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NOTE: This is a secondary page. It includes people who are tangents, and may be related. The main page for transcribed documents relating to the family that I am currently studying is at Wills, deeds, and abstracts.

LINKS: A great site for Irish deeds is Nick Reddan's Deeds Site. Two sites for learning more about the townlands are: Placenames Database of Ireland and Sean Ruad's site. The latter is maintained by Ed Finn as a memorial to John Broderick aka Sean Ruad who passed away in 2001. For Lancashire BMDs: Parishes in Co. Lancashire.

Deeds and Will Abstracts - Page Two

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1574 October 31 The will of Francis Jackson, a goldsmith in London. NAMES: Francis JACKSON & wife Anne; Richard JACKSON; John JACKSON; John WILIS[?]; Robert JACKSON; Barthomew ?; Mr. BURTON; Nicholas LAYFIELD. Robert COOP. PLACES: St. Foster's parish; Burton in Kendal; December 10, 2011
1594 Will of Leonard JACKSON. NAMES: Leonard JACKSON; Alice JACKSON; Roger JACKSON; Christopher JACKSON; Christopher HEWSON aka HEWITSON; John LUNDE; William MOORE; William HOLME; Nicholas GARNETT; Thomas JACKSON; Henry JACKSON. PLACES: Casterton; Kirkby Lonsdale. March 3, 2016
1626 Apr 20 Will of William JACKSON of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland. This William JACKSON was the father of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) of Kirkby Lonsdale. This son gave this William at least 20 grandchildren, many of whom settled in Ireland. NAMES: William JACKSON; Frances or Francis JACKSON (?); Nicholas BORRETT; Jane BORRETT née WILSON; Mary JACKSON née SLATER; Francis JACKSON; Christopher GRIDDARD (or GILDARD); John JACKSON; Henry RICCI[?]GY; Wilson?; Agnes JACKSON;  Thomazen TINDALL (?);  Christopher GOUGH; Edward WILSON; William [BERKERS? HERBERT?]; John SPENCER; John [JAXON?]; James SMYTH; Anne TRAYNER(?); PLACES: Kirkby Lonsdale; Underly Hall; Nether Levens Hall; March 2, 2016
The 1647 Probate of Will of Rev Thomas JACKSON Canterbury coupled with the 1658 March 14 Probate Will of Elizabeth JACKSON, his wife, lead us to their grandson Lodowick JACKSON and to understanding his connections to County Cork in the mid-1600s. It is likely that some of his descendants rooted there. For example, the ancestry of Alderman Ambrose JACKSON has yet to be taken that one step back toto connect to likely roots in Britain. January 15, 2020
1647 probate of will of Richard JACKSON of Middleton. NOTE- The inventory of his assets was dated 1641, although the probate cover sheet says 1647, and the will itself was dated 1638. The BAINBRIGGE family, mentioned in this will, intermarried with various branches of the JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale families - notably,with an OTWAY and a NORTH intermarriage. There were likely others that we will unravel in the fullness of time. NAMES: Richard JACKSON; Mrs. JACKSON; John JACKSON; Isobel JACKSON; John THIRNBECK; Thomas BAINBRIGGE; Richard BAINBRIGGE; John BAINBRIGGE; Edward BAINBRIGGE; Alice BAINBRIGGE. PLACES: Middleton, Kendal, Westmorland. March 2, 2016
1658 March 14 Probate Will of Elizabeth JACKSON. The 1647 Probate of Will of Rev Thomas JACKSON Canterbury coupled with the 1658 March 14 Probate Will of Elizabeth JACKSON, his wife, lead us to their grandson Lodowick JACKSON and to understanding his connections to County Cork in the mid-1600s. It is likely that some of his descendants rooted there. For example, the ancestry of Alderman Ambrose JACKSON has yet to be taken that one step back to to connect to likely roots in Britain. January 2020
