs in Hong Kong.
4 Elsie M. Weily m. Figgis
Elsie WEILY age 30 in 1901 Census - daughter of Isabella (see March 4). Living in Cullentry, Co. Meath
Richard E. Gill Richard Edward GILL b. 4 June 1864, 1085 Athboy [or Oldcastle in a second record], Meath, Ireland. d.24 Aug 1952 Father: Benjamin GILL. Mother Margaret KILROY.
T. Jackson d. 21.12.1915 b. 1841 Sir Thomas JACKSON- 1st Bt. - son of David JACKSON & Elizabeth OLIVER
5 Madge Coffey  
6 Edna Caldwell
A.H.G.Gilmore d.29.1.07 b. 1874 Acheson Henry George GILMOREson of Samuel GILMORE & Georgina HENRY
Julie Meyer Stuttgart  
7 Robert Bailey The BAILEY family lived near Cavananore.
8 Jim Reay

James McCabe REAY b. 8 June 1875 Louth, Ireland. Father: Henry REAY. Mother Margaret ARMSTRONG.
REAY - January 7, at a London Nursing Home, James McCabe Reay, retired Judge of the Supreme Courts of the Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States and eldest son of the late Henry Reay, of Ardee, Co. Louth, Corn Merchant. Inserted by one of his classmates.

10 Lilly Krauss Bale-Fiez  
12 Katie M. Gillmor m. Catherine McIntrye GILLMOR b. 12 June 1880, Dromahair, Manorhamilton, Leitrim, Ireland. Father: J. Stewart GILLMOR. Mother Jessie HOSIE.
    INSERTED: News clipping: "JACKSON - September 12, 1925, at a nursing home in London, David, youngest son of Andrew and Mrs. Jackson, Forstertown, Trim."
13 J.R. Bartley
drowned on Leinster Oct 1918
John Robert BARTLEY.BA, LLB (TCD); 1st Bailieborough; minister who served in congregations in Ireland & Canada; minister of Tralee from 1903; died, aged 63, 10 Oct 1918 on board RMS Leinster, which was torpedoed in the Irish Sea; he was on the way to visit his son, Sgt William Bartley in a London hospital. (SOURCE: Full Circle)
Bartley's Grove - where many of BARTLEY family originate from - is about 3 miles on the Monaghan side of Ballybay.
Anna M. Smith  
14 Maggie C. McConaghy
T. Dare Jackson 1876 b. 1876 Thomas Dare JACKSON son of Sir Thomas Jackson & Amelia Lydia DARE
15 Allan E. Skuce
Born 1863, husband of Maud Elizabeth REED. He died in 1941.
J.J. Simpson d.  
17 Margaret Kathleen Woods m. Bromley 27.9.98 In the 1901 Census she is Meta K. BROMLEY, Widow, born in Co. Tyrone, Presbyterian age 26. Her mother is Jane F. WOODS, a widow. They are living on North St. Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone. Her mother was a farmer and grocer. There is an infant child, Dorothea A. BROMLEY who was likely her daughter.
20 Lillie E. Dunn  
21 Sara Patton m. Stokes Sarah PATTON b. 21 Jun 1872, Armagh, Ireland. Father William PATTON. Mother: Mary McKNIGHT.
23 Maude Russell  
24 Alice A Darling died 6.8.94
Alice Amy DARLING b. 1874 d. 1894 was a daughter of : Arthur J. Darling & Emily FURNEY. SEE: Emily DARLING Thanks to an email from Maurice GLEESON November 22, 2013 - Mollie, Alice Amy., Emilie, Kathleen M., and Harriet DARLING are all sisters.
Thomas Dunwoody likely related to George & Frances Dunwoody
28 Minnie Porter 76 Possibly related to John Hatton-Porter, second husband of Margaret Louisa WRIGHT.
29 Frances Cor m Brown

The CORR family lived at Crossmaglen, and at Urker House. I suspect a connetcion.
