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Deeds, Indentures, Wills & Will Abstracts - Page One.

  • If I have transcribed the entire deed and/or if I have a photocopy of the original, there will be a * in front of the deed.
  • ALSO CHECK: second page of indexed deeds These are deeds that are not yet directly connected to the families who are part of the Silver Bowl story. They contain a lot of JACKSON related deeds.
  • I have a page including thousands of notes and links to other deeds,- these notes are not complete transcriptions.


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OLIVER signatures Scans of signatures relating to scanned deeds. These help to link various deeds together, especially as residences change over time. July 5, 2008
1626 April 20 Will of William JACKSON. This William JACKSON was the father of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) of Kirkby Lonsdale. Many of the 20+ children of Richard JACKSON settled in Ireland. NOTE: There are several pedigrees at the National Archives in Dublin which follow these JACKSON in Ireland, but there are flaws in many. SEE: JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland and Coleraine, Londonderry  
1679 Jan 15 Rev Richard Jackson Will NAMES: Rev. Richard JACKSON; Mary SLATER; William JACKSON, mercer; Thomas WILKINSON; William JACKSON of Coleraine; Susan BERESFORD;  Richard BAYLEY of the Biggens, Kirkby Lonsdale;  Leonard JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON; Vigessima JACKSON; & Ruth JACKSON; Richard JACKSON (grandson); Hellen JACKSON; Dorothy WALKER née JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS; Hannah BOND; Sir John OTWAY. OTHER PLACES: Whittington, Co. Lancashire, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland October 10, 2018
1688 Sept 22. Betham Funeral Entries. William JACKSON. Included in this document was also a rendering of the JACKSON-BERESFORD combined family crest. On the JACKSON side of the crest, were three birds, as one would expect in any crest that had to do with the JACKSONs of Coleraine. It connects the JACKSONs of Kirby Lonsdale, Londonderry, and Dublin. Samuel JACKSON had to be already in Dublin by 1688. April 17, 2014
1692 Lt. Ball Dividend What fascinates me about this document is that there are only five townlands for which amounts are included - and they are all townlands that have a connection to JACKSONs. I asume that Orhor is Urker; Liscalgahet is Liscalget aka Liscalgot; Glasdromon is Glassdrummond. We know that BALL had lands at Tullyvallen in trust for Daniel and Sarah JACKSON, minor aged children of John JACKSON October 30, 2011
1695 July 29 - Will of Jane JACKSON NAMES: Jane JACKSON née CARTER; Rev Leonard JACKSON; Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Abigail JACKSON (later Wife of William BUCKLEY and then of Sir Oliver CROFTON); Vigessima BOUCHE née JACKSON; Agnes HOLDEN; Rebecca MOON; John JOHNSON sr.; Henry JOHNSON; James BORDRIGGE; John JOHNSON. PLACES: Whittington. October 10, 2018
1705 December 4 - Will of Samuel JACKSON NAMES: Samuel JACKSON of Dublin; Leonard JACKSON; Nathaniel JACKSON; Rev. John JACKSON of Skipworth, Yorkshire; Rev. Leonard JACKSON of Tatham, Yorkshire; William JACKSON of Coleraine (wife: Susan BERESFORD and her second husband was John MITCHELBURN); Robert JACKSON of Mary Lane, Dublin; William Robert THORNTON; William EMPSON; W. MADDEN of Kilmon; James HAMILL; Mary GILES; Robert KING; Joseph BAYLEY; Nicholas EVERELL of Coleraine; Sir William HAMILTON; W. WITHERS; Capt. Adam DOWNING of Londonderry (husband of Margaret JACKSON). OTHER PLACES: Several properties in Co. Monaghan; Co. Cavan; Clifford, Yorkshire. December 7, 2009
April 10, 2010
1709 August 10 - lease to Mary JACKSON NAMES: Lord CONWAY - Francis Seymour CONWAY;Michael JACKSON; Mary JACKSON; Thomas WEALSHE aka WELSH; Brent SPENSER; Val JONES; Samuel CLARK; John BUNTIN; William RODMAN; Roger HADDOCK; Ralph SMYTH; John JACKSON; Michael JACKSON; Buntin JACKSON; Ralph JACKSON; Roger JACKSON; Ann JACKSON; Letitia JACKSON; Francis THURKILD; George GREGSTON aka GRESTON; Francis George THURKILD; Arthur DOBBS; James BENNING. PLACES: Lisburn; Dublin. March 30, 2009
1711 February 18 NAMES: James JACKSON tanner of Newtown, Co. Down; John JACKSON, brother of Ballyreagan; Katherine McKINNEY aka Catring McKINNEY; Catrine HUTCHON and Catrine BIRCHE; Rachel JACKSON; JohnTODE; Agnes PAGE; Sam McDOUELL; Hendrie JACKSON; James ROSSE; John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh; Thomas JACKSON of Ballyreagan; James JACKSON nephew of James JACKSON of Ballymasca; James NEIL; Gilbert JACKSON son of John JACKSON of Ballyskeagh; Martha WITHER; James SLOAN; Thomas JACKSON of Newtown Innkeeper. July 4, 2010
1713 December 13. NAMES: Henry ARKWRIGHT of Dublin & Coleraine; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin & Coleraine; John REILLY, Brewer of Proper Lane aka Phapper lane aka Fapper Lane, Oxmantown, Dublin; Terrance REILLY; Whitfeld BOYNE; Michael DOYLE; Thomas COOK; William PARRY. August 5, 2016

1718 June 11 * NAMES: George JOHNSTON of Ballynameta aka Wood Park;William OLIVER of Lislooney; William SCOTT; and Francis SCOTT of Killlalea, Parish of Tynan; John SCOTT of Armagh City; John HAMILTON; J.A. MANSON. OTHER PLACES: Enagh.
Given how early this Deed is, it may connect to the William OLIVER of Mullitur. The Deed is between George JOHNSTON of “Ballynameta” also known as Wood Park, situated in the Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh and William OLIVER of Lislooney (also in the Parish of Tynan). It is likely significant that a century later, a Benjamin OLIVER was a freeholder of Lislooney. Footnotes updated.

March 8, 2007
December 12, 2007
August 2, 2017
1723, January 21 - referring also to July 15, 1715 NAMES: James LECKY of Kilnock, Co. Carlow; Thomas JACKSON, merchant of Dublin; Walter BAGNELL of Parish of St. James, liberty of Westminster; Ralph CRUTCHLY; John WILLIAMS; Robert DENT; William PARRY. OTHER PLACES: Rathcrogue, Co. Carlow.
This Deed involves the transfer of land to a Thomas JACKSON, a merchant of the City of Dublin from a James LECKY. The land in question is in the townland of Rathcrogue, Co. Carlow. Although hunches may prove to be red herrings, this may still turn out to be one of the missing links to the JACKSONs who preceed our last known relative, George JACKSON (1718-1782).