1659 August 5. Will of Robert JACKSON. NAMES: Robert JACKSON of Kirkby Kendall, Westmorland; John ARCHER; Jane JACKSON; Grace JACKSON née SANDS; Grace JACKSON (daughter); Robert JACKSON & Thomas JACKSON of Whitehaven; John NEWTON; Thomas MACKERETH; Arthur FISHER; George FISHER; Dorothy RAWLINSON; Jenet ROBINSON; Thomas STAINBANKE; Agnes WARDE; Thomas SANDES; Thomas BRATHWAITE; Mathers RICHARDSON; George BIRKHEADE; Robert HARRISON; George JOBSON; Miles ESKRIGGE; Roger ASKERED. OTHER PLACES: ; Ambleside, Cumberland. February 20, 2015
1670 December 19 The will of Alexander Jackson, a goldsmith in London who was granted lands in Co. Meath in post-Cromwellian Ireland. NAMES: Alexander JACKSON of St, Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, goldsmith; John JACKSON of Staffordshire; Robert JACKSON; Lawrence DYER; Alexander DYER; Sarah DYER; Abraham JACKSON; Isaac JACKSON; Bartholemew PICKERING; Daniel JOSLIN. December 10, 2011
1672 January 17 Will of Agnes JACKSON widow of Rev. Francis JACKSON NAMES: Agnes JACKSON née WHITTRIGGE; Rev. Francis JACKSON (deceased); Alan PRICKITT aka Alan PRICKETT; John HADWEN; Stephen WHITTRIGGE; Henry WASHINGTON; Elizabeth PRICKETT née WHITTRIGGE; Christopher BATEMAN; Mrs. DUCKETT; Richard DUCKETT; George (?)AFE; Robert BANNISTER.. PLACES: Kirkby Kendal; Warton; Watland; Hutton; Kirkby Lonsdale. March 26, 2016
1677 John JACKSON will - house in Coleraine Of interest to me is that several of the JACKSONs of Kirby Lonsdale were also resident and active in Coleraine at this time. One of them, Capt. William JACKSON (1628-1688) had held leases in the Clothworkers Proportion from 1663. He was a son of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). Rev. Richard had a brother John JACKSON (b. abt 1609). There may or may not be a connection. Although the lots 9 & 10 in Coleraine were willed to Paul JACKSON, a brother of John JACKSON, I have yet to find a record of him there. November 22, 2018
1679 January 15. Will of Rev. Richard JACKSON. NAMES: Richard JACKSON; William JACKSON; Richard BAYLEY; Rev. Leonard JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON; William BUCKLEY; Sir Oliver CROFTON; Vigessima BOUCHE née JACKSON; Ruth JACKSON; Richard JACKSON jr.; Hellen JACKSON; Dorothy WALKER née JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Hannah BOND née JACKSON; Sir John OTWAY; Jane JACKSON née CARTER; Bryan DAWNEY aka DAWNIE; John JOHNSTON; Henry JOHNSTON; Nathaniel WATERMAN; Leonard TOWNSON; Rev. John BRIGGS aka BRIGGES. William SLATER; PLACES: Kirkby Lonsdale; Whittington; Coleraine; Biggins. March 10, 2016
1680 September 1 This is the will of Thomas JACKSON, pewterer of London. He was a Colonel awarded lands in Co. Meath, Ireland in 1652. He was also a relation of Rev. Daniel JACKSON of Santry, Dublin. December 2, 2011
1685 August 4 The will of Abraham Jackson which was proved in 1700. He was a London goldsmith December 10, 2011
1690 June 26 Henry JACKSON's will. He died between June 26, 1690 and February 6, 1691. He seems to have been a mariner - possibly involved in fending off the French in the siege of Cork. December 2, 2011
1695 July 29. NAMES: Jane JACKSON née CARTER; Rev Leonard JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON (later Wife of William BUCKLEY and then of Sir Oliver CROFTON); Vigessima BOUCHE née JACKSON; Agnes HOLDEN; Rebecca MOON; John JOHNSON sr.; Henry JOHNSON; James BORDRIGGE; John JOHNSON. PLACES: Whittington.  

1716 February 17 This Samuel JACKSON was made a Warden in the Pewterers' Guild 1673, and then a Master in various years from 1684. SEE:  Chats on old Pewter.  H.J.L.J. Massé, M.A. New York. 1911.