Lottie McKeown  
Gretta Cherry m. Cooper d. 14.4.08  
4 Johanna Zimmerman  
6 Ilie Jackson
Could this be our unknown woman in a wedding photo inscribed "Eily"
Robt Jeffers Possibly the Robert JEFFERS - farmer at Mullaghbrack, age 63 in 1901.
7 Sadie Hamilton
Maggie E. Jones There are a couple of Margaret E. JONES at Warrenpoint in 1901.
9 M. J. Miskelly m. Mary MISKELLY b. 9 July 1878, Cavan, Ireland. Father James MISKELLY. Mother: Martha Jane Miskelly WHITE.
11 Josie Weily m ?
I suspect she was one of the Co. Meath WEILYs.
A.H. Tweed Possibly related to Robert John TWEED who married Martha GILMORE.
12 Cha Kendall m. Beck  
13 Alice Elizabeth Haskins 74 m. Sha? Alice Elizabeth HASKINS b. 13 July 1874 Wicklow, Ireland. She married Richard Sheane, had children Susan Margaret & Sydney Sheane. She died in 1922 and is buried in Rathnew Cemetary wiht her husband. Father: Nathaniel HASKINS. Mother Susan HOPKINS.
14 Jessie Elizabeth Anne Moore
Hattie Merrin  
16 T. Comtesse. Geneva
(Zurich) Jenny Dietrick 1880
18 Mary Beetlestone  
23 George Brown b. 1877 son of Thompson BROWN & Elizabeth JACKSON
25 Jeanne Ray Fiez 1887-1900  
27 Pauline E. Scott m.
Pauline Elizabeth SCOTT b. 27 July 1876, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: John SCOTT. Mother Elizabeth KYLE.
T.D. McCaw Thomas Dickson McCAW son of John Robert McCAW & Elizabeth AKA Lizzie HUGHES. HE was b. 27 July 1882 and according the The Rea Genealogy 1971 he seems to have emigrated to Pittsburgh as his brother Christopher also seems to have done.
28 Ella B. Wright
Eleanor Betty WRIGHT b. 28 July 1876. Father John WRIGHT. Mother Margaret Wright JACKSON.
Lizzie Keown  
29 Harry Van Sittart Dickinson

Harry Vansittart DICKINSON (1864-1838) was an HSBC clerk in Yokohama serving under David JACKSON. He died in Montreal Oct 26, 1938 age 74 – predeceased by wife Mary HUNTER. He was born in Hong Kong, son of an East India Merchant, and the eldest of 10 children, with also 2 half brothers (one died in WWI). He married Mary HUNTER in Nagasaki May 27, 1901. She had been born in Shanghai, parents deceased and not named on the marriage certificate.

1 Maggie J. Gillespie m. Carlisle  
2 Edith Whitehead  
3 Rose Osternalour 1883 Bienne
M Mullen
5 Charlotte Ferris Charlotte Denny FERRIS b. 5 August 1876, Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland. Father William FERRIS. Mother: Henrietta Matilda LAWRENCE.
6 Henrietta Gilmore m. Waddell Mary Anne Henrietta WADDELL (nee GILMORE) b. 6 Aug 1864, daughter of Samuel GILMORE and Georgina HENRY
7 Daisy M.G. Rogers 1875 Could this tie into the Nancy Jackson (Rogers) being sought in the McCullagh letters?
8 Agnes McCaw
Agnes McCAW b. 8 August 1872, Banbridge, Co. Down, Ireland. Father John Robert McCAW. Mother: Elizabeth HUGHES. SOURCE: The Rea Genealogy 1971.
Amelie Eisele Zurick Fiez  
10 Mabel G. Lipsett
Mable Gertrude LIPSETT b. 10 AUg 1880, Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland. Father: Robert LIPSETT. Mother: Martha Elizabeth Bowker LIPSETT.
