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NOTE: This tree needs to be significantly updated. The parents of Allan MARTIN (1777-1854) were actually John MARTIN (b 1750 Fort William, Scotland & Susan PRIESTLY. More work needed. Sharon Oddie Brown November 26, 2022.

JOHN MARTIN was born 1750 in Fort William, Scotland.  He married SUSAN PRIESTLEY.
Notes for JOHN MARTIN:
Colonel, Royal Army
Fort William, Scotland and Barony of Lecale, N. Ireland
Notes by Michael Browne:
Colonel John Martin of Scotland, on retirement from the Army was appointed by King George III Government Tax Collector for Lecale Barony, North of Ireland, and on dying he left each of his three sons properties and land in County Down.  Allen, the eldest getting Ringfad, near Ardglass, County Down with approximately 300 acres of land, and the property known as Tullycarnon or White Lodge, with several cottages included in this legacy, & the whole property sweeping down to the sea from the Mountain slopes of Mourne.

Descendants of Allan Martin 

Generation No. 1

1.  ALLAN1 MARTIN was born 1743, and died 1 October 1820 in Ringfad1,2.Burial: Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Child of ALLAN MARTIN is:

2.           i.     ALLAN2 MARTIN, b. 1777; d. March 1854.

Generation No. 2

2.  ALLAN2 MARTIN (ALLAN1) was born 1777, and died March 1854.  He married JANE.  She was born 1783, and died February 1868. The gravestone erected by George Crean Martin includes mention of Allan Martin "Late of Ringfad". Burial: St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland See: Biography of Allan & Jane MARTIN

Notes for JANE: According to a letter from H. Wallace & Co., she willed a property in Ballee to her daughter Jane Martin.  Upon the death of this Jane Martin (Jr.), the property was to be distributed amongst all the daughters of her mother, Jane Martin Sr..Burial: St Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Children of ALLAN MARTIN and JANE are:

3.           i.     SUSANNA3 MARTIN, b. Abt. 1800; d. 7 May 1885, Aughaville, Co. Armagh.

ii.     GEORGE CREAN MARTIN, d. 24 April 1899.Burial: St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

 iii.     SARAH MARTIN, d. 27 November 1834.Burial: St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

4.          iv.     ALLAN MARTIN, d. 12 February 1850.

             v.     ARABELLA MARTIN, d. 1 July 1836, St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

     vi.     JANE MARTIN, d. 30 December 1890. Burial: St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

5.         vii.     MARY MARTIN.

           viii.     ELIZABETH MARTIN, m. THOMAS PATTERSON3, 3 January 1828, Ballee Nonsubscribing Presbyterian Church. SOURCE: Ros Davies. (She cites the Newry Commercial Telegraph Newspaper – “NCT”): of Ringfad; 2nd daughter of Allen; married Thomas Patterson on 3 Jan 1828 at Ballee Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church by Rev. David Whyte (NOTE: There was a Reverend James PATTERSON who was the minister at this church from 1782-1798.)


Generation No. 3


3.  SUSANNA3 MARTIN (ALLAN2, ALLAN1)4 was born Abt. 18005, and died 7 May 1885 in Aughaville, Co. Armagh6.  She married ALEXANDER EDGAR7,8 18 June 1835 in Ballee Non Subscribing Church9.  He was born Abt. 1800, and died 2 July 18859. In her will, Susanna Edgar left her husband two hundred and one pounds and five shillings. Will: 4 June 1885, District Registry at Armagh (I have the actual will in my possession.) See: Biography of Susanna Martin & Alexander Edgar