The will was fascinating for me because there were more than a hundred people named in the list of beneficiaries. He was a son of the Thomas JACKSON whose will is posted above (1680).

December 2, 2011
1716 October 16 NAMES: Oliver ST. JOHN of Tandragee; Ralph DAWSON of Drominakelly, Co. Armagh; PLACES: Tullyhappies, Ballymacrangan [Ballymacdermot?]; Arthur DAWSON; Daniel KELLY; Henry CLOSE of Waringstown; Thomas DAWSON; Joseph STRAITON of Artbaka, aka Artbrackagh; John DANE;John MOORE; Walter COPE. December 16, 2011
1717 January 20-21 NAMES: Joseph WRIGHT of Gola; William WRIGHT of Tullygraham; Henry OWEN of Killmore; Mary OWEN; Edward OWEN; Alexander HAMILTON of Dublin; William SCOTT of Rabanan. PLACES: Gola aka Gowlea also Gowlee Gowlagh Dordowles; Corduffles aka Cordevlish; Shenadown aka Shenaden; Corleck aka Knockenelter also Corbofin; Listumacy aka Aghaclea. December 16, 2011
1717 Feb 11. These notes will need to be updated once I finish more work on the deeds concerning JACKSONs of Kings Co.. This deed concerns a lease of John JACKSON of Monasteroris, Kings Co. SEE: Family Tree of Ballygibbon JACKSONs. November 16, 2020
1721 January 2 - Will of Enoch PALMER NAMES: Enoch PALMER of Dublin; Sarah BOYTON; Mary JACKSON; Elizabeth MAKINGS; Enoch MAKINGS; Josia(s) JONES; Mt [Mr?] ARMSTRONG; William PALMER; Michael JACKSON; Mr. MEREDITH; Samuel PALMER; Ambrose BRUFF [BRUSS?]; Peter CILLARD; Michael BOYTON; James CLARK; Samuel OATES; John SMITH; ALexander McPHERSON; William PARRY. PLACES: St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin. December 17, 2011
1721 December 22 NAMES: Richard CHRISTMAS of City of Waterford; Rev. Alexander ALCOCK; John JACKSON of Portmascully; Thomas HEAD of Headsgrove; John HEAD; Michael HEAD sr, deceased; Michael HEAD jr.; William JONES; James HIGGINS; Robert WHITBY of Killeraggan; Richard VILLARS of Balynaboly; Richard PARRY. PLACES: Woodstock, Castelmitchell. December 16, 2011
1722 January 11-12 NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph GILL; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Joseph ROSE; William BARRY; Bruen WORTHINGTON. PLACES: Cork St, & Earl ST. both in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin. December 17, 2011
1722 August 20 NAMES: John USHER of Dublin; Rev. William JACKSON; Rt. Rev. Dr. William MORETON, Lord Bishop of Meath; Mary JONES; Edward SCHULDHAM; William BARTON of Thomastown, Co Louth; Michael SCRIVENS; John KEARNEY; John MOFFITT; Richard TERRY; Registrar: William PARRY. December 16, 2011
1723 October 3-4 NAMES: Joseph JACKSON; Joseph SIDEBOTHOM; Mr. POWER; Thomas WESTON; Jacob POOLE; George CULLIN; Rebecca SMITH; Michael SMITH; Michael SMITH jr.; Hannah SMITH; Matthew PAGEITT; Patrick HAMILTON; Edward DALTON; William PARRY. PLACES: Cork St, in the Liberty of Donore, Co. Dublin. December 17, 2011
1725 Nov 12. Probate of Anne MAY née ALDWORTH (abt 1656-abt 1726) - an aunt of Jane JACKSON. Jane ALDWORTH (1641-1746), a sister of Anne ALDWORTH, married Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeston, Oxfordshire. SEE: Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree: February 27, 2020