Florrie Stronge Florence Augusta STRONGE b. 10 Aug 1876, Cavan, Ireland. Father William James STRONGE. Mother Ellen Stronge BERRY.
Leonard Bridgett  
12 Elise Dommil  
13 Eva Whitsitt m.
Eva WHITSITT, age 18, Presbyterian, born in Derry, living with her parents at Killishandra. Co. Cavan in 1901.
M.A. Gill  
John McCaw '81 Possibly a son of John Robert McCAW.
14 C.A. Weily d. 16.11. 1903
WEILY is not a common name in Ireland - only 36 mentions in the 1901 Census. Charles A. WEILY was a farmer in 1901 Census and missing in the 1911 Census. His son Charles W. WEILY, age 13 in 1911, was living with his uncle George Hill CRAWFORD in Dublin. Charles A. WEILEY's wife Margaret E. WEILY was widowed. NOTE: See Isabella WEILY March 4.
Martha Drury  
15 Annie Johnston Mary Anne WRIGHT (1886-1945) married John Wilson JOHNSTON. She was a daughter of Robert WRIGHT & Sarah Jane REED.
17 J.C. Jackson b. 1877 Jeannie Coulter JACKSON – owner of the birthday book & daughter of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE
18 T.G.M. Scott  
19 Minnely Buhler Bale 1883  
21 T. Brown Thompson BROWN(E) b. 21 August 1868 m. Martha WRIGHT.
22 S.J. McW Gilmore b. 22 Aug 1866 in Castleblayney, Samuel James GILMORE son of Samuel GILMORE & Georgina HENRY – 3rd name possibly McCULLAGH
James Jamieson  
Marie Tauslin. Bale  
24 Ruby Mary Swift  
25 Faith Coulter m. Murphy
Faith COULTER (1885-1962) Daughter of Joseph Arthur COULTER & Elizabeth McDOWELL. She married John R. MURPHY.
Helene Rengger 1883  
26 Anna Parlmann 1882 Erlen Cack  
29 Edith M. Logan Edith LOGAN b.29 August 1877, Ireland. Father: Robert Patrick Fredonnick LOGAN. MOther: Eidith Rose Seton Logan FLINT.
    NOTE: Inserted here was a news clipping: Dr. Weldon, in reply to a correspondant as to whether the Protestant clergy should dance, wrote: - "For a clergyman, dancing is one of those things which are lawful, but not expedient. It is his duty to consider how he will gain spiritual influence, and I do not think he will gain it in the ballroom."
30 Edith M. Smith Probably the Edith M. SMITH of Botanic Ave., Belfast, age 23 in 1901 and living with her widowed mother Sarha M. SMITH and her grandmother Maria SMITH.
31 Adeline Schneider 1883 Fiez- Bale
Anna [T?]. Bell Ann BELL b. 31 August 1872, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: John BELL. Mother: Catherine GORMAN.
1 Fanny Weiss 1882 Zurich-Fiez  
3 Annie Reid m Wright
Marie Haerlin 1882 m.  
5 May Agnew  
7 E.H. Cherry  
Tom Bartley S.H.D b. 1862 Thomas BARTLEY, son of William BARTLEY & Elizabeth RYDER. He was the husband of Mary Jane GILMORE. He was a presbyterian minister. He died in 1949.
8 Emilie Darling died 3.9.1909 Emily FURNEY (1834-1901) She was the wife of Arthur J. Darling. . In the 1901 Census, an Emilie DARLING, lives in Dublin with daughters Kathleen age 28 & Harriet age 25 . She does not appear in the 1911 Census. SEE: Kathleen M. DARLING November 14. Thanks to an email from Maurice GLEESON November 22, 2013 - Mollie, Alice Amy., Emilie, Kathleen M., and Harriet DARLING are all sisters and daughter of Emily DARLING.
10 Nessie Miskelly S.H. D. 76
Agnes Graham MISKELLY b. 10 Sept 1876, Cavan, England. Father: James MISKELLY. Mother Martha Jane WHITE.