February 13, 2006
1726 Nov 5th Will of Leonard JACKSON NAMES: Rev. Leonard JACKSON of Tatham, Lancashire; Richard JACKSON, son; BRIGGS – likely Rev. John BRIGGS & Mary BRIGGS née JACKSON; Vigessima BOUCH[E] née JACKSON; Elizabeth DAWSON née BOUCHE; Josias DAWSON; HUTTON; William HUTTON; Jane wife of Roland WALLIS; Widow SLATER of Whittington;  Widow LAURENCE; Bryan DOWNIE aka DOWNEY; Elizabeth JACKSON née WOODS; [cousin WADE, wife & daughter & son Benjamin WADE; nephew FOXCROFT; Richard JACKSON, Dublin & daughter (Susannah JACKSON?); cousin [Bolder?] JONES of Westhouse; James JACKSON; William BUCKLEY; Cousin ASH and her daughter BRIGGS; wife of cousin [WITHER?] of Evertown; Mr. SHARP (probably a minister); godson Leonard JACKSON; Robert MAYER Schoolmaster of Wray; Robert JACKSON nephew of Rev. Laurence JACKSON; Thomas CHARNLEY; Isaac ATKINSON. October 11, 2018
1726 Dec 30-31 NAMES: Thomas JACKSON of Creekstown & Dublin; John BALL of Loughross & Three Castles Co. Kilkenny; William CHURCH of Coleraine; John DOWNING of Dublin; Henry ARKWRIGHT of Dublin. August 18, 2016
1730 February 23/24 NAMES: John BALL of Three Castles aka Bannough, Kilkenny; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin; Dorothy BALL née JACKSON; John HAMILTON; John DOWNING; William PARRY. July 3, 2011
1734 March 11 NAMES: Rt. Hon John Lord BELLEW; Rev Patrick SYMPSON aka SIMPSON aka SIMSON of Philipstown; James COULTER; Charles COULTER; Nathanial COULTER of Cavananore; Samuel COULTER of Cavananore; Grizel SYMPSON aka SIMSON aka SIMPSON; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN of Drogheda; William CONWAY of Ballenfull aka Ballinfuil. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvackey. Updated SIMPSON-MCNEIL links. August 30, 2009
September 1, 2009
March 19, 2010
1735 August 5 NAMES: Rt. Hon Lord John BELLEW; James DICKIE of Clonaleenan; David BAILIE; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN of Drogheda; William PARRY. January 31, 2010
1735 August 5 NAMES: Rt. Hon. John Lord BELLEW; Samuel COULTER of Cavananore; John COULTER; Nathanial COULTER; Andrew COULTER; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN; William PARRY. January 31, 2010
1735 August 20 NAMES: William Morris JONES of Monyglass, Co. Antrim; Andrew & Abraham McCLELLAND of Ballynany; Mary TODD nèe McCLELLAND; Charles CHARLETON; Thomas TIVEY of Loughbrickland; Nicholas WHITE of Dropgheda; William TIVEY of Loughbrickland; John TREVOR of Loughbrickland. October 30, 2008
1735 August 27 NAMES: Rt. Hon. John Lord BELLEW; Charles COULTER of Carrickastuck; William COULTER of Carrickastuck; John COULTER; James COULTER; George PIPPARD of Drogheda; Cornelius M'LAUGHLIN of Drogheda; Matthew PAGEITT; Benjamin JOHNSTON. Updated from a notes version to a full transcription. August 30, 2009
September 1, 2009
January 31, 2010
1737 January 5 NAMES: Rev. Patrick SIMSON aka SIMPSON; Alexander DONALDSON; Grizel SIMSON aka SIMPSON; James COULTER; Charles COULTER; Malcomm HALL; Andrew DONALDSON; Robert MURPHY; Mr. BURNS; T.W. BELL. PLACES: Philipston, Co. Louth; Carrickastuck, Co. Louth. Updated Footnotes on SIMPSONs June 18, 2009
March 19, 2010
1737 Will of Isabella JACKSON - widow of Beresford JACKSON. NAMES: William GAGE (one of them from Coleraine, and one of Tyrone), George CROOKSHANK, merchant of City of Londonderry, Elizabeth CROOKSHANK, Alderman Arthur CHURCH (d. bef 1737), Deborah HENDERSON, Thomas HENDERSON, Female BENNETT, Isabella MOORHEAD, Jane MOORHEAD, Esther MOORHEAD, Margaret MOORHEAD alia CALDWELL, Robert CALDWELL, Esther MOORE, Thomas LEE, Mary STRAWBRIDGE, Alexander PATRICK, Nancy WEST, Anne WEST, Esther WEST, Thomas WEST, Mary DENT, William DENT, Mary BARON [more likely BACON aka BACAN], William LEE, Ralph LEA, Susannah GRAHAM, John RAINES, Ralph BOOTH. PLACES: City of Londonderry, Waterside, Aghadowey, Magilligan, January 30, 2019
1738 February 6 NAMES: Nicholas JOHNSTON of Woodpark; Arthur OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg; Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney; Andrew OLIVER; Elizabeth Maria OLIVER; James OLIVER; Alexander McILROY. January 13, 2012
August 2, 2017
1738 May 4 NAMES: George BARKLY aka BARTLEY of Lossit; James WILLSON of Ballybay; Agnes WILLSON aka Nancy WILLSON of Lossit and Dunremon akak Dunrimond aka Dunraymond; Timothy SLOAN of Creevagh; John HARRIS of Caddagh; Murray KATHRENS. July 15, 2009
1740 November 19 NAMES: Randal DONNALDSON AKA DONALDSON of Castle Dillon AKA Castledillon; ALEXANDER DONNALDSON; Samuel DONNALDSON; Joseph DONNALDSON;John DONNALDSON of Castledillon; Hugh McMASTER of Foxfield; Edward TRESHAM; Thomas VERNER. OTHER PLACES: Phillipstown. June 11, 2008
1742 June 2 NAMES: John LITTLE Sr. of Tyhallen; John LITTLE Jr. of Portarlington; Hugh COULTER of Aghnasedagh; James SMITH of Killyneal; John KEAN of Singleton Grove; Peter GOULLIN of Portarlington; James RICHARDSON of Culmain aka Coolmain, Parish of Monaghan; William JOHNSTON, JP; Richard GRAHAM; James HASTINGS. June 30, 2009
July 2, 2009
1743 July 25 NAMES: Richard GORGES; Elizabeth FIELDING; Hamilton GORGES; Right Honorable William Lord Baron of Howth aka William St. LAWRENCE; Thomas JACKSON; Gorges Edward HOWARD; John SMITH; George LOWTHER of Kilbrew, Co. Meath. I have not followed up on the huge number of townland names included. July 3, 2011
1743 December 21 PRINGLE-ENERY I have posted this Deed because of the mention of Killynure (also "Doogry", Enagh, Lisbanoe, Kennedies, Aghavilly, Lislea & Magheraville) and the later leases between OLIVER & PRINGLE. OTHER NAMES: Rev. Robert PRINGLE of Maddincourt, Co. Armagh; Thomas ENERY of City of Dublin, Esq.; Lt. Henry PRINGLE, Esq.; Frances ENERY; Rev. Dr. William ENERY of Killishandra, Co. Cavan. October 25, 2006
Update Aug 23, 2007
family info added.
1744 February 18 NAMES: Samuel McCULLAGH; Thomas TIPPING; James McCULLAGH; Henry FORTESCUE; William FORTESCUE; James FORTESCUE. PLACES: Piedmont, Co. Antrim; Castletown, Co. Louth; Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh; Reynoldstown, Co. Louth. Footnotes updated. June 28, 2009
March 19, 2010
1747 November 14 NAMES: Gervais WALKER of Kilmacrew, Co. Armagh; William McCULLAGH of Ballynahonemore, Co. Armagh; James NEILSON; John WAGH; George WALKER of Newry, Co. Down; James DUNLAP of Drumhirk, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh; Adam DUNLAP; Hugh CUMING of Kerneyhill, Co. Armagh; Alexander McCULLAGH of Ballynahonemore. OTHER NAMES: HUTCHINSON, JACKSON, GLENNY, HENDERSON. January 3, 2008
1748 February 14 NAMES: Charles COULTER of Carrickastuck; Mary COULTER otherwise McEVERS; Thomas McEVERS of Dublin; Nicodemus McEVERS of Dublin; Elizabeth KYLE of Dublin; Townet SMITH; William HERON of Dublin; William THOMAS of Dublin. August 30, 2009
1748 February 20. This deed links Andrew TODD with several JACKSONs and Hugh REA. A couple more deeds in this vicinity and timeframe would be helpful. Until then, this is the best that I can do. See also The Jacksons of County Down, as well as 1711 February 18. August 5, 2014
1749 Feb 24 NAMES: Anne ROBINSON nee JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Rev. Daniel JACKSON; James GRATTAN; Jane JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Francis EVANS; Catherine GUNNING; Robert ROBINSON; Peter SHEE. PLACES: Drumloren; Markethill. NOTE: There is more work to do on this part of the family tree. I suspect there are a few lurking errors.  