1728 September 23 NAMES: Rev. William JACKSON of Clonmell, Tpperary; Jeremiah VICARS of Co. Dublin; Robert JACKSON; John FOX; Samuel HEATH; William PARRY. December 17, 2011
1733 Jan 21 Probate of Rev. Robert JACKSON. NAMES: Rev. Robert JACKSON; Abigail BUCKLEY née JACKSON also CROFTON; Richard MANSERGH; John OVEREND; Samuel PEPLOE; Rodger REMMINGTON; Isaac LETOUSSEY; John PHILIPSON. PLACES: Tatham, Lancashire. March 21, 2016
1739 July 3 NAMES: Frances JACKSON; Rev. Peter JACKSON of Killincoole and Darver; Rev. George JACKSON of Dromin, Mosstown & Stabannon; George ADAMS of Heathtown; Elizabeth ADAMS née JACKSON; Francis JACKSON; Anthony FOSTER; James DOBBIN. OTHER PLACES: Bellelulcashell, Kilhavan, Killemurree, Mullefinegan, Tannafofan, Killaughavare, & Eskar all in Co. Monaghan & town and lands of Ardpatrick Co. Louth. April 9, 2010
1742 March 18.NAMES: Henry DEERING & Mary DEERING of Dublin; Bishop Mordecai CARY & wife Catherine CARY & daughter Catherine CARY, all of Killala; Rev. Daniel JACKSON of Tullamore; Rev Theophilus BROCAS of Killala; Robert FRENCH; Charles DEMPY; Rev. Samuel VIRCASEL [?]; Bartholemew DELANDRY. This is a marriage agreeement between Henry CARY & Mary DEERING. The JACKSON connection is to Rev. Daniel JACKSON (1687-1772). His ancestry can be seen at JACKSONs of Derbyshire This line includes the JACKSONs of Santry. August 21, 2012
1743 April 2. This is a marriage agreement between Vere HUNT & Catherine CHADWICKE. NAMES: Vere HUNT [both sr. & jr.]of Glanagoole, Tipperary; Jeremiah aka Jeremy JACKSON of Fanningstown, Limerick; Richard HAMERSLEY of Holy Cross, Tipperary; William CHADWICKE of Ballinard, Tipperary; Catherine CHADWICKE John SABLIER [?]. OTHER PLACES: Poyntstown, Garryclogh, Ballyconry, Shronell, Kilmagoning, Ballynard. August 21, 2012
1747 January 15-16 NAMES: Sambourne JOHNSTON of Currahanna, Co. Kerry; Jeremiah JACKSON of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick; Daniel HULEATT of Dublin; Richard TAYLOR of Carass, Co. Limerick; . PLACES: Alonchard known as Alhonghart and Shanakeilsall Parish of Kilquan Barony of Bunrathy County Clare. December 16, 2011
1749 November 1 NAMES: Hugh NIVEEDY of Knocknagony; William JACKSON of Ringcreevy; John JACKSON; Robert JACKSON; William KENNEDY; Hugh NILLY of Ballymeek. December 16, 2011
1757 April 5 NAMES: William JACKSON of Balyolane aka Ballyvaloon, Co. Cork; George HODDER; Thomas BARTER [pos. Thomas BARKER] of Anagh, Co. Cork; Rt. Hon Edward SOUTHWELL; John NASH, Esq. of Brinny; Elizabeth FRANKLYN; John VAUGHAN; William SNOWE; Gregory PHILPOTT. OTHER PLACES: Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea” Barony aka Barony Kinalea Co. Cork. July 2, 2011
1760 August 6-7 NAMES: William DONALDSON of Lucan, Co. Dublin; Isabella DONALDSON née HOGGART; Anne JACKSON; Anthony KING; Thomas HOGGART; Alexander BRANAN; Agmondisham VESEY; John CALDWELL; William CALDWELL; Samuel CALDWELL; James DONALDSON; Elizabeth DONALDSON; Jonathon NIXON; Jonathon SHEPHEARD; Philip EMER; Francis ALLEN; Patrick TANNIN; Edward HENDRICK; Charles FARRAN; Arthur SHEPHEARD; William HALL. PLACES: East Cold Blow [Dublin?]; Dodsfarm; Esker; 3 Parks; Petty Canons House. December 17, 2011