Sara J. Wright d. Probably Sarah Jane WRIGHT nee REED, daughter of Thomas REED & Mary Anna HODGE. She was the wife of mill owner Robert WRIGHT of County Monaghan..
12 Anna Zundel Zurich 1880  
13 F.J. [Lernsdt?]
Durban Natal South Africa
14 Prof Edmond Ray
n'oubliez pas!
15 Mary Anne Parks d. 2.3.08 aged 74 In 1901, she is age 67, unmarried and living at Seatown Place in Dundalk with her sister Isabella PARKS, also unmarried. It is a boarding house, and Eva REID (1876-1968), daughter of Margaret JACKSON is visiting as is Alan SKUCE (who would marry Eva's younger sister Maud Martha Elizabeth REID) and Margaret DICKIE (age 77). Margaret DICKIE's birth date may be off. If so, she is likely the daughter of Robert DICKIE and Mary Anne WALLACE. She and her sister were governesses (see letter: Jan 19, 1891).
16 Isabella Mains  
17 Annie B. Leinster
Ann LEINSTER b. 17 Sept 1872, Co. Down, Ireland. Father: William John LEINSTER. Mother Sarah MURDOCK.
John Robert Gilmore died 26.2.08 A will was probated for a John GILMORE who died a day later - John Gilmore late of Inshaleen County Londonderry Farmer who died 27 February 1908 granted at Londonderry to James Gilmore Farmer.
18 Bertha Ehrengeller Zurich  
19 Augusta Rountree Augusta ROUNTREE b.19 September 1874, Portadown, Lugan, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Father: John ROUNTREE. Mother: Mary Jane STANLEY.
20 Charlotte C. McCay
Mabie Kenny  
22 John R. Noland
Julia Wachter, Bale  
23 Essie Clements d. 30.10.1900 Esther CLEMENTS (nee GILMORE) daughter of Samuel GILMORE and Jane COULTER
24 Kate Jackson d.
Kate Maria Jane WHITING b.24 Sept 1854 wife of John JACKSON
Gordon Scott  
27 Wm. Macdonald Reid 73 William MacDonald REID b. 27 Sept 1873, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: William REID. Mother Margaret GAMBELL.
28 Vida W. Allen 77 Vida Waricka ALLEN b 28 Sept 1877, Londonderry, Ireland. Father: Charles Carson ALLEN. Mother Annette Kincaid Allen BROWNE. NOTE: I do not know the connections here. Charles Carson ALLEN was b. abt 1845 in Ireland and was an officer in the army stationed in Kent. [SOURCE: email 2008, May 8 Denise Smith.] The family seems to have been based in Liverpool. I do have a couple of Mystery Photos of the ALLEN family.
30 Adeline R. Cunningham
Adeline Rutherford CUNNINGHAM b. 6 October 1879 Newtown, Limavady, Londonderry, Ireland. Father: John CUNNINGHAM. Mother: Jeannie BROWNE Cunningham.
G. Davis Bryan  
Frances St. Clair Caithness Possibly a sister of Thomas St. Clair CAITHNESS, Rector of Erragul Shunt Monaghan.
1 Annie Eleanor Guy Annie Eleanor GUY b. 1 October 1876, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. Father: James McFarland GUY. MOther: ELizabeth Jane Guy YOUNG.
2 Grace Perkins 1875
Grace PERKINS b. 2 October 1875, Sligo, Ireland. Father: Robert Augustus PERKINS. Mother Cecilia BAMSEY.
Frances Mary Morrison  
3 E.O. Gilmore died 16.7.1899 b. 1883 Elizabeth Oliver GILMORE daughter of Eliezer GILMORE & Sarah JACKSON.
Kl. Hartmann, St. Gall  
    NOTE: News clipping inserted: GILMORE – July 16, at Licalgot House, Crossmaglen, Elizabeth Oliver, second daughter of E. Gilmore, J.P., aged 16 years."