Notes for ALEXANDER EDGAR: Armagh Clergy 1800-2000 by Rev. W.E.C. Fleming. p113 says that he was a carpenter in Belfast.  From Martin's Belfast Directory 1840-41, page 124 there is an entry for Alexander EDGAR, joiner who lives at 40 Academy Street. In the 1852 Belfast Directory, Alexander Edgar is listed as a foreman carpenter at 1 Campbell's buildings, 1 Townsend St., p 180. There is also an inscription in a photo album that Grandma had from "A EDGAR" in 1875. Interestingly, the writing style is very similar to my father's.
SOURCE: www.Ancestry.com   shows his burial place to be Clifton Street Burying Ground, Belfast, O.S. Antrim 61. Grid Ref 335752
SOURCE: "Old Belfast Families and The New Burying Ground" p.77 "EDGAR (Very corroded iron shield in low railing no longer identifiable.) The burying ground of Alexr Edgar 188(5)." NOTE: There are other EDGARs in the Clifton St. Burying Ground – interestingly – in terms of MARTIN and BROWNE connections,  "Samuel Edgar & Son were woolen drapers in Arthur Square."


              i.     JANE4 EDGAR, d. Abt. 1919. Jane lived at Aghavilly with her brother Hugh, the minister of the church. She died at Ardglass sometime around 1919. She was a favourite aunt of her niece Jane Edgar BROWN who was staying in the house when Jane EDGAR was dying. For reasons that are lost to us, Jane BROWN was not allowed to see her aunt even though she was calling out for her. NOTE: I could not find her grave at either Ardglass or Aghaville – two of the places that I might have expected.

              ii.     HUGH EDGAR10, b. 1835; d. 22 April 1894. In the book County Armagh: One Hundred Years Ago A Guide and Directory 1888 by George Henry Bassett, p. 179 - Hugh Edgar is mentioned as the pastor of Aughavilly. In the book Armagh Clergy 1800-2000 by Rev. W.E.C. Fleming. p113: "Hugh Edgar. Son of Alexander Edgar, Carpenter, of Belfast. Born in Belfast c. 1837. Self-educated; Q.U.I., B.A. 1864; and entered T.C.D., June 21, 1866, aged 29 years, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1876. D. 1870; P. 1871; C. of Drumbeg (Down), 1870-75; I. of Aghavilly, 1875-94. A mural tablet in Aghavilly Church is inscribed: "Sacred to the memory of Rev. Hugh Edgar, A.M., Rector of the Parish of Aghavilly for 19 years, who entered into rest 22nd April, 1894, aged 59 years. This tablet is erected by the parishioners to record their esteem for of (sic) his faithful labors, and to express their sorrow at his lamented death." He is buried in Clifton Street Cemetery, Belfast."
In the Orange Hall at Aghavilly there is a framed picture of Hugh Edgar presented by his nephew, Lieutenant Edgar Browne, Royal Irish Fusiliers. A copy of this photo is framed and is in Vancouver in the home of Brian Gerald Muir Brown. I have the parchment certificates of many of his degrees. It is interesting to me that his parents were married in the Ballee Non-subscribing Church (Presbyterian) while he became a Church of Ireland minister. Other MARTIN family members of his parent’s generation also married in the Presbyterian Church while Hugh’s sister Susanna married in the Church of Ireland. See: Biography of Hugh Edgar

6.          iii.     SUSANNA M. EDGAR, b. 1847; d. 28 October 1921, St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. See Biography:

4.  ALLAN3 MARTIN (ALLAN2, ALLAN1) died 12 February 1850. Burial: St. Nicholas Parish Church,Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Child of ALLAN MARTIN is:

              i.     ELIZABETH4 MARTIN, m. THOMAS PATTERSON, 3 January 1828, Ballee Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church. This placement of Elizabeth MARTIN is an assumption based upon the birth date and residency of Allen MARTIN who I take to be her father.
SOURCE: Newry Telegraph Issue dated 15 January 1828: Married - MARTIN, PATTERSON (White) - "Married, On Thursday, the 3rd inst. by the Rev. David White, of Ballylee, Mr. Thomas Patterson, of Ballykeel, near Rathfryland, to Miss Elizabeth Martin, second daughter of Allen Martin, of Ringfad, near Ardglass." Transcribed from the Newry Commercial Telegraph (microfilm) by permission of The British Library. Reprint by Alison Causton. Also in Ros Davies web site

5.  MARY3 MARTIN (ALLAN2, ALLAN1)  She married REV SAMUEL JOHN CORBETT ORR11.   was born 12.

Notes for REV SAMUEL JOHN CORBETT ORR: I am still on a bit of a fishing expedition with respect to the MARTIN ORR connections. For example:

SOURCE: Ros Davies ORR/MARTIN connections go back a bit: Hugh MARTIN . Saintfield & Newtownards of Killynure; b. abt. 1695; son of William Martin & Mary Orr; married Lilias (Lily) Orr (daughter of William & Isabella) in Bangor; father of Mary; then married Margaret Watson; father of Hugh b. Ballymoney; then married Mary Robb; d. Ballymoney, Newtownards RAJ g6

John MARTIN . Saintfield & Comber of Killynure; b. abt. 1693; son of William Martin & Mary Orr; d. Clintinacally, Comber RAJ g6

TO DO: Look at "Ulster Pedigrees, descendants, in many lines of James Orr and Janet McClement, who emigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland circ 1607" by Ray A. Jones. The earliest Orr reference is of James Orr, born 1580 in Scotland, Also, a publication by Gawin Orr of Castlereagh compiled in the 1820's, "Genealogy of the family of James Orr and Janet McClement of Ballyblack". This manuscript is in the Linen Library in Belfast. (SOURCE email #740)

Children of MARY MARTIN and SAMUEL ORR are:

7.           i.     RICHARD BINNEY4 ORR, b. 18 February 1847, Killough, Ardglass, County Down; d. 29 November 1921.

8.           ii.     LETITIA ORR, b. 18 January 1849, Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland; d. 4 April 1934, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Generation No. 4


6.  SUSANNA M.4 EDGAR (SUSANNA3 MARTIN, ALLAN2, ALLAN1) was born 1847, and died 28 October 1921 in St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.  She married JOHN MONTEAGLE BROWNE.  He died 18 February 1919.


Her family was Church of England. SOURCE LDS 0101608 Vol 1 p307  Died at age 74 (given that we know the date of death & age at death, her birth date is likely 1847). Downpatrick was recorded as place of record. She died at home under the care of her daughter, my grandmother, June BROWN (born Jeanne BROWNE). Her son-in-law, Thomas Jackson BROWN was also there. The two of them and their three children had come from Canada to take care of both their ailing parents. Their lengthy absence from Canada cost Thomas Jackson BROWN his job with the CPR. See: Biography of John Monteagle BROWNE & Susanna EDGAR


They lived in a house called "The White Lodge" near Coney Island. In the obit of his eldest son, he is described as living at Ringfad, Ardglass, Co. Down. His granddaughter, Dorothy Robertson, thinks that they had two residences for years, the other being in Knock, but that in later years they moved full time to Ardglass. In the marriage notice of his daughter, Jeannie Edgar, he is described as resident at Tullycarnan, Ardglass and Knock, Co. Down.

John Montague Browne owned a drapery business. The last person known to be running it was Hugh Martin in the 1950s. He sold it and a few years later there was an accident and it burned down. It was rebuilt and is now a clothing store in Ardglass called C.W. Wills. Back when Browne ran it, people came from the surrounding areas to have their clothes made up. The bolts of cloth were displayed on the ground floor and the tailors and seamstresses worked upstairs.

MISC: LDS 0101607
Burial: St. Nicholas Parish Church, Church of Ireland, Ardglass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Children of SUSANNA EDGAR and JOHN BROWNE are:

              i.     JAMES CARLYLE MONTEAGLE5 BROWNE, b. 1877; d. 8 August 1910, Residence: D'Olier, Cherryvalley Park, Knock13; m. ELIZABETH UNNAMED14. According to his obit, he died young, had a widow and had worked for 12 years as an assistant in the Surveyors Department of Belfast Corporation. No children are mentioned. In his obituary, he was described as "a young man of upright character and conspicuous ability and one who always carried out his duties in a highly satisfactory manner". Burial: Dundonald Cemetary
The Ordinance Survey Map of Belfast (Bloomfield) 1902 shows a J.C.M Brown, architect and civil engineer living at Holly Park. This was brought to my attention courtesy of Margaret Innis. This accords with his grandniece Dorothy's memory of visiting Holly Park as a child. It is possible that it was also the home of his parents John & Susanna BROWNE before they retired full time to Ardglass. See: James Carlyle Monteagle BROWNE

              ii.     ANNIE BROWNE, m. TOM GILPIN.