1766 January 17 & 18. NAMES: Ann LOFTUS; Edward LOFTUS; Bridget COOKE; George COOKE; Robert JACKSON sr. & Robert JACKSON jr.; Henry PALMER. PLACES: Birr, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.; Eglish, Parish of Eglish, Barony of Eglish, Kings Co.; Drom, Parish of Drom, Barony of Eliogarty, Co. Tipperary; Grange, Parish of Seirkieran, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co.; Tulla aka BallymacMurra, Parish of Kinnitty, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co. March 29, 2012
1775 September 8 NAMES: Robert LOWE of Brookhill; Joseph JACKSON of Tincurry; Thomas JACKSON; Abraham JACKSON; Joseph JACKSON; David OLDIS, of Callan; George COLE of Clonmel; Nathaniel MITCHELL; John LUTHER; Samuel HAYMAN. December 16, 2011
1772 Oct 10 Probate of Ann JACKSON née COOTH (?-btw 1770-1772). She also married a Mr. WILLOUGHBY before she married Richard JACKSON (1709-1796) who is in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree. February 27, 2020
1773 May 1 NAMES: Rev. George JACKSON of Stabannon, Co. Louth; Capt. Jonathon Bowes BENSON; Charles BROUGHTON; Jonathon COURTNEY; Edward COURTNEY; Nathanial LOW aka LOWE of Loweville, Co. Galway; Fownes JACKSON; Joseph HAYDEN; James POE. OTHER PLACES: Tully, Parish of Louth. July 7, 2011
1777 February 15 NAMES: Francis EVANS of City of Dublin; Rev. George PHILIPS; Jane PHILLIPS née JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Edward BEVER; Mary SHERIGLEY; Abraham SHERIGLEY; Samuel BEVER; Falliot SHERIGLEY of Windmill House & garden part of Felbrim, Parish of Kinsale; William COLEMAN; George PARK; James DODD; Christopher TAYLOR; John BRISCOE; George BRADWELL; Hugh Gillespie PEAFIELD; William WILSON; John GARSLIN; William SHANAGHAN; John McCABE. OTHER PLACES: Mabestown, Parish of Kinsale; Baron Mills; Clondalkin. October 30, 2011
1777 June 30 NAMES: James HAMILTON, Right Honorable Earl of Clanbrassill; Thomas TUCKEY; William HUNT; Anne JACKSON née HUNT; William JACKSON; James WATSON; Thomas SMITH; Thomas BRADBURN; William DUDLEY; Thomas CULLEN; James ASHE; Alice BRYAN; Luke KELLY; William KELLY; James SHEIL. PLACES: Dublin & Raheny. December 29, 2011
1779 Aug. 2 probate of will of Gilbert JACKSON (1704-1779) of Tichfield, Hampshire, England but earlier of Cuddeson, Oxfordshire, England. He is included in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree. February 27, 2020
1784 November 26 Will of Miles North. NAMES: Miles NORTH; Edward Jackson NORTH; William BORDRIGGE; Oliuver NORTH; Anthony ATKINSON; Richard Tomlin NORTH; Lieut. Miles NORTH; Mary Anne NORTH; James COCK; Mrs. HALL aka REMINGTON; Reginald REMINGTON; Elizabeth NEEDHAM; Frederick Richard NEEDHAM; Croaslane MOLONY; John PARKINSON; John WATKINSON; Robert LUCAS. PLACES: Manor of Whittington; Jackson Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale; Co. Meath lands; Casterton, Westmorland. March 16, 2016
1785 July 12 NAMES: Paul Isaac VATEAU of Dundonald, Co. Down; Peter VATEAU aka de VATEAU, VOTO, VAUTEAU; Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald; David FITZGERALD; Timothy FITZGERALD; John FORSAYTH; Peter JACKSON of Dublin; John MOORE - Registrar. OTHER PLACES: East Side of George Lane, Dublin. December 18, 2011