5 Alice Blakeney  
7 Mary Erwin
Mary ERWIN b. 7 October 1876 Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland. Father: Moses ERWIN. Mother: Amelia Erwin McMEEKIN.
M. Johnston d. 20.8.07  
8 R. J. Tweed
Probably Robert John TWEED, husband of Martha GILMORE
Wm. Kenny William KENNY b. 8 October 1869, Dublin, Ireland. Father: Henry KENNY. Mother Mary MEANY.
9 Anny Stachelin 1882 Fiez  
12 Clara Perkins 77
M. Given m. Barnes Martha GIVEN b. 12 October 1868, Drumachose, Londonderry, Ireland. Father: Andrew GIVEN. Mother: Mary _____.
13 Ethel Rowe S.H. Ethel ROWE b.13 October 1876 Wexford, Wexford, Ireland. Father: Thomas Howard ROWE. Mother Alice COLEMAN
14 Rebecca M. Gamble 77 Rebecca Mayne GAMBLE b.14 October 1877, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: William GAMBLE. Mother: Rebecca Gamble LOVE.
15 L. Pendreigh O.H.M.S. On His Majesty's Service?
16 Alice Kinch Possibly Alice Chrysal KINCH, b. Co. Louth, age 25 in 1901.
19 Emma Burke
Minnie Beck  
21 Kathleen Jackson m Major
b. 21 Oct 1879 Twin sister of Francis Gordon JACKSON – see beneath. She married Cecil MAJOR.
F.G. Jackson 1890 b. 21 Oct 1879 Francis Gordon JACKSON son of John JACKSON & Kate Maria Jane WHITING. 1890 may be when he signed the book - age 11.
Lizzie Reid m. Wright NOTE: There was a Lizzie b. 1881 Co. Monaghan who married a William Joseph WRIGHT (1872-1933)
Helen Darling m. Reid Helena Emily DARLING b. 1867 Thanks to an email from Maurice GLEESON November 22, 2013 - Mollie, Alice Amy., Emilie, Kathleen M., and Harriet DARLING are all sisters.
Martha Browne NOTE: There was a Martha BROWNE who is remembered as being a large woman, possibly suffering from a medical condition which led to larger than normal bone structure.
22 F.C. Bryan77 m. Christie
Helene Kokall  
25 Emma HaeberliBerne  
26 Clara Nora Cooper Clara Norah COOPER b. 26 October 1875, Co. Louth, Ireland. Father Charles Partington COOPER. Mother: Mary Ellen PARTINGTON.
27 Frances O. Brown d. 2.25 daughter of Thompson Brown and Elizabeth Jackson. The "O" refers to "Oliver", the maiden name of her mother.
28 Janie Reid I suspect she was a daughter of Rev. William REID (1829-1906) & Mary McCULLAGH (1840-1919).
29 Martha W. Boyle Martha Wilson BOYLE b. 29 October 1874, Ireland. Father Robert BOYLE. Mother Caterine WILSON Boyle.
30 Harriette Little Harriett LITTLE b. 30 October 1866 0436,Dunlavin, Wicklow, Ireland. Father: James LITTLE. Mother: Jane PLANT.
31 M. Carlyle Wright m. Brown d. 8.3.07 b. 1870 Martha BROWN (nee WRIGHT) wife of Thompson BROWN daughter of Robert WRIGHT & Sarah REED
1 Eliezer Gilmore d b. 1 Nov.1845 son of Samuel GILMORE & Jane COULTER. He died 7 Jan 1919 and lived at Liscalgot.
2 Agnes Campbell S.H.D.
Agnes CAMPBELL b.2 November 1876, Tyrone, Ireland. Father John CAMPBELL. Mother: Ellen Campbell McBREARTY.
