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Sharon Gesturing 2009 August
August 2009. Photo of The Moi by Miqqi Gilbert.
Brown family photos in Banff, CANADA Jan 2006
Brown Family Photos in Alberta circa 1909 The photos included are from the collection of Thomas Andrew JACKSON of Bangor, Co. Down. They were not the best quality. Many of them had been printed on non-photographic paper and perhaps with less fixative than would have been desireable. I am assuming that Thomas Jackson BROWN (my grandfather - 1879-1933) had his own darkroom, but costs and the availability of supplies were an issue. I have cropped some of the photos and also edited them for more clarity. Sept 7, 2006
Brown-Schroeder 60th Birthday Plus Surprise November 11, 2006 Dec 20, 2006
Brown-Schroeder Wedding August 8, 2007 Sept 4, 2007
Brownes of County Down Family Album This will be updated soon. June 20, 2004
Browne, Ethel paintings Ethel was the wife of Martin BROWNE and an accomplished professional painter with a focus on painting horses and dogs. Aug 8, 2004
CORR Family photos and snippets The CORR family are not central to our family story, but since their photos have shown up in the family archives, I thought them worth sharing with others who may know more. Besides, William Richard CORR was the solicitor who handled much of the family's legal work Aug16, 2006
Creggan Church and Grounds This page is a page in progess. It includes a link to the Stained Glass window erected in memory of Sir Thomas JACKSON Aug 1, 2006
Dickie family photos I am posting these as well as the various bits that I have unearthed to date in the hopes that some kind soul will tell me how this all fits together Aug 9, 2004
Donaldson Photo Album I have included background and links as well. June 19, 2004
Griffin Family Photo Album This Album contains seven photos, many of people whom I can not tie into the story with a proper genealogical link. Help would be most welcome. April 28, 2004
Hong Kong - Miscellaneous photos I have only put in one photo so far - more to follow. May 26, 2004
Hong Kong Outings in late 1800s. This page has a selection of photos of outings that included members of the family of Sir Thomas JACKSON as well as several of their friends and business acquaintances. Feb 22, 2011
Hong Kong, 1906. This series of pictures were taken on February 24, 1906 at the unveiling ceremony of a statue celebrating Sir Thomas Jackson. It was erected at Statue Square in Hong Kong and is only one of two statues remaining that were erected in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is almost unheard of to have such a statue erected while the subjest is still alive. January 31, 2011
Hong Kong Photos of late 1800s houses This is one of these pages that will be in progress for some time. I have more pictures to add, and much more to learn about the ones that I already have. Feb 7, 2011
Hong Kong 1894 This is a page of photographs of a fund-raising chess game played with people as chess pieces in 1894 at Wan Chai which was formerly called East Point. Feb 22, 2011
Jackson - social & harvest time These are four photos of JACKSON relations, mostly young female cousins and friends. Sept 7, 2006
Jackson, David - Photos from Gika Jackson I was honored when I visited Gika Jackson to be given close to a hundred family photos and letters. Many are posted within other pages. This is the first grouping of them in an album. (updated April 28, 2004) Jan 2, 2004
Jackson, David in the Isle of Man There are few people in this photo who are known to me.Initially, I thought it was taken in the Isle of Man, but it is likely this was only where the photographer was based. Sept 10, 2004
Jackson-Unveiling of Statue This series of pictures were taken on February 24, 1906 at the unveiling ceremony of a statue celebrating Sir Thomas Jackson. It was erected at Statue Square in Hong Kong and is only one of two statues remaining that were erected in the late 1800s and early 1900s. January 31, 2011
Kane Graveyard in the townland of Kane, Parish of Kane, Barony of Upper Dundalk, Co. Louth. This was a graveyard in County Louth where Presbyterians from nearby were buried. The versions contributed by Mr. P. Crossle, and published in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead, Vol. VIII. no. 4 (1911) have been included with Noel Ross’s transcriptions when the two versions differed (probably because of further erosion of the stones that occurred between the first and last transcriptions). November 22, 2015
Photos of the Ruins of Urker Lodge. This page is best viewed in conjuction with two Blogs, not on this site.The first blog shows what I learned from maps showing aspects of the townland of Urker. The second blog piece shows what I learned about the construction of the actual house. December 5, 2013
Menary Photo Album This Album contains 14 photos covering the lives of Menary family members who spanned three centuries Dec 3, 2003
Mystery photos These are orphans who have no home.  
Oliver Photos. Hopefully more will surface, and the links between some of the branches of the Olivers of Armagh will become clearer. January 29, 2014
Patteson Family Photos I am unsure why this family would be in the family album, but perhaps someone can enlighten me. Aug 9, 2004
Urker Lodge family gatherings This house was the family residence of the Jacksons since the mid to late 1700s, although the exact date when the JACKSONs first settled here is not yet known to me. The photos of these family gatherings along with the letters which we have say a lot about the range and depth of family connections in this far flung family. Jan 2, 2004


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