1785 November 25 NAMES: Ann JACKSON, née HUNT widow of William JACKSON of Dublin; John ALLEN of Weavers Sq., Co. Dublin; Hon Col Robert FRAZER, Governor of Kinsale; William CURLES; Paul WINTER; Alderman Percival HUNT & son Percival HUNT; John HUNT; Ann MURRAY, widow of Percival HUNT sr.; Elizabeth WINTER of Portarlington; Anthony POLLE; Joseph NONE [HONE?]; Thomas COLLINS. December 31, 2012
1786 January 23 - 2 deeds registered NAMES: William RUTLEDGE of Foxford; George JACKSON jr. of Prospect, Co. Mayo; Robert MARTIN; William ORME; Rev. Charles KENT; John MOORE. PLACES: Creggaballagh, Parish of Killasser, Barony of Gallen, Co. Mayo; Treannagleragh, Parish of Killedan, Barony of Gallen, Co. Mayo; Dangan. December 17, 2011
1786 September 8. NAMES: Hanibal FRASER; Ann FRASER née JACKSON, brother James JACKSON; Eugenia JACKSON of Grange and Birr, widow of Robert JACKSON; Mathew HERBERT; Robert DROUGHT of Dublin; Thomas LACY; William MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Liscloony; Clanbamiss; Parsonstown, all of Kings Co. March 29, 2012
1788 May 2-3 Will of Original JACKSON NAMES: Original JACKSON of Godmanchester; George JACKSON - Higney Grange Farm; Sarah JACKSON; Rev. John DOWSING; Elizabeth JACKSON; George PALMER - Water Newton; John JACKSON; Michael GARNER - Kings Ripton; Owen FANN - Huntingdon; Rev. Horace HAMMOND; William FELLOWES - Ramsey, Cambridgeshire; ASKHAM?; John BROMHEAD; Elizabeth DOWSING; Sarah DOWSING; John PEARS - Holbeach, Lincolnshire; John KEY (?); Michael Holm HALL. OTHER PLACES: Woodwalton aka Wood Walton; Sawtry. November 16, 2011
1790 March 5. NAMES: Robert JACKSON of Woodvale, Co. Armagh; William GIRVIN aka GARVIN of Rowan, Derrynoose, Armagh; Joseph SMITH; Margaret JACKSON of Loughgall. OTHER PLACES: Knockraven aka Knockreven; Ballymaghallagh aka Ballynagallion; Moneyquin. September 13, 2013
1790 May 30 NAMES: Charles JACKSON of Dublin; John OLDHAM; Patrick CALLAGHAN; John WARREN of Carroduff, Dublin; Lawrence PEARSON; Terence KELLY. PLACES: Lands of Castleknock, Dublin. December 15, 2011
1791 October 1 NAMES: Robert FITZGERALD of Newhall, Co. Clare; John JACKSON sr., Lucy JACKSON; James HUGH; Jonas BLACKALE. PLACES: Millslaugh, Donbury, Corbally, Querrin, Dreogh, Leadgane, Garanatoly. Ballymaornan. December 16, 2011
1793 June 17 NAMES: John JOHNSTON of Ballyhain aka Ballytain, Co. Monaghan; Robert JACKSON of Woodvale, Co. Armagh; Richard SEAVER of Bellaghy, Co. Armagh; John JOHNSTON of Armaghgore, Co. Monaghan; Leslie KIRK of Monaghan; Edward CARROLL; Hugh HOFSOM; John HOFSOM. OTHER PLACES: Ballynahonebeg. July 7, 2011
1793 November 3. NAMES: Richard JACKSON of New Row, Coleraine; John SMITH aka SMYTH; Elizabeth JACKSON; Holton TETTLE; James STEWART of Grace Hill; James JACKSON, son of Richard & Elizabeth; John GALT; Charles GALT; James HUTCHINSON; Capt. Holland LECKY; John PARKS; James HAMILTON. OTHER PLACES: Back Lane, Coleraine; Besas aka Bellasses, Parish of Coleraine. September 13, 2013
1794 March 21 NAMES: Nathaniel JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens Co.; Rachel Maria JACKSON of Meath St., Dublin; Townley AHMUTY; William BRUNTON of Truck St (now Brabazon Ave); Leonard KITSON of Combe St.; Nathaniel JACKSON jr. October 7, 2017
1794 July 16 Lease. NAMES: Right Honourable Robert Lord Viscount Wicklow aka Robert HOWARD; Esther JACKSON née SHARP of Coolamanna aka Coolmana aka Nashe's Quarters; Joseph BARKER; Sarah BARKER née SHARP; Samuel ALCOCK; Elizabeth ALCOCK née SHARP; Samuel SHARP late of Knockballystine; Benjamin BURTON of Burton Hall; Robert SHARP of Garretstown; James McNAVIN; John WILSON; William SALE or SALL; John PIRIE; John CAHILL; Edward KANE. September 16, 2013
1794 September 26. NAMES: George BINNS of Dame St., ironmonger; James JACKSON of Essex St., China Merchant; Joshua CONNOLLY of Essex St., China Merchant; John CONNOLLY, Deceased; Thomas ADAMS of Dublin, Silversmith; Edward DRAKE; Mister FARRELL; Joseph DICKENSON; John GERAGHTLY and Thomas GERAGHTLY of Golden Lane, Dublin; James CROCKER; John MOORE. October 4, 2013
1794 September 27. NAMES: Francis HUNT, Dairyman of Phoenix St., Dublin; Donald STEWART of Aston's Quay; Henry JACKSON of Pill Lane; William MOLONY; John JACKSON; John MOORE. September 13, 2013
1795 Apr 10. NAMES: Andrew MOLLER, Merchant of Dublin; Henry JACKSON, merchant of Dublin; Robert SMYTHE, merchant of Dublin; Richard MOLLEEN (perhaps Richard MOLLER); Joseph HIGGINSON; Andrew FULLER; Robert GRAY; Henry VERNON; John MOORE, Deputy Registrar. PLACES: The lot measuring 84'X221'6" was bounded by Sir John Rogerson's Quay on the north, Kings Watch House on the east; Cody's lane on the south, and Bracken's Lane on the west. October 29, 2013
1796 Oct 3 Probate for Rev. Richard JACKSON (1709-1796), rector of Dunhead, St. Mary, Wiltshire but earlier of Cuddeson, Oxfordshire, England. He is included in the Gilbert JACKSON of Cuddeson family tree. February 27, 2020
1801 March Will fragment for Mary TIPPING. You can feel the anguish in this will as Mary prepares for her imminent death at the age of twenty-five.  As she says near the end: oh Almighty God. December 10, 2011
1802 May 20 NAMES: Francis HAMILTON; Samuel JACKSON of Mount Pleasant, Co. Down; Richard GRAHAM; Thomas Ladford STEWART; John HAMILTON; Charles O'DONNELL. PLACES: Moorpark. December 17, 2011
1805 June 3 NAMES: John TUCKER of Dublin; Elizabeth TUCKER als ALYBYRNE; William JACKSON; Henry BALL; Mary NEWLAND; George BLAKE of Drury Lane; James DILLON, Dr.; Robert BLAKE; John BALL; Robert BALL; John AYLBURNE of Stillorgan; John GRIFFIN. December 16, 2011
1816 February 26 NAMES: John JACKSON; John TATLOW of Grover, Co. Cavan; Elizabeth TATLOW; Anthony Tippington TATLOW probably of Bally [?]; Hugh JACKSON of Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan; John JACKSON of Crieve; Robert KERR; Hugh JACKSON; John JACKSON; Alexander JACKSON; James JACKSON; Rev. Robert SMYTHE aka SMITH of Dillan, Co. Down; Andrew OLIVER of Leuradown aka Corradown, Co. Monaghan; Capt William JOHNSTON; James DUFF; Thomas GOSLIN of Drumruin Lodge, Co. Cavan. OTHER PLACES: Carrickneneeagh. July 7, 2011
1817 November 12 NAMES: Samuel ALLEN of Liscommon, Co. Antrim; George QUINN of Larne; Elizabeth SINCLAIR als JACKSON née ALLEN; William JACKSON; Rev. Robert SINCLAIR; PLACES: Liscommon; Larne; Drumahoe; Kilwaghter aka Parish of Kilwaughter; Towns and Lands of Eagany [aka Eagry? - Parish of Billy] Castledeffrick (Spelling?) [aka Castlecat? Parish of Billy] Urbalreigh aka Urbal, Parish of Billy otherwise Orblereigh Comfriage South Bally divity Upper Levery Maghernenteny also Magherentendy aka Magherintendry, Parish of Billy.. NOTE: There is a Carnanreagh, Parish of Billy, Barony of Lower Dunluce and it seems that these townlands are clustered in the Parish of Billy. December 17, 2011
1818 September 18 NAMES: Nathaniel JONES of Lower Sackville, Dublin; Anne JACKSON of Cork St., Dublin; Samuel JACKSON sr.; Samuel JACKSON jr.; Joseph JACKSON; Benjamin Nun STEPHENS; Sarah STEPHENS; Francis ARMSTRONG. A marriage between Nathaniel JONES and Anne JACKSON. December 15, 2011
1827 November 1 NAMES: John JACKSON of Crieve; Alice aka Alicia DARLEY; John JACKSON of Cremorne; Robert MURDOCK of Eccles St., Dublin; Frederick DARLEY Esq. of William St., Dublin; Rev. John DARLEY; Richard ALLEN; Anne DARLEY; Frances DARLEY; Master HAUGHTON; Master SMITH; William DARLEY Esq. of York St., Dublin; Richard DARLEY of Kings Court, Co. Cavan; Henry LUDLOW; Thomas CHRISTIAN; Henry F. DARLEY; Oliver MOORE. July 7, 2011
1827 August 20 NAMES: Guy BLEAKLEY of Enniskillen; Thomas JACKSON of Lavally, Co. Sligo; Sarah JACKSON; Charles BLEAKLEY of Mullaghmeen; James JACKSON; Jason FRITH; WIlliam LITTLE; Rev. Henry LEARD; Rev. Isaac DODD; Thomas LYTLE of Gortlaunane; David BLEAKLEY. December 17, 2011
1828 January 15 NAMES: Hugh JACKSON of Creeve, Ballybay; John JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Carnaveagh. July 2, 2011
1839 March 14 William JACKSON of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare; Matthew JACKSON of Edenderry, Kings Co.; Margaret FAWCETT, Thomas FAWCETT. Indented deed of marriage settlement. February 22, 2012
1864 March 26 NAMES: Thomas BLIGH of Brittas, Co. Meath; John SHEILS; James WRIGHT; Thomas Cherburgh BLIGH; James DYAS; Arthur IRWIN; William SHEILS; Edward BLIGH; Sir Ralph HOWARD; Charles William HAMILTON; Gordon JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON sr. & jr.; Philip McCORMICK; John M'ENANY; Thomas Tughe MECREDY. OTHER PLACES: Lisnagrogh, part of Ballynatinuff, Barony of Lower Kells, Co. Meath. NOTE: This deed references several earlier agreements dating back to 1715. July 2, 2011
1859 August 13 NAMES: Frances JACKSON late of Graigue, Queens Co.; Mary JACKSON; Edward Leonard JARMESON; Michael NOLAN; Patrick POWER; Robert Clayton BROWNE; Thomas JAMESON; Adam JACKSON. October 28, 2011
1890 Christine JACKSON will. NAMES: Christine JACKSON; Gawn JACKSON; John JACKSON; William JACKSON sr; William JACKSON jr.Eliza McROBERTS née JACKSON; Mary JACKSON; Gawn JACKSON jr.; Annes JACKSON; Lizzie JACKSON; Jane CLELAND née JACKSON; Samuel WILSON; James MATIER ( aka MATEER?) PLACES: Clontaghnaglar, Barnamaghery , Killinchy in the Woods. December 24, 2017
1897 Apr 8. Will of Eleanor JACKSON (1811-1896) née ACHESON daughter of James ACHESON and wife of James JACKSON of Teretick, Co. Sligo. October 7, 2020



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