Bessie Brown m. Gilmore b.1870 Elizabeth GILMORE (nee BROWN) daughter of Thompson BROWN & Elizabeth JACKSON
Elizabeth Keller Freiberg  
5 Mary Menary m Wright
b.1872 Mary WRIGHT (nee MENARY) daughter of William MENARY & Mary JACKSON
Else Diesel Freiberg  
10 Georgina Lovell Weston m. Backhouse
Georgina Lovell WESTON b.10 November 1874, Ireland. Father: Albert WESTON. Mother Sarah Jane COX.
Olive L.S. Doran died 28.11.1909  
14 Kathleen M. Darling
Kathleen M. DARLING (1872-1954) See: September 8: Emilie Darling died 3.9.1909. In the 1901 Census, an Emilie DARLING, lives in Dublin with daughters Kathleen age 28 & Harriet age 25 . Emilie does not appear in the 1911 Census. Thanks to an email from Maurice GLEESON November 22, 2013 - Mollie, Alice Amy., Emilie, Kathleen M., and Harriet DARLING are all sisters.
R.J. Coulter Robert James COULTER (14 Nov 1868) son of Samuel Alexander COULTER & Elizabeth PARKS. NOTE: I initially had the transcription as A.J. Coulter.
15 Letitia Lilley
Georgina Bradshaw It is possible that she was the 30 year old Georgina BRADSHAW, born in England, employed as a cook for a group of nursing sisters in Co. Kildare in 1901.
16 David Jackson d. 27 7.03
David JACKSON b. 1855 son of David JACKSON & Elizabeth OLIVER
Bessie McConaghy m. Ross  
Maggie Y.Wright S.H.D p. 277 Full Circle: Transfer certificate to Cahans congregation from Cootehill, 1858; otherwise Margaret McCrea
17 James F. Wright
James Francis WRIGHT b. 17 November 1874, son of Robert WRIGHT and Sarah REED. Later he married Mary MENARY.
W.J. Wright Probably William Joseph WRIGHT, son of Robert WRIGHT and Sarah REED. Although I have a birth date of 1872 for him, I don't recall the source. If it is wrong, it opens the possibility of he and Francis being twins.
18 E.J. Macfarland
The most likely bet is that she was Eliza Jane McFARLAND who lived at Killinure, Co. Tyrone in 1901, the 27 year old wife of David McFARLAND.
Michael Angelo Dillon Michael Angelo DILLON b. 18 November 1869, Westmeath, Ireland. Father: Michael DILLON. MOther: Mary Anne HARPER.
Lilly Maud Rapson  
19 Eva O. Reed 1876 Ussher (b. 1876 Eva Oliver Reed daughter of Robert Hamilton REED & Margaret JACKSON married James USSHER
Mary Brown daughter of Thompson BROWN & Elizabeth JACKSON
20 David Jackson d. 12.9.25
son of Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON & Eliza Emily GILMORE
Em Laederer Porrenberg Berne  
22 Winnifred Helen Clarke  
23 Mary Griffin d. 8.21 b. 1844 Mary GRIFFIN (formerly MENARY, nee JACKSON) daughter of David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER) m. Frederick Richard GRIFFIN
29 Emilie G. McCaw

Emily Gilmore McCAW b. 18 November 1875, Banbridge, Co. Down, Ireland. Father John Robert McCAW. Mother: Lizzie McCaw HUGHES.SOURCE: The Rea Genealogy . 1971
See name on back of 1931 photo sent to Jeannie JACKSON. Also note that there are 6 other McCAW entries in this Birthday Book
Minnie Corrigan 1875  
30 Hanna Berichs 1889  
1 Isabella Parks d. 7.1.08
Isabella PARKS (1832-1908) a governess who lived with her sister Mary Anne PARKS. Her home is a boarding house, and Eva REID (1876-1968), daughter of Margaret JACKSON is visiting as is Alan SKUCE (who would marry Eva's younger sister Maud Martha Elizabeth REID) and Margaret DICKIE (age 77). Margaret DICKIE's birth date may be off. If so, Margaret is likely the daughter of Robert DICKIE and Mary Anne WALLACE. Isabella and her sister were governesses (see letter: Jan 19, 1891).