1749 November 3 NAMES: Robert WADDELL of Lisnaveane; Christian McMURRAY of Drumgavney; James McMURRAY; Arnold MATTHEW of Gribbey; David GILESPY of Drummuck; Jeremiah McMURRAY of Dromore; James SAUNDERS. July 8, 2009
1750 Sept 8 SEAVER-VERNER See also: OLIVER-JACKSON-SEAVER. Names included in order of mention: Charles SEAVER of Ballinahonebeg, Sarah SEAVER, David VERNER of Gillis, Co. Armagh, Unnamed HUTCHESON, John VERNER of Termagranen, Richard SEAVER of Bellaghy, Thomas CARR of Armagh. Footnote updated. July 25, 2007
July 11, 2009
December 17, 2009

1750 October 22 NAMES: James NORRIS of Torrehage [AKA Tannagh], Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Charles NORRIS of Larakeen AKA Lairakeen, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone; Andrew OLIVER of the Parish of Tynan (possibly Lislooney); Sarah OLIVER, daughter of Andrew OLIVER; Margaret HAMILTON, Countess of Orrey; Ben OLIVER of Farmacartley AKA Farmacaffley; John CALDWELL of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Robert BRENAN of Glaslough, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: This was previously dated 1754 Feb 9th - likely the date it was registered, not made

June 18, 2008
August 2, 2017
1751 Will of George Bartley Abstract of probate from 1752. Very brief! December 11, 2004
1753 January 7 NAMES: John JOHNSTON of Roxborrow; John JOHNSTON of Urker & Ballynaclera; Ann NOBLE nee JOHNSTON; Catherine DARBY; Richard JOHNSTON; William JOHNSTON; Rev. Hugh HILL; Thomas JOHNSTON; Adam NOBLE; Thomas SHEKLETON; Graham JOHNSTON; Charity SHEKELTON nee JOHNSTON; Brabazon NOBLE; Francis NOBLE; Thomas NOBLE. OTHER PLACES: Cavanahanlon; Creggan. NOTE: This will was probated 1759 November 27. October 5, 2009
October 6, 2009
1753 May 21 Will of Charlotte PRINGLE nee OLIVER * I do not know who these people are, but there are many deed connections between the OLIVER and PRINGLE families in Co. Tyrone & Armagh (and in particular with John PRINGLE). The PRINGLE family were known to be English. Of particular note is the mention of the parents of Charlotte Pringle née OLIVER, Dr. William & Elizabeth OLIVER, as well as her sisters, Susan and Caroline (both unmarried at the time of the will) and Elizabeth who had married ACLAND, Harriet who had married SPRAGUE, a brother William OLIVER. Other names: Ralph ALLEN, David BARTLEY, Randolf MARRIOTT or HARRIOT, Thomas CLARK, Mrs. GRAVES, Mrs. ADKINS, Mr. and Mrs. CHOYNES, Lady WALLACE[?], James SPARROW, Henry WRIGHT and Edward HOUSE. Dr. William OLIVER, executor was living at the time of the will. March 19, 2007
August 2, 2016
1853 April 16. NAMES: William BROOKE, Esq.; Mary CAMPBELL of Portinaughy; Robert KILLEN; George Killen CAMPBELL of Portnaghy, Co. Monaghan; Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney; James OLIVER (son of Benjamin); Letitia OLIVER (née SIMPSON - wife of James); Leonard DOBBIN; Arthur OLIVER; Henry IRWIN son of William IRWIN; John BURNS; Henry Leslie PRENTICE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; William BARNES.

February 6, 2008

August 5, 2017

1753 May 29 NAMES: Rev Patrick SIMSON aka SIMPSON aka SYMPSON of Mount Pleasant, Co. Louth; John COULTER & Andrew COULTER of Cavananore; John COULTER; Grizel SIMSON; Joseph COULTER; John McNEAL of Foughart; Henry MacNeil KENNEDY; George KENNEDY; Samuel BRADFORD; John BRADFORD of Cavananore; William GREEN; P. Simson KENNEDY. OTHER PLACES: Dungooley. Updated footnotes. August 30, 2009
March 19, 2010
May 16, 2011
1754 February 4 NAMES: Robert WADDELL of Lisnaveane; James McMURRAY of Drumgavney; Alexander WADDELL of Island Derry, Co. Down; Robert MAXWELL, son of Capt MAXWELL of College Hill, Co. Armagh; John ECHLIN son of Rev. Robert ECHLIN; William DUNLAP of Ballybay; Mary WADDELL nee STUART; David GILLESPY of Drummuck; Thomas NOBLE of Donamoyne; Richard EXHAM & Alexander MONTGOMERY. July 8, 2009
1754 February 9 SEE: 1750 October 22 - filed here in error - likely the date it was registered, not made. December 13, 2007
1754 July 6 These are notes of the earliest indenture that I have connected to the lands of Carnbeg, Co. Louth and the COULTER family. NAMES: James HAMILTON, Viscount of Limerick; Samuel COULTER, William McCULLOUGH; Thomas READ; Isaac READ; Joseph BOARDMAN; Richard VINCENT; David JOHNSTON. In the footnotes are the names of Anne DICKIE, Jane DAVIDSON and Thomas COULTER. August 22, 2008
1755 November 18 NAMES: Randal DONNALDSON AKA DONALDSON of Castle Dillon; William DONALDSON of Cloghoge; Samual DONALDSON; Alexander DONNALDSON; John BABE of Johnstonsbridge; Mathew MURPHY of Dublin. OTHER PLACES: QUINNs Corner. June 11, 2008
1757 April 5 NAMES: William JACKSON of Balyolane aka Ballyvaloon, Co. Cork; George HODDER; Thomas BARTER [pos. Thomas BARKER] of Anagh, Co. Cork; Rt. Hon Edward SOUTHWELL; John NASH, Esq. of Brinny; Elizabeth FRANKLYN; John VAUGHAN; William SNOWE; Gregory PHILPOTT; Samuel JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Currane Treilshane in “Kinnelea” Barony aka Barony Kinalea Co. Cork. March 16, 2017
1759 March 15 NAMES: Silver OLIVER Clondofoy, Co. Limerick Esq.; Michael McKIERNAN of Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim Merchant. TOWNLANDS: Lower Aghavillin. December 30, 2007
1759 July 26 This is the 2nd deed on this page. NAMES: Anne ROBINSON nee JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Rev. Daniel JACKSON; James GRATTAN; Jane JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Francis EVANS; Catherine GUNNING; Robert ROBINSON; Peter SHEE. PLACES: Drumloren; Markethill. NOTE: There is more work to do on this part of the family tree. I suspect there are a few lurking errors. October 10, 2015
1761 Oct 2. NAMES: William BAILLIE of Dromore, Co. Monaghan; William WALLACE of Newry; Elinor WALLACE née BAILLIE; Elizabeth BAILLIE, wife of William BAILLIE; Ezekial BULLOCK of Dublin; Matthew MURPHEY of Dundalk. OTHER PLACES: Lurganmore & Tullyarnot aka Tullanacrunat, both of Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan. February 16, 2016
1761 December 1 NAMES: Alexander DONALDSON of Cloghog; Samuel DONALDSON; Mary MOFFET AKA MAFFETT;Samuel & Thomasd MOFFET; John DONALDSON; Rev. Alexander McCOMBE; John COULTER; Robert MURPHY. OTHER PLACES: Freeduff, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh; Dowdallshill, Parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth. June 16, 2008
1764 August 25 * NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Monaghan; George THOMPSON; Rev. Robert SMYTHE AKA SMITH of Dillin, Parish of Ballee, Co. Down; Alexander SMITH (brother); John SMITH (brother); John WILSON of Oreas, Glasslough, Parish of Donagh; Francis CARLIFFE of Tournamale [?] [possibly Rev. Francis CARLIFFE of Tirnaneil, Parish of Donagh] John ROGERS of Cornamucklagh; John FIDDES. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Corrinshigo, Parish of Currin, Co. Monaghan; Carricknaveagh (possibly Carnaveagh or Carrickaveilty), Parish of Aghnamullen. Updated. December 16, 2007
June 17, 2008
August 4, 2017
1764 May 30 NAMES: Jane INNES, née Mary Jane JACKSON; Colonel James INNES; Robert ACKLAND; Dudley ACKLAND; Mrs. DELAMAIN; Mrs. JAMES; Mrs. DEACON; Mrs. M'LOUGHLIN; Araminta CAULFIELD née JACKSON; Susanna HAMILTON née JACKSON; Dorothy SHINTON, née BALL; John BALL; Richard JACKSON; Mary HERON; John STEWART; Suzy TAYLOR; Nicola THOMPSON; J. McALESTER; William KENTON. PLACES: Jackson's Hall, Coleraine; Killowen Church. June 14, 2014