Notes for TOM GILPIN:

The old Irish name for Gilpin was MacGillifin. SOURCE: email 655 "Irish Pedigrees, Descendants of Fiachra, Vol. 2 pg 564.

POSSIBLE SOURCE: Ros Davies - Thomas GILPIN . Bright Killough; husband of Elizabeth Anne Montgomery; father of Thomas Charles b. 7 Oct 1868 & George b. 17 Sep 1869 & Elizabeth b. 12 Nov 1870 CR  MY NOTE - The Thomas GILPIN b. 1869 might be the right age for Annie's husband.

POSSIBLE SOURCE email #545 (John Westley GILPIN - ancestor?

MORE GUESSES: email 753 Dr. GILPIN of Copney, Co. Tyrone

             iii.     COLONEL DSO EDGAR MONTEAGLE BROWNE, b. 15 June 187815; m. OZRA HINSHELWOOD, 22 February 1915, St. Jude's Church, Southsea16. During WWII lived 66 Elm Park Garden of SW 10.

SOURCE 1922 Whos Who: Whos Who 1922:
Monteagle-Browne, Lieut.-Col Edgar. DSO. 1916 b. 15 June, 1878; e. of four surv. S. of J. Monteagle-Browne, Tullycarnen, Ardglass. M. 1915, Osra y.d. of late Fleet Paymaster Sydney Brougham-Hinshelwood. R.N. and g.g.d. of Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Fairfax Moresby, G.C.B.; two s. one d. Educ. Privately. Entered army 1898; served with 1st Batt, R. Irish Fusiliers throughout South African War (Kings and Queens Medals with 5 clasps); Staff Captain for Railway Transport in Cape Colony Staff 1902-3; resigned Commission, 1905, and took up political work, standing twice for Parliament as an Advocate of Universal Military Service for which he was thanked by the late Earl Roberts; he has travelled extensively in Europe, S. America and Africa; started Rifle Clubs at sea in Merchant Service, 1908; Captain and Adjutant 10th (S) Batt. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment; Major, 194; Served European War, at first 2nd in Command of Warwicks; later on in Railway Transport Establishment for five months; 2nd in Command 1st & 7th Batts, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1915; commanded in succession 9th, 8th, and 2nd Batts, R. Munster Fusiliers, 1916-17 (wounded four times, D.S.O. Mons Star, dispatches thrice); Order of Damilo 4th Class. Recreations: shooting, polo, hunting and travelling. Address: Broncroft Castle, Craven Arms, Shropshire. T.A.: Monteagle, Munslow.
MY NOTE: Since these entries are often written or at least edited by the people upon whom they are based, it is interesting that the chosen name for the entry was " Monteagle-Browne " instead of “Browne" – the surname he was born with. See: Biography of Edgar Monteagle BROWNE & Osra Hinshelwood

             iv.     MAJOR MC MARTIN M.G. BROWNE, m. ETHEL. Served in Royal Field Artillery. (Source: News clipping on Hugh Browne] In the 1940s lived at Cotswold, Harlow, Essex, England. As a teenager, I visited them there in the late 1950s. She was a celebrated painter.See: Biography of Martin & Ethel BROWNE

             v.     HUGH ALEXANDER EDGAR BROWNE, m. ELEANOR, 1919, Ireland. From a news clipping, we learn that he received a commission in the Royal Engineers, was a prominent member of the Knock Rugby Football club and captained the second XV when they won the Junior Cup. Also played for Ulster in the Junior-Inter provincial. A member of the firm of Browne Brothers architects and civil engineers, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Belfast and "recently returned from Canada, where he spent the last three years, to follow the example of his brothers" [all of whom were in the military in WWI].
There are also two news clippings which mention him in connection with St. Barnabas Church in Ireland. This parish does not seem to be currently active and I have yet to determine where it might be. Apparently, he prepared a program of music and drama which was well received. He was also described as the architect of a new edifice surrounding a memorial window.
Dorothy Robertson, his niece, mentioned that he married Eleanor in 1919 and came back to Canada in 1919. In that year, Dorothy's family stayed with them in Montreal when Dorothy's family was on their way back to Ireland. Hugh and Eleanor then settled in Medicine Hat, but didn't like it. They visited Dorothy's family when they lived in Cranbrook and then moved to Vancouver. For many years, Hugh worked as an engineer with the City of Vancouver. They lived at 2930 West 38th, Vancouver (have photos) and Hugh’s sister (my grandmother) June BROWN lived with them until June’s daughter Dorothy married Len ROBERTSON. See: Biography of Hugh Alexander Edgar BROWNE & Eleanor

             vi.     MAJOR JOHN PLUNKETT BROWNE. A news clipping refers to Lieutenant J. Plunkett Browne,3rd Battalion Inniskilling Fusiliers inspecting the troops. He "complimented the lads on their fine and smart appearance". Addressing the company, he "spoke of the advantages of physical drill, especially to lads living in the city, and how necessary it was to have a sound body and good physique to take part successfully in the battle of life".
The wedding announcement of his brother, Edgar, refers to Captain J. Monteagle Brown (1915) who attended, having been wounded at the front.
The next exciting bit of info came from a series of emails from Margaret Ennis in Belfast. She referred to two houses shown on the Alan Godfrey maps. "On the back of one showing the KNOCK area there is an extract from the street directory at the time (1902). Just at the start of Kings Road, running from the Sandown Road on the right hand side, the very first entry is ALBERT VILLAS. This could apply to two houses as the occupants are given as Wilson, J. solicitor and the Cuthbert, Gerald, elec. Engr." [source email, March 18, 2002] Then on March 20, Margaret went to the Linen Hall Library and then looked in the 1909 Belfast Street Directory and found that the 1909 occupant of the Albert Villas was Liet. JP Browne of the 3rd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. This is in all likelihood the Albertville mentioned as June BROWNE's place of domicile in 1909. See: Biography of John Plunkett BROWNE

            vii.     JANE EDGAR BROWNE, b. 10 July 1881, 234 Crumlin Road, Knock, Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland17; d. 7 October 1964, Vancouver, BC, Canada; m. THOMAS JACKSON BROWN, 27 January 1909, St. Columba's Church, Belfast18; b. 19 June 1879, Armagh, Northern Ireland19; d. 29 July 1933, 1450 Inglewood Ave., West Vancouver, BC, Canada.
To see Crumlin Road where June was born, look at Godfrey map of the Shankill area of 1901 Crumlon Street (is this the same?) is off flax Street very near the Brookfield Flax Spinning Mill and the Crumlin Road Flax Spinning Mill. This is in the Antrim part of Belfast.  Jane Edgar Browne also lived at Knock, a suburb of Belfast and spent summers at Ardglass. At some point, her parents moved there full time.
The map of Belfast from 1902 shows Albertvillas to be on King Road just off Sandown Road midpoint between the tramway and the railroad - easy to get around. St. Columba's Church where she married is a few houses away and across the street from the church was Holly Park, owned in 1902 by her brother James Carlyle Monteagle BROWNE. By 1909, Albertvillas was owned by BROWNE, J.P. (This would be her brother James Plunkett BROWNE). The neighbourhood has many other recognizable names: Moorhead, McCullagh, Kennedy, McKee, Hamilton - likely an upper middle-class enclave of people of Scots-Irish ancestry.

 She and Thomas Jackson BROWN sailed for Canada on the afternoon of the day of their wedding, January 27th, 1909 on the Empress of Ireland out of Belfast. See Biography. Her wedding linen had the Killyneur rose (pink) embroidered on it. (The whole front of the Killyneur house was clad in rose vines – but I have yet to track down the actual rose.). At some point, Jane changed her name to June (or Jeanie). At the time of her death, according to her death notice, only one brother was still living and in England. I would assume that to be Martin. Burial: Ocean View Cemetary, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Notes for THOMAS JACKSON BROWN: The Register of the Royal School of Armagh shows him as a student from September 1891 to June 1894 and to be living at Killynure. QUESTION: Where did he train as an engineer? Colraine Technical? Belfast Technical College, or did he train in the Great Norther Railway Works in Dundalk or at Harland & Wolffs Shipyards in Belfast? Or elsewhere? He emigrated to Canada in 1907 and corresponded with his wife-to-be while he was still in Canada. Their mothers were encouraging the match. His family were Presbyterian while hers were Church of Ireland. He came back to Ireland and they got married and left the same day for Canada. Marriage: 27 January 1909, St. Columba's Church, Belfast20 They sailed on the Empress of Ireland in 1909 to Halifax. His brother, Bob, lived with him, even during his honeymoon. Also when they lived in Calgary at the turn of the century. Burial: Ocean View Cemetary, Burnaby, BC, Canada. See: Biography of Thomas Jackson BROWN & Jane Edgar BROWNE

7.  RICHARD BINNEY4 ORR (MARY3 MARTIN, ALLAN2, ALLAN1) was born 18 February 1847 in Killough, Ardglass, County Down, and died 29 November 1921.  He married MARGARET ANN BETHUNE21 2 January 1871 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia22, daughter of DAVID BETHUNE and MARY SMITH.  She was born 27 March 1853 in Glascow, LKS, SCT, and died 3 October 1922 in Ambulance, Brisbane General Hospital.


He taught at the State School in Darkey Flat near Warwick (21 miles away), Queensland, Australia - 200 miles west of Brisbane. The first information that I have came from a letter written in 1896, presumably to his Uncle George Crean Martin.
In tracking down his ancestry, one possible lead is the connection through his name to The Reverend Richard Binney who died January 15th, 1876. In the death notices of 22 Jan 1876 in the Down Recorder is the following: "Binney - January 15, at Stanley House, Holywood, Rev. Richard Binney, A.M. D.C.L., late Vicar of Bangor, County Down, aged 68 years." (email 757)
SOURCE: Descendants of Samuel John Corbett ORR from Robyn Melise Condliffe:  Richard sailed to Australia with his sister Letitia on the Winterthur . They left from the Port of London on 26 Aug 1868 & arrived December 1868. Richard & Letitia shared a second class cabin.Richard was a Matriculated Student in Arts in Queen's College Belfast Ireland & was employed as a private tutor in Ireland for some time. On arrival in Australia he was an Assistant in Brisbane & Rockhampton & then Head Master at Tingalpa Qld.
He married Margaret Ann BETHUNE, 2 Jan 1871 in Rockhampton QLD AUS, born 27 Mar 1853 in Glasgow LKS SCT, (daughter of Donald David BETHUNE and Mary SMITH) baptized 29 Jul 1853 in Glasgow LKS SCT, died 3 Oct 1922 in Ambulance Brisbane Gen Hospital.  Margaret: Baptised as Mary Ann Bethune, shipping on Gengis Khan as Mary Ann Bethune, but known as Margaret Ann Bethune thereafter. See Qld School Teacher records & Inquest Papers under separate folder. Living with daughter, Gertrude Letitia Orr, 451 UpperEdward St Spring Hill, when she had the fall which resulted in her death. Prior to 7 Aug 1922, resided at 91 Herbert St Spring Hill for 2 years.Religion:- Presbyterian. See: Biography of Richard Binney ORR


              i.     EVELYN MARY BETHUNE5 ORR, b. 10 November 1872.Not listed as being alive at the time of her mother's death 3 Oct 1922.

              ii.     CONSTANCE MARGARET ORR, b. 23 April 1875; d. 10 March 1876, Queensland, Australia.

             iii.     WILLIAM CUTHBERT BINNEY ORR, b. 1 July 1876, Queensland, Australia23; d. 7 February 1877, Queensland, Australia23.

             iv.     GERTRUDE LETITIA ORR, b. 25 September 1877. The birthdate of Gertrude Letitia Orr, as computed from the letter to George Crean MARTIN from Richard Binney ORR would be September 1877, however the Queensland Indexes to Births, Marriages and Deaths give us her birthdate as February 21, 1880. The family tree shared by Robyn Melise Condliffe has a birth date of 25 September 1877 that agrees with the letter and is the date I will choose for now. She remained single and lived with her mother until her mother died 3rd October 1922. Three weeks later (24 Oct 1922), she moved to 9 Gladstone Rd South Brisbane.


             v.     CUTHBERT DONALD ORR, b. 21 June 1879; d. 12 August 1918, Villers-Bretonneux, France. Apprenticed to foundry in Warwich in 1894 (age 15).

The "Descendants of Samuel John Corbett ORR" by Robyn Melise Condliffe show "died 12 Aug 1918 in Gallipoli WW1" but other sources (see below) have him dying at the Somme.  

ORR, Private, CUTHBERT DONALD, 894. 42nd Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 12th August 1918. Age 35. Son of Richard Binney Orr and Margaret Anne Orr, of 95, Herbert St., Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland. Born at North Pine River, Queensland. SOURCE: VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MEMORIAL - Somme. SEE:  http://au.geocities.com/thefallenofthe42nd/war-graves/eg-france-uk.htm

SOURCE: Australian War Memorial. http://www.awm.gov.au/database/roh.asp ORR, Pte. Cuthbert Donald, 894. 42nd Bn. For more information as well as a letter from his mother, see: http://www.awm.gov.au/cms_images/awm131/038/038078.pdf

             vi.     KATHLEEN MURIEL ORR, b. 29 September 188223; d. 10 October 1884, Queensland, Australia..

            vii.     EDGAR CYRIL ORR, b. 30 January 1886, Queensland, Australia; d. Aft. 3 October 1922; m. VIOLET JANE DAVIS, 4 July 1911, Queensland, Australia23.

           viii.     VIOLET IRENE ORR, b. 15 August 1889, Tingalpa, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; m. ARCHIBALD COOK HAMILTON, 1912, Brisbane, Australia; b. 27 August 1891, Bulimba, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; d. 27 March 1958.  

             ix.     SYDNEY J. ORR, b. 1893.

             x.     RICHARD J. ORR, b. 1894.

8.  LETITIA4 ORR (MARY3 MARTIN, ALLAN2, ALLAN1) was born 18 January 1849 in Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland, and died 4 April 1934 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  She married RICHARD ATHERTON 23 July 1870 in Queensland, Australia.  He was born Abt. 1845. A letter from lawyers H. Wallace & Co. refers to her and gives her married name as Atherton. A letter from her brother mentions that she married before 1871 and has a large family living at Mackay - about 800 miles away. Letitia sailed to Australia on the ship Winterthur from the Port of London 26 Aug 1868 & arrived December 1868. Letitia shared a second class cabin with her brother Richard Binney Orr.Letitia stated her age as 21 & Richard 23. Both overstated their ages by 2 years. Headstone states father Rev J S C ORR, Belfast IRE. Burial: South Brisbane Cemetery


              i.     RICHARDENA BINNEY ORR5 ATHERTON, b. 3 June 1871.

              ii.     LETITIA EMILY ALICE ATHERTON, b. 17 June 1873.

             iii.     VIDA ALTHAEA ATHERTON, b. 6 April 1875.

             iv.     UNNAMED ATHERTON, b. 25 October 1876.

             v.     REGINALD OSCAR ATHERTON, b. 25 May 1878.

             vi.     ALAN RUPERT ATHERTON, b. 2 February 1880.

            vii.     ROSAMUND BRENDA ATHERTON, b. 6 July 1882

viii.     HOWARD RICHARD ATHERTON, b. 28 July 1883.

             ix.     AUBREY HOWARD ATHERTON, b. 29 February 1888.

             x.     ARNOLD HOWARD ATHERTON, b. 29 February 1888.



1.  Gravestone in Ardglass C. of I. Church.

2.  Letter from Richard Gilchrist, "Martin was a well known name in Ardglass until 1970 when the last of the name died. They all belonged to the same Martin clan. Some Christian mnames were James, Hugh, Emily, Mary, Olivia, Frances, Christina, Eliza, Charles and William."

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21.  Commonwealth Graves Commission.

22.  Queensland Indexes to Births Marriages and Deaths.

23.  Descendants Of Samuel John Corbett ORR from Robyn Melise Condlife.



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