Lizzie Brennan 78  
2 Meta Dickie ? d
I suspect this is Margaret DICKIE, daughter of Alexander DICKIE & Anna Maria McCULLAGH. She died 23 Jan 1936
Jane Coulter Gilmore
Reid d. 1940
b.1869 Jane Amelia Coulter REID nee GILMORE daughter of Samuel GILMORE & Georgina HENRY
4 Anna McLernon Possibly Anna Bella McLERNON, age 33 in 1901.
7 Katie Aiken S.H.D.
Catherine AIKEN b.7 December 1877, Fermanagh, Ireland. Father: James AIKEN. Mother: Margaret Jane Aiken BLACK.
Chas A Moorhead d. 12.9.1935 Charles Andrews MOORHEAD b.1877 husband of Jane Coulter JACKSON son of Robert MOORHEAD & Isabella Dill MOORE
8 F.H. Galway d. 2.2.95  
9 Georgina Osborne I suspect she was the Georgina OSBORNE, a 23 year old teacher living in 1901 at Belgradia Ave. Antrim with her widowed mother Mary Anne OSBORNE (age 53). Georgina was born in Co. Down, and her two brothers living with her were born at Dundalk.
10 Carrie Buchanan S.H.D Caroline Elizabeth BUCHANAN b.10 December 1875, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: Finlay BUCHANAN. Mother: Sarah JOHNSTON.
12 Nell Perdou [or Perdon]  
13 Gertrude Emily Stronge Gertrude Emily STRONGE b.13 December 1878, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Father William James STRONGE. Mother: Ellen Irwin BERRY.
14 May Donaldson m. Manders
She was a cousin of William Scott McBRIDE. Arthur MANDERS was an industrialist She was a singer who moved in high circles in London and was a friend of Emily BRONTE (descendant of the famous BRONTEs).
Marie Holtz 1882 Zurich  
15 Eleanor Joyce Eleanor JOYCE b.15 December 1875, Londonderry, Ireland. Father: Edward JOYCE. Mother: Jane SMITH.
19 BMS Jackson m. Marker? Beatrice Minnie Shrieve MARKER (nee JACKSON) daughter of Thomas JACKSON & Amelia Lydia DARE
22 E.S. McIvor S.H.D.  
25 C. Leader Sullivan
Mary Reid d. Mary REID nee McCULLAGH, daughter of Thomas McCULLAGH and Sarah McCULLAGH and later wife of William REID. Wendy Jack points out: " Although the register of 1st Ballybay gives her birthday as 24 December 1840, the signature is identical to that on her letters to Sally WHITESIDE.
26 Janie Simpson See: CORR family photographs. I suspect that she was Frances Jane Simpson [nee CORR] wife of Thomas John Simpson who died November 10th 1933 in her 86th year. John Thomas SIMPSON (b abt 1858) was a bank manager, and in 1901 they lived in Limavaddy, Co. Londonderry. He was born in Co. Meath, and she in Co. Armagh.
27 Norah E. Russell Nora Ethel RUSSELL, b. 27 December 1876, Londonderry, Ireland. Father John Thomas RUSSELL. Mother: Eliza Russell GRAHAM.
28 Margaret Louisa Jackson b. 1868 Margaret Louis JACKSON (nee WRIGHT) daughter of Robert WRIGHT & Sarah REED & wife of David Jackson
29 Harriet [F. or N.] Darling 1875 Harriet F. DARLING (1875-1940) In the 1901 Census, an Emilie DARLING, lives in Dublin with daughters Kathleen age 28 & Harriet age 25 . Harriet does not appear in the 1911 Census. SEE: Kathleen M. DARLING November 14. Thanks to an email from Maurice GLEESON November 22, 2013 - Mollie, Alice Amy., Emilie, Kathleen M., and Harriet DARLING are all sisters.



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