1765 June 1 * NAMES: Galbraith LOWRY-CORRY of Ahennis; David OLIVER of Ballyray AKA Ballyrea; Edmond McMAHON; James NORRIS; William & Joseph OLIVER (twin sons of David); William COLE; Robert COOPER of Killkarn AKA Killcarn, Parish of Loughgilly, Co. Armagh; Thomas IRWIN of Killynal AKA Killnaul, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone. OTHER PLACES: Laragh; Cornacarrow, Parish of Aughnamullen, Co. Armagh. Updated from full deed. November 10, 2007
June 19, 2008
November 24, 2016
1765 June 15 Will of Richard JACKSON NAMES: James JACKSON; Richard JACKSON; Elizabeth HARRISON; George HARRSION; Jackson HARRISON; Margaret HARRISON; Elinor HARRISON; Mary HARRISON sr. & jr.; Thomas JACKSON; Thomas PEAT; Richard GITSOLL aka GAITSKILL; John POSTLEWAITE; WIlliam BAXTER. PLACES: Kirby Kendal; Finkle Street aka ffinkle; Gill in Bradley Field; Brigsteer. September 2, 2010
1765 October 30 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Corragh Down, Parish of Donagh, Monaghan; Elizabeth OLIVER (wife); William PRINGLE of Caledon, Tyrone; Thomas GREISSON; William DONNOLLY of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Bryan Mc[?]ANNA of Caledon. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Mullin, Parish of Tynan, Armagh. December 16, 2007
August 4, 2017
1766 January 10 John OLIVER & Joseph JOHNSTON * This concerns lands at Tullymore, Co. Armagh. Of interest is that John OLIVER is a linen draper. December 8, 2007 Footnoted and added scan of signature. October 25, 2006
August 4, 2017
1766 January 14 * NAMES: David Oliver of Ballyrea, Thomas McCLELLAN of Marlecow, Parish of Mullaghbrach, Co. Armagh, Owen McMAHON of Livingstones March, William OLIVER & Joseph OLIVER (twin sons of David), Galbraith LOWRY CORRY, Michael DUFFY, Robert HAMILTON of Dublin, Patrick MULLIGAN. TOWNLANDS: Marlecow (probably Marlacoo Beg, Parish of Mullabrack, Co. Armagh), Cornacarrow, Parish of Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan. Updated November 10, 2007
June 18, 2008
1766 July 10 NAMES: William McCULLAGH of Tullygalone; Alexander McCULLAGH of Tullyallen; John McCULLAGH; Patrick GIBSON of Crunagh; Robert McCALL; Joseph McGOWN of Keadybeg; Robert McCALLA; John SCOTT; William MOLINEUX; Thomas McCANN. July 4, 2009
1768 Agreements between Andrew Coulter & John Coulter NAMES: John COULTER of Cavananore; Andrew COULTER; Edward TIPPING; Nathanial COULTER; Thomas BRADFORD; Rev. Patrick SIMPSON aka SYMPSON aka SIMSON; Richard JONES of Dollardson, Co. Meath. PLACES: Maghban aka Moybane; Dungooley; Annaghvackey. Substantially updated footnotes. November 30, 2003
May 16, 2011
1768 September 2 NAMES: James GLOVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Samuel WATT; Andrew OLIVER; Andrew PRENTICE; Thomas JOHNSTON; Thomas McCANN; Henry CUST. PLACES: Tyrearly aka Tirearly, Parish of Lisnadill; Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Armagh both in Co. Armagh
June 29, 2009
August 5, 2017
1769 April 20 * NAMES: John MAXWELL of Fellows Hall, David OLIVER of Ballyrea, twin sons of David OLIVER ("David" & William - I suspect it should be "Joseph" & William), Galbraith LOWRY COREY, John KILLPATRICK of Killylea, George STUART of Drumilly, John SCOTT, TOWNLANDS: Fellows Hall, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh; Laragh & Cornacarow, Parish of Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan; Ahennis, Co. Fermanagh; Killylea, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. NOTE: Extra Maxwell info included in a table. March 9, 2007
1770 February It is likely that the William OLIVER who was a solicitor in Dublin is the brother of Isabella OLIVER who married Andrew DILLWORTH and that Andrew DILLWORTH is possibly a brother of Sarah DILLWORTH - both of them children of James DILLWORTH of Mullaghrivey, Co. Tyrone [probably: Mullaghcreevy, Parish of Donaghmore]. (see: HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888:His Descendants by Henry Oliver Rea). This marriage settlement is between John MOORHEAD of Smithborough, Co. Monaghan & Sarah DILWORTH. OTHER NAMES: Owen WOODS; Patrick WOODS. October 29, 2006
1770 April 19 Indenture agreement concerning the lower part of Liscalgot NAMES: John JOHNSTON of Urker; George JACKSON and DAvid JACKSON of Liscalgot; PatrickKEENAN and Owen KEENAN; M. JOHNSTON; John JOHNSTON son of John JOHNSTON; James DOYLE; John CRILLY; Richard JOHNSTON. OTHER PLACES: Claranagh; Drummuck; Charter Lands; Mill at Coolderry NOTE: It is helpful to look at the Map of Liscalgot in order to get oriented. This agreement is between John JOHNSTON & George & David JACKSON. Footnotes updated. June 29, 2006
October 2, 2009
1770 April 26 *In this Deed, David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh has "set" to Joseph OLIVER of Balinahonbeg 100 acres on the west side of the townland of Laragh, Co. Monaghan as well as some water rights for ₤63 rent/year for 26 years. Witness: Arthur OLIVER & Andrew PRENTICE. October 26, 2006
June 17, 2008
November 24, 2016
1770 July 30 In this deed David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh sold his lease rights for Lands of Laragh & Carnacaraff. - both in Co. Monaghan - as well as the Mill at Creevey (also Monaghan) with 8 acres of land and lands in Ballymogonan in Co. "Dorone" to Arthur OLIVER of Balinahone Beg, Co. Armagh for ₤346.3.8. One of the witnesses was Joseph OLIVER of Balinahonbeg, Co. Armagh. OTHER NAMES: Lowry CORRY Esq., John MAXWELL Esq., Andrew PRENTICE (Dublin) Gent. October 26, 2006
November 24, 2016
1770 October 31 NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Galbraith LOWRY CORRY, Hon George Lord SHIRLEY, John MAXWELL, Andrew PRENTICE of Dublin, Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea; Ballinahonebeg; Laragh & Caranacaraff AKA Cornacarrow Parish of Augnamullen, Co. Monaghan. November 10, 2007
1770 November 1 NAMES: Bryan BURNS of Laragh, David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg. TOWNLANDS: Lough Eglish Mill, Co. & Cornacariffe AKA Cornacarrow, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. November 10, 2007
November 24, 2016
1770 Dec. 1. ROD: 279-552-184235 Tuckey - Jackson. This memorial of a deed sheds light on William JACKSON of Mill Street, one of the descendants of Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff April 5, 2019
1771 September 17 NAMES: mentioned in order of appearance: John KANE, William OLIVER, George COCHRAN, William COCHRAN, Joseph OLIVER, John MOSSON, George McCULLAGH, William SCOTT. TOWNLANDS: Tyrearly, Parish of Lisnadill; Mullinture, Parish of Eglish. See also Olivers of Mullinture. July 25, 2007
November 11, 2007
1772 May 11 For more context see also: OLIVER-JACKSON-SEAVER Names included in order of mention: Matthew or Michael SEAVER of Bellaghy, Robert JACKSON of CIty of Armagh, Charles SEAVER deceased, David VERNER deceased, Samuel JOHNSTON, Richard SEAVER, James DOBBIN of Town of Armagh, Leonard SIMPSON of Town of Armagh. Footnote updated. July 26, 2007
July 11, 2009
1774 May 12 This is the earliest lease I can find for Andrew OLIVER of Thomas Street, Armagh. It is renewed.SEE:1793 Dec 24 October 25, 2006
1774 October 31 In this memorial David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh leases to Robert JACKSON of Armagh City, Co. Armagh the part of Creevy, Co. Monaghan where the Corn Mill is situated along with the rights to all tolls for a sum of ₤350. WITNESSES: Thomas JOHNSTON of Armagh & James NEILSON of Ballyrea.
NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Robert JACKSON of City of Armagh, Thomas JOHNSTON of Armagh, James NEILSON of Ballyrea. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, Creevy (Oliver), Parish of Donaghmoyne, Co. Armagh.
