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There is a great deal to be pieced together here before I can identify the following photos with certainty. I have pasted in the clues that I have thus far.

Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON, daughter of John Jackson (1780-1817)and Elizabeth McCullagh (1788-1880), married John Donaldson and had at least four children: Alexander, Elizabeth Johanna, James and John.

In the 1776 Creggan Parish Residents, there are the following DONALDSONs:

Donaldson Hugh Protestant Carrowtamlatte Co.Armagh
Donaldson Samuel Protestant Freeghduff Co.Armagh
Donaldson Widow Protestant Cross (Crossmaglen) Co. Armagh
Donaldson William Protestant Cross (Crossmaglen) Co. Armagh

From the Creggan: Guide to Creggan Church & Graveyard, Kevin McMahon & Jem Murphy. Creggan Historical Society, 1988 p.35-36: The three headstones in this plot [Creggan Church] are memorials to some members and relations of the ban Donaldson family, Cloghoge. Alexander ban Donaldson was one of the earliest Presbyterians to settle in Creggan parish. He came from the Barony of Lecale, in East- Down, settled first at Drumhammond, Co. Monaghan, then at Philipstown, Co. Louth and finally, in the late(?) 1730's at Cloghoge. At least three of Alexander ban Donaldson's grand-children were members of the United Irish Society (United Irishmen) -Alexander, William and Margaret (Peggy ban) -and at least one of their homes, the " Ambush House", Freeduff, was burned by Lord Blayney's "flying- column", in 1797. Another of Alexander ban's grandson's(?), colonel William Donaldson, fought against the English in the American War of 1812- 1815.

I also know more from the following documents which are posted on my website:
1802 Indenture of DONALDSON The land at Freeduff and Cloghoge came from James Donaldson to Samuel Donaldson. This Samuel Donaldson is described as the father of William Donaldson but there is also a mention of two brothers - a Samuel Donaldson and an Andrew Donaldson - who are the sons of another William Donaldson who at the time of this document is deceased. It seems that Alexander Donaldson, the father of Samuel Donaldson would then be the grandfather of the William Donaldson signatory to this agreement (with his father, Samuel). The land leases seem to have begun with Randle Donaldson.
1811 Letter from William DONALDSON to Oswald LAWSON These letters are fascinating for the light they throw on the DONALDSONs political involvements with key players in the United Irish movement of the late 1700s.
1811 Marriage Settlement of JACKSON & MCCULLAGH John Donaldson was one of the witnesses.
1812 Letter from William DONALDSON to Oswald LAWSON
1815 Will of William DONALDSON NOTE: The sale of Freeduff later in the year, I have yet to post
1827 Letter from Eliza JACKSON to Sarah JACKSON A newsy letter to the 16 year old Sarah JACKSON from her mother.
1827 Letter from E.B. GILMORE Barbara BRADFORD, the wife of William DONALDSON is mentioned
1828 Letter from David JACKSON to Margueretta "Give my love to all my friends and remember me to Joseph Donaldson."
1850 Letter from B. DONALDSON to Mary Jane OLIVER Reference to Eliza DONALDSON
1851 Will of Eliza DONALDSON
1889 Letter from Eliza JACKSON "Mary DONALDSON of [Sytrim] died on the 17th inst."
1898 Samuel BRADFORD Land Case Alexander DONALDSON was chosen as an arbitrator in a land dispute between Andrew and Thomas BRADFORD concerning the lands of Annaghavackey.
Birthday Book of Jeanne MOORHEAD Mentions May DONALDSON birthday Dec 14, married MANDERS

These photos were included in albums at Gilford Castle which Christine WRIGHT generously permitted me to both scan and share. There were also copies of them in the collection of Gika JACKSON which thanks to her generosity, are now in my possession to be shared through pages such as these.
Barbara Donaldson is the only one in this family that I can place with any certainty. She was the daughter of Thomas Bradford and Elizabeth Breakey and married William Donaldson. They had only one daughter -
John Donaldson - There is a strong possibility that this is a son of Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON and John DONALDSON
Mrs. Susan Donaldson
Mrs Donaldson
Mrs. Donaldson




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