October 26, 2006
January14, 2012
1775 December 13 David McTEAR guarantees sufficient water for Mill & Bleach Green to Joseph, William & Benjamin OLIVER. This is the document that came up in the trials of 1843 & 1845. The complete document would be useful. Map & footnotes added. October 28, 2006
November 10, 2007
1775 & 1776 "Recits of Legacies" This shows the family connections to BRADFORD, COULTER, LEADLEY & TIPPING as well as the presence of the family at Cavananore, Co. Louth in 1775. June 6, 2005
March 19 2010
April 17, 2010
1775 January 25 NAMES: High Sherriff of Monaghan - Francis LUCAS; Andrew OLIVER; David OLIVER of Ballyrea; Ho. George SHIRLEY; Archibald DOBBIN; John RODEN [?] of Glasslough; Thomas VERNER; John CUMING; Robert JOHNSTON; Thomas TENESON (or is it TERESON?). July 1, 2008
1775 December 27 - Will of Andrew Coulter NAMES: Andrew COULTER of Cavananore, Co. Louth; Rev. Robert DURMOND [AKA DRUMMOND] of Ballymascanlon;Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Samuel BRADFORD & Thomas BRADFORD of Cavananore & Carnbeg; Andrew JELLY; John JELLY of Maddock; Anne COULTER; John LEDLIE; Adam LEDLIE of Mullaghglass; Elizabeth LEDLIE née COULTER; Mary TIPPING nèe COULTER; Susanna MURROW, née COULTER; Margaret JACKSON nèe BRADFORD (1739-1820); Barbara BRADFORD nèe COULTER; Nathanial COULTER; Robert BAILLEY of Shortstone; Robert DICKIE of Clunaleenon; OTHER PLACES: Kane Graveyard; Dungooley, Co. Louth; Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh; Moybane, Co. Armagh; Thielle or Thistle. Updated November 12, 2003
October 1, 2008
1776 July 20 Will of Richard JACKSON NAMES: Richard JACKSON of Forkhill; Nichola Ann Cecil HAMILTON - probably of Castle Hamilton and Forkhill; Susannah BARTON née JACKSON; Julia Eliza OGLE née BARTON; Rev. Thomas WOOLSEY; Rev. Francis HAMILTON; Jackson WRAY jun; Thomas REED of Dundalk; Daniel M'DOUGALL; Richard GRACEY; Thomas GRACEY; Ana BOYD of Wexford. OTHER PLACES: Holdings in Cavan & Monaghan. December 18, 2009
1776 December 4 NAMES: John COULTER of Carrickastuck; William POLLOCK of Carrickastuck; Charles COULTER; William COULTER; John COULTER; Lord John BELLEW; James COULTER; Robert BRANNAN jr. of Longfield, Monaghan; Catherine COULTER; Michael MOLONY. August 30, 2009
1777 September 8 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER & wife Elinor OLIVER of Newtownhamilton; Thomas VERNER of Churchill, Co. Armagh; Edmond MADDEN of Lismaclin, Co. Tyrone; John BRYAN of Dublin; John RICHARDSON of Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone. November 14, 2007
1778 November 20 NAMES: David OLIVER & Susannah OLIVER née WALKER of Ballyrea, Thomas WALKER of Ballydonagh, Co. Antrim, Leonard WALKER, Francis WHILLA aka WHITLA, Elinor WHILLA aka WHITLA, George WHILLA aka WHITLA, Francis STEEL, William STEEL, Isabella Leonard WALKER, Edward IRWIN of Dublin, John SHEPHERD of Dublin, Thomas LLOYD of Dublin. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea, Co. Armagh; Ballydonaghy, Parish of Camlin, Co. Antrim Updated. November 10, 2007
November 23, 2009
1779 February 16 NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown, Co. Louth; Thomas BRADFORD & Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel COULTER & John COULTER; James BREAKEY; Isaiah BREAKEY jr & sr. of Milford, Co. Monaghan; James DICKIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Martha COULTER née COWEN; Right Honourable Elizabeth Dowager Boyne; Anthony FOSTER; William KELLY. November 1, 2009
May 6, 2010
1779 April 28 NAMES: Richard JACKSON of Coleraine; George HART aka HARTE of Dublin; David LaTOUCHE jr. of Dublin; Henry HART aka HARTE; William JACKSON; Frances EYRE of Eyrecourt, Co. Galway; Elizabeth MOORE; John McALLISTER; William GREER; Thomas HAND; John LITTLE; Thomas STEPHENSON; William KELLY. OTHER PLACES: Ballymadegan; Drumnaquilt [Parish of Killowen, Barony of Coleraine]; Donballycarne; Ringrassbegg Ringrassmore [Parish of Macosquin, Barony Coleraine]; Ardaclaire Upper and lower Altabrean, County Londonderry. July 1, 2011
1779 October 8 NAMES: Francis McCLELLAND of Town of Monaghan; Archibald McCLELLAND of Annamacneil; Hugh BARTLEY of Losset; Esther BARTLEY, wife of Hugh; James JOHNSTON of City of Dublin; Joseph McCLELLAND of Corlay; James LUKEY of Town of Monaghan; John HUMPHRIES. July 15, 2009
1781 June 23 This is a marriage document for Isabella OLIVER of Cookstown and Andrew DILWORTH of Mullagharey & Derryloran - all of Co. Tyrone According to HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888:His Descendants by Henry Oliver Rea, Isabella OLIVER was the youngest daughter of Stephen OLIVER of either Tattykeel or Corchoney and Anne BEATTY (daughter of Capt. BEATTY of Moneymore). October 25, 2006
1781 November 7 Robert MAXWELL Esq. of Fellows Hall, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh leased to William OLIVER of Ennislare, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh 53 acres in the Townland of Brootely, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh for 19 years at a yearly rent of ₤30.9.6 annually WITNESSED: Maxwell CLOSE Esq. of Elmpark, Co. Armagh, & Samuel CUMING Gent. of Keady, Co. Armagh & John MOSSON Gent. of Co. Armagh. OTHER NAME: Elizabeth CLOGHER. Footnotes added. SEE also: 1793 June 20 DEED: 474-175-299375 October 27, 2006
October 10, 2007
December 7, 2007
1782 Jan 22. ROD: 344-144-230471 JACKSON – HOYLE. This memorial of a deed sheds light on Anne JACKSON, widow of William JACKSON of Mill Street, one of the descendants of Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff April 5, 2019
1782 June 10 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton; William OLIVER of Tullysarren, Co. Armagh; Rev. & Dr. Hugh HAMILTON, Dean of Armagh. November 14, 2007
1782 Sept 7 Names in order of appearance: Robert JACKSON of Town of Armagh, Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Sarah SEAVER of Ballinahonebeg, Charles SEAVER deceased, late of Ballinahonebeg, Thomas VERNER, Henry HALL of Aughereny, Co. Tyrone, Elinor HALL, Edward TIPPING, Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney, Co. Armagh, John BURGES. Footnote updated. See also: OLIVER-JACKSON-SEAVER July 26, 2007
August 5, 2017

1782 October 26 NAMES: Samuel SMYTH of town of Monaghan; Joseph BARTLEY of town of Monaghan, reedmaker; James HUNT; John ELLIOTT; George KIERAN; Richard CROSS; William NOBLE; John WARREN. OTHER PLACES: Clonniss Street, Monaghan; Mullaghmonaghan; Mullaghadun. July 15, 2009
1782 July 30 Will of George JACKSON of Urcher & Liscalgot This is the will of my 5th Great-grandfather, George JACKSON of Liscalgot & Urcher. I have a scan of the original from a family collection, and it is used with permission. The will is brief - all on one page. NAMES: George JACKSON, Elizabeth SHEA; Anne JACKSON; Sarah JACKSON; Margaret JACKSON; Alice JACKSON; Mary GILMORE; Jane GROSZETT; David JACKSON; Richard JOHNSTON; John JACKSON; Margaret O'LAUGHLIN; Thomas BALL; John KERFOOT. June 26 2006
1782 October 7 NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Alexander McCOMBE; Rev. Alexander McCOMBE; Elizabeth Lady Viscountess Dowager BOYNE; John WARBURTON of Dublin; John KENNEDY; John MURPHY; William KELLY. June 26, 2011
1784 Feb 10 Names in order of appearance are: Sarah SEAVER, Arthur OLIVER, James BRADFORD, James SWANZY, Richard SEAVER, Charles SEAVER, Wm GEOGH, Robert JACKSON. Footnote updated. See also: OLIVER-SEAVER-JACKSON
July 26, 2007
July 11, 2009
1784 June 7 NAMES: John BARTLEY of Coothill; George BARTLEY, Dr. of Monaghan; Agnes BARTLEY of Magherra, Co. Derry; Letitia BARTLEY; Blayney Owen MITCHELL; Henry MITCHELL; OTHER PLACES: Dunrimond aka Dunraymond; Lossett. July 15, 2009
1784 November 23 NAMES: Joseph OLIVER, of Kennedies, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh, Gent; William BRYAN of City of Dublin, Esq.; Arthur DENNIS; Henry RICHARDSON, City of Dublin, Gent; Patrick REILLY, City of Dublin. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill. NOTE: The mystery here is how the OLIVERs had all these leases in this area and yet seemingly had no part in the success of the mills at Milford in the early 1800s. December 15, 2007
1785 - Will of John Bradford NAMES: John BRADFORD of Cavananore; Barbara BRADFORD née COULTER; Margaret JACKSON née BRADFORD; Elizabeth BRADFORD née BREAKEY; John JACKSON; David JACKSON. Footnotes updated. November 12, 2003
November 1, 2009
1785 July 29 NAMES: Rev. Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh; Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore, Parish of Armagh; James OLIVER of Augsebragh, Co. Armagh; William OLIVER of Mullinture; William OLIVER, bachelor deceased;John MOSSEN, Co. Armagh; Henry HUTCHINSON, Innkeeper, Armagh. OTHER PLACES: Tullysarren, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh.Updated June 9, 2008
1785 October 26 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton (related to Mullinture OLIVERs) Elinor OLIVER (wife); Andrew McMATH of Aughadreena, Parish of Donaghmoyne, Monaghan; Francis McCAMMON; John MURPHY; John STEEL, City of Dublin, attorney; James NIBLOCK of Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Innkeeper. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Tullyvallen, Parish of Newtownhamilton, Armagh. Updated. December 16, 2007
August 5, 2009
1785 November 11 Deed relating to William Breakey This could relate to the William BREAKEY who married Mary Scott and lived at Drumskelt House built in 1717, or it could relate to a son. I am still having trouble finding which of the many William BREAKEYs was the first husband of Elizabeth BIRCH and had a daughter, Elizabeth BREAKEY, our ancestor. For more information on the BREAKEY name SEE: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~breakey/ May 31, 2005
1786 January 6 NAMES: Alexander WADDELL of Lisnaveane; Mary Ann FOSTER aka McCLENNAN aka ARMSTRONG; Dr. George BARTLEY; John McCLEARY of Monaghan; Thomas WRIGHT; Joseph SMITH; John MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Balindaragh & Brackley, Co. Armagh. July 8, 2009
July 14, 2009
1787 & 1791 Rents paid by Andrew & John COULTER & Samuel BRADFORD NAMES: John COULTER; Andrew COULTER; Francis HALL, deceased; John JOHNSTON; Samuel BRADFORD; Mary TIPPING nee COULTER; PLACES: Moybane; Clarenagh. Updated Footnotes. June 6, 2005
October 2, 2009
March 19, 2010
1787 June 1 (NOTE: This is included in a deed 1802 July 13) Indenture of Robert SIBTHORPE, Dunany, to Catherine DONALDSON, Philipstown, widow, and Joseph DONALDSON, Cloghoge, County Armagh, gentleman, in respect of part of the lands of Philipstown, containing 119 acres and then in the possession of Catherine and her undertenants. Sibthorpe grants to the Donaldson's the said lands for the lives of James COULTER, Annaghavacky, yeoman, Alexander son of Catherine and John, son of Joseph Donaldson, perpetual renewal. Rent is £92 from 1 May 1787. £650 of Catherine Donaldson's money was made use of in trust, for her son and daughters Alexander, Dorothy, Jane and Alice (save one undivided fifth part which is Catherine's sole property). Catherine and Joseph assign the property to Alexander, Dorothy, Jane and Alice.. August 23, 2009
1787 July 9 Indenture David JACKSON and John BOHANNON This indenture has as many mysteries for me as it has information. PLACES: Tullyagomore, Tulleyagallaghan or Curromonon. NOTE: Apparently, Dorsey, Ummericam and Tullyogallaghan  “are all listed as aliases for the one townland” SOURCE: The O'Neills of the Fews Tomás Ó Fiaich, Seanchas Ardmhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1974), pp. 263-315 August 13, 2006
April 5, 2010
1788 May 26. NAMES: Arthur OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Nicholas JOHNSTON; Andrew OLIVER; Alexander McELLORY [aka McILORY?]; PLACES: Ballinahonebeg; Lyshluny aka Lislooney aka Lisloony; Woodpark aka Wood Park aka Ballynameta. August 5, 2017
1788 August 20 NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; John BAILIE akak BAILLIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Rev. Patrick SIMSON aka SIMPSON aka SYMSON aka SYMPSON of Philipstown; James COULTER; George TWIBILL; C. ROONEY;John MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Annaghavackey; Tavanore aka Cavananore; Carrickastuck; Shanmullagh; Courtbane; Terfecken aka Termonfekin. June 26, 2011
1788 November 7 Joseph OLIVER of the Kennedies, Co. Armagh sold his lease of 97 acres in the Kennedies as well as a bog in Enagh, Co. Armagh for ₤600 for 21 years to John HUGGINS of Glenart, Co. Tyrone. WITNESSES: John BURGES of Armagh, Gent; Thomas IRWIN of Caledon, Co. Armagh; Robert LIVINGSTON. NOTE: Footnotes added. Known errors corrected. October 25, 2006
December 19, 2007
June 19, 2008
1789 March 7 NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; Susannah BAILIE of Clonaleenan; WIlliam POLLOCK; Richard KINDRICK; George BANON; Charles BANON; Robert BANON; John BANON; James COULTER of Carrickastuck; John MURPHY; George TWIBILL of Dublin. June 26, 2011
1789 April 8 NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale aka Rochdale aka Annaghavackey; Mary McCORMICK; Hugh McCORMICK; Arthur McCORMICK of Carrickastuck; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; William COULTER; John COULTER of Mounthill; James COULTER; Patrick MAGINNIS; Samuel MOFFETT. June 25, 2011
1789 April 15 NAMES: Robert WILSON jr.of Tandragee, Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Benjamin OLIVER of Ballinhonebeg, Robert WILSON sr. of Tandragee, Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, John OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, John McDAD of Latmacollum. See also: OLIVERs of Ballinahonebeg August 5, 2017
1789 February 3 NAMES: William BARTLEY of Lossit; Robert BARTLEY, son of William; David GILLESPIE of Drummuck; Catherine GILLESPIE grandaughter of David;George BARTLEY; John ELLIOT; James COULTER of Killymount; John McMORRAN. OTHER PLACES: Glenrich. July 15, 2009
1789 April 15 Names mentioned in order of appearance: Robert WILSON jr.of Tandragee, Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Benjamin OLIVER of Ballinhonebeg, Robert WILSON sr. of Tandragee, Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, John OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, John McDAD of Latmacollum. See also: OLIVERs of Ballinahonebeg July 26, 2007
1790 January 5 NAMES: Alexander WILSON of Dunraymond, Co. Monaghan and Aghavilly, Co. Leitrim; Thomas McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH of Derryvalley and Losset, Co. Monaghan; William BREAKEY of Drumskelt; James LECKY; Charles GILLESPIE of Arotuaghyt aka Ardaghy. July 15, 2009
1790 March 10 Notes only. Names mentioned: Wm. OLIVER of Ennislare, linen draper; William OLIVER jr; James OLIVER, linen draper;. Frances OLIVER of Ennislare; Thomas WHALLEY of Dublin. This would concern the OLIVERs who were directly related to the Killynure branch. October 13, 2007
November 28, 2009
1790 October 20 This will is of great significance to understanding the late 1700s history of the MENARY or MENURET family. March 9, 2007
1790 - Will of Martha Coulter NAMES: Martha COWEN nèe COULTER of Cavananore; John COULTER; Joseph COULTER; Thomas BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; David JACKSON of Liscalgot; William COWEN of Killalin, Co. Down, Linen draper; Laurence VALLON, Merchant of Dundalk; John JOHNSTON of Tralmer, Co. Louth; James McKEE of Castleblayney; Hannah McKEE of Castleblayney; Patrick GARLAND; John GARLAND; George KENNEDY; Iain COWEN; Joseph COWEN; James COWEN; John BAILIE; George JACKSON; Thomas SHEA; Henry COULTER. OTHER PLACES: Kane Graveyard. New footnotes. July 31, 2005 revised
November 18, 2008
1791 - Administration re: Thomas BRADFORD July 31, 2005
1791 Bradford Inventory This is a list of contents of home and farm at Cavananore. November 17, 2004
1791 June 28 NAMES: Robert PATTERSON of Gullagh; George BARTLEY of Town of Monaghan; Agnes BARKLEY otherwise WILSON; Francis McCLELLAND; William CLARK; James BARKLEY of Maghery, Derry. OTHER PLACES: Dunraymond; Losset. July 15, 2009
1791 September 30 NAMES: William BARTLEY of Lossett; Hugh BARTLEY of Losset; George BARTLEY of Losset; Hugh FRAZIER; John ANDERSON; John RUTHERFORD. OTHER PLACES: Killn; Millfields. July 15, 2009
1791 September 30 NAMES: William BARTLEY of Losset; John BARTLEY of Losset; George BARTLEY of Losset; Hugh FRAZIER of Town of Monaghan; John COSSGRAVE of Town of Monaghan; John RUTHERFORD. July 15, 2009
1792 January 20 NAMES: Samuel MOFFITT aka MAFFETT aka MOFETT of Freeduff; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; James COULTER, sr. of Carrickastuck; Charles COULTER of Annaghavackey; Patrick MAGUINESS; Patrick CORR. June 25, 2011
1792 February 21 This Indenture is between David JACKSON (d.1796) of Liscalgot, Co. Armagh ( my g-g-g-g-grandparent) and his brother-in-law Richard JOHNSTON (husband of Anne JACKSON) and Thomas BALL (the landlord). It concerns lands in Cashell (Cashel), Co. Armagh and refers to an earlier lease made in 1783. June 29, 2006
1792 April 5 NAMES: John SMITH of Town of Armagh; James OLIVER of Town of Armagh, Gent; Edward GLASSY of Co. Monaghan; George FLETCHER of Town of Armagh, hosier. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Breagh, Co. Armagh. December 19, 2007
1792 November 6 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Tullysarren, Co. Armagh; [Joseph] MANN of Moy, Co. Tyrone. November 14, 2007
PLACES: City of Armagh, Thomas Street; Ballymorran, Parish of Lisnadill.
April 11, 2008
1792 December 26 * NAMES: Samuel COULTER(1755-1801) of Carnbeg; Anne DICKIE (1772-1803); Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan. This is the marriage agreement between Samuel COULTER and Anne DICKIE daughter of Robert DICKIE. August 26, 2008
1793 February 11 * NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea; William OLIVER of Ballyrea; Joseph OLIVER of Ballyrea; Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea, George CRAWFORD, linen draper of Cherryvale; Joseph BOYD; Thomas CRAWFORD & Andrew CRAWFORD (Sons of George); Armar LOWRY-CORRY. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea, Co. Armagh; Cornacarrow & Laragh, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. Updated from full deed. November 10, 2007
June 19, 2008
November 24, 2016
1793 February 13 Names in order of mention: Sarah SEAVER of Ballinahonebeg, Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, John COANDE of Ballybrocky, Robert JACKSON. See Also:OLIVERs of Ballinahonebeg July 26, 2007
1793 June 20 NAMES: William OLIVER of Ennislare; William OLIVER jr. of Ennislare; Robert MAXWELL of Fellows Hall; Elizabeth CLOGHER of Brootely AKA Brootally; Andrew OLIVER of City of Armagh, soap chandler; John KERR of City of Armagh, Merchant. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Cormeen, Parish of Derrynoose; Tullycallidy, same; Lisdrumbrughas, same. Updated using actual deed. October 13, 2007
December 7, 2007
April 12, 2008
1793 June 31 NAMES: Christina BARTLEY nèe METGE, widow; George BARTLEY late of Monaghan; John ROGERS late of Monaghan 1st husband of Christina METGE; Peter METGE; Sir Marcus SOMERVILLE. July 15, 2009
1793 Will of John McKee Excerpt. This is the start of the tale of the clock leading to John Coulter's troubles in 1890. December 11, 2004
1794 April 13 Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg sold title to his lease for the upper half of the Kennedies (97 acres) as well as 1 acre of bog at Enagh to William CURRY for ₤1,000 for 21 years. WITNESSES: Leonard DOBBIN & William McWILLIAMS. Footnotes added. October 27, 2006
December 19, 2007
1794 June 20 NAMES:. Names mentioned: Wm OLIVER of Ennislare; Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare; Mrs. Frances PRINGLE of Lime Park, Co. Tyrone; Thomas WHALLEY of Dublin (and possibly Tullyhugh); John DOBBYN; Samuel DOBBYN; Wm OLIVER jr. of Ennislare, linen draper; James OLIVER, linen draper. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Farmacaffley, Ballymorran, Drumconwell, Enagh, Magherkilcranny, Killynure.Updated based on working from actual deeds. October 10, 2007
April 11, 2008
1795 April 7 NAMES: William OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea; Thomas CRAWFORD,Joseph FLEMMING, George CRAWFORD. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea, Co. Armagh; Cherry Vale, Laragh & Cornacarrow, Mill of Lough Eglish - all Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan November 10, 2007
November 24, 2016
1795 June 18 NAMES: Mary BARTLEY widow of Joseph BARTLEY of Town of Monaghan; Dacre HAMILTON; Lindsay HALE; Samuel SMYTH; Earl of Clermount; Lady BLANEY; John RILEY of Town of Monaghan; John SMITH of Rafeenan; John McMORAN. July 15, 2009
1795 May 4 NAMES: Charles COULTER; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; WIlliam COULTER; Charles COULTER; John COULTER; John Lord BELLEW; Ralph COULTER; James COULTER of Roachdale aka Anaghavackey; John COULTER of Mounthill. June 25, 2011
1795 July 6 NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale aka Annaghavackey; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Samuel MOFFETT; Robert SIBTHORPE; Henry COULTER; Ralph COULTER; William COULTER; Charles COULTER; James COULTER. OTHER PLACES: Philipstown. June 25, 2011
1795 November 24 William JOHNSON had demised to Benjamin KIDD (of Darkley, Parish of Derrynoose) lands on the south side of Thomas Street, City of Armagh.Wm OLIVER jun of Ennislare, Co. Armagh (a draper) is party to this agreement as is James OLIVER also of Ennislare, Co. Armagh. Is it possible that it connects to Andrew OLIVER? See:1793 KERR-OLIVER OTHER NAMES: Catherine GRAHAM; James & William BARNES; MURPHY. October 28, 2006
October 13, 2007 Footnotes added
1796 January 13 NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Margaret HENRY; Mary HENRY; John HENRY; David JACKSON; James TAYLOR; William HUNTER. PLACES: Knockreaghs, CO. Monaghan; Annavackey, Co. Louth. June 18, 2009
1796 January 23 - Will of David Jackson It seems that David JACKSON had come some way up in the world from his father's ruputedly meagre beginnings and was a maltster as well as man with many leases on diverse properties. Unfortunately, as he died a mere three weeks after writing this will and there were complications for his wife and children (who were all minors). June 30, 2006
Case Opinion by William SAURIN Esq Legal suits ensued after the death of David JACKSON and I have posted this part of a lawyer's opinion that had been sought at the time (1796). Many subsequent letters from his brother George JACKSON also shed light on these events. June 30, 2006
1796 April 1 Names in order of mention: John OLIVER, Mary OLIVER, Elizabeth OLIVER, Joseph OLIVER dec'd of Ballinahonebeg, John SCOTT, Andrew OLIVER, Thomas PRENTICE. See Also: Olivers of Ballinahonebeg July 26, 2007
1797 January 17 * NAMES: John OLIVER, Mary OLIVER & Elizabeth OLIVER (all of Ballinahonebeg children of Joseph OLIVER), John SCOTT of Umgola, William GARVIN, John PRENTICE and William SLOAN of Armagh; Winright PROCTER. OTHER PLACES: Kennedies. Updated from Photocopy of deed. SEE also: Olivers of Ballinahonebeg July 26, 2007
June 19, 2008
1797 January 17 NAMES: William ROWLEY of City of Dublin; Brabazon NOBLE of Donamaine & City of Dublin; George BARTLEY of town of Monaghan; Margaret CLEMENT; WIlliam Owen MITCHELL; Henry ELLIS; George OGLE. OTHER PLACES: Braddocks. July 15, 2009
1798 February 24 NAMES: John SHEARER of Ballybay; Barbara SHEARER otherwise Barbara WILLIAMSON of Ballybay; John BARTLEY of Ballybay; RALSTONs of Ballybay; William CAMPBELL of Carrowbarragh; John RUTHERFORD of Caddagh; John GILLESPIE of Ballybay; John McMORRAN. July 23, 2009
1798 November 27 This letter from solicitor and family member George JACKSON of Dublin is instructing his nephew, the teenage John JACKSON on how to proceed with Court challenges to his father's assets after his father's demise. In particular, there had been an issue as to the disposition of the asset of the malt materials left on the land (mentioned in his will). The father, David JACKSON died in1796 when the recipient of the letter was a mere 16 years old June 30, 2006
1799 January 14 NAMES: George BARTLEY of town of Monaghan; Blaney Owen MITCHELL of City of Dublin; Walter Mitchell ROTHSCHILD Esq.; Weldon MITCHELL; Walter LYLE; John HUMPHRIES. OTHER PLACES: Braddocks Jaly 15, 2009
1799 February 5 - Agreement between Elizabeth Bradford & Samuel Bradford November 19, 2003
1799 February 16 This letter from solicitor and family member George JACKSON of Dublin is instructing his nephew, the teenage John JACKSON on how to proceed with Court challenges to his father's assets after his father's demise. In this case, it concerns Cavananore and involves the COULTER & BRADFORD families (which means it may also involve the OLIVER family too through the Thomas BRADFORD connection). John's father, David JACKSON, died in1796 when his only son was a mere 16 years old. June 30, 2006
1799 December 10 NAMES: Charles COULTER of Roachdale; Patrick LENNON of Carrickastuck; James COULTER sr. of Carrickastuck; William COULTER of Carrickastuck; Patrick CONOLLY of Toanaghmore aka Tawnamore; McALESTOR of Annaghvackey. August 30, 2009
1800 May 6 * NAMES: Robert WELSH of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullymore; Robert WELSH; Joshua MEGEOUGH; Tobias MAGUIRE of Drumcullen, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER of Tullysarren; Rev. James WHITESIDE of Drumflugh, Co. Tyrone. Updated November 14, 2007
June 16, 2008
1800 August 1 NAMES: Thomas BALL of Cullihanna; John JACKSON of Liscagot; Margaret JACKSON; Barbara JACKSON; Samuel BALL of Urker; Patrick KANE of Coolderry; George JACKSON, lawyer in Dublin. March 26, 2011
1801 July 2 - Will of Elizabeth McCullagh of Derryvalley One of the interesting aspects of this will is that it shows how long the family was rooted in Ulster - in this case at Derrivalley, Co. Monaghan. Elizabeth McCULLAGH was one of the great-great grandmothers of Sir Thomas JACKSON. BRADFORD family connections are also revealed. I do not yet know Elizabeth's maiden name. Of special interest is also the fact of a Thomas JACKSON serving as a witness.

November 4, 2003
January 26, 2006
April 5, 2010

1801 July 8 *NAMES: William OLIVER of Armagh, soap chandler; Jane McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH of Lissnafeedy, Co. Armagh, William JOHNSTON, Richard WALSH, Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare, John RICHARDSON, Chandler. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Brootely AKA Brootally. Navan Street aka New Street. November 14, 2007
August 1, 2017
1801 August 17 * NAMES: Rev. Hans HAMILTON son of Rev. Dr. Hugh HAMILTON and husband of Susanna OLIVER; Right Honorable Silver OLIVER (not the one of Loughgall, Co. Armagh), Charles Silver OLIVER of Castle OLIVER, Alexander HAMILTON (brother of Hans),Isabella Sarah WALLER née OLIVER, Charles HAMILTON of Hamwood, Parish of Dunboyne, Co. Meath; John WALSH of Kilkenny; John KENNY of Kilkenny; Henry WADE of Dublin; John WALLER of Castletown, CO. Limerick, Henry WALLER, John GRIFFIN. November 15, 2007
1801 September 25 This Memorial concerns properties relating to Anne OLIVER’s marriage to Samuel ELGEE of Rochvale, Co. Monaghan. She was the daughter of David OLIVER & Susannah WALKER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh. The marriage settlement is with her brothers Joseph & Benjamin OLIVER. The William OLIVER of Laragh who witnesses the agreement was also her brother. Since the properties involve lands in Dundalk, Samuel ELGEE is a 1st cousin once removed of Charles ELGEE of Dundalk whose daughter, Jane Francesca ELGEE was the mother of Oscar WILDE. Footnotes edited. October 25, 2006

November 24, 2016
1802 April 12 NAMES: William Owen MITCHELL of Dublin; Jane BARTLEY of town of Monaghan; Jane FOSTER otherwise Joyce METGE of the town of Monaghan; Mark FOSTER; Walter TYLER of Rosefield; Henry MITCHELL of Town of Monaghan; Walter YOUNG of Town of Monaghan; Joyce FOSTER nèe METGE; W. WILSON. July 15, 2009
1802 April 14 Will of Grizel REID NAMES: Grizel REID of Clonaleenan; Joseph REID; Robert DICKIE; James DICKIE; Ann COULTER; Joseph DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Robert DICKIE; Elizabeth DICKIE; John DICKIE; Robert SMALL; of Mourne; Robert REID sr of Leakeal & Robert REID jr; James DICKIE; William NELSON; Alexander DONALDSON; James McCULLAGH; Alexander McCOMBE; J. RADCLIFF. OTHER PLACES: Ballygallum, Co. Down. June 25, 2011
1802 May 20 NAMES: Francis HAMILTON; Samuel JACKSON of Mount Pleasant [aka Stormont, townland Ballymiscaw], Co. Down; Richard GRAHAM; Thomas Ladford STEWART; John HAMILTON; Charles O'DONNELL. PLACES: Moorpark [possibly in Knocknagoney]. October 10, 2017
1802 July 3 NAMES: John GRIFFIN; Catherine DONALDSON of Derrynaught; Alexander DONALDSON of Phillipstown; Thomas MORGAN; Peter MORGAN; Hugh McDONNELL; Owen McINTEGART; Patrick HUGHES; James COULTER of Annaghvacky; John DONALDSON & Joseph DONALDSON of Cloghogg aka Cloghoge; Robert SIBTHORPE of Duneany aka Dunany; William CHARLTON aka CHARLETON; Dorothy CHARLTON nèe DONALDSON; Alexander McCOMBE. August 3, 2009
1802 October 14 NAMES: Samuel DONALDSON of Freeduff; William DONALDSON of Freeduff; James DONALDSON of Castledillon; David GRAY; Alexander CLARKE; Mathew MAWHOOD; Hugh GARTLY; William DONALDSON of Cloghoge; Randal DONALDSON; Joseph DONALDSON; Unnamed BRADLEY; Unnamed PEERY; George HUGES aka HUGHES; Unnamed DRURY; John MOFFETT aka MAFFITT. OTHER PLACES: Ballyfanaghan. Updated footnotes. June 13, 2004
August 4, 2009
1802 December 9 NAMES: James BREAKEY of Cormeen, Co. Monaghan; James NIXON, Esq. Capt.; John BRADSHAW; Josiah RUTHERFORD. July 4, 2009
1803 January 20 * NAMES: Robert Earl of Roden; Joseph COULTER of Dowdallshill; James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Joseph DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Lennox BIGGER of Richmond House; Thomas COULTER (1893-1843) famed botanist; Joseph COULTER (1795-1812); Samuel COULTER (1799-1840); Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg (1755-1801) OTHER TOWNLANDS: Carnmore; Glebe; Jeffries Land (Lisdoo); Sportsmans Hall. August 23, 2008
1803 September 1 * This relates to a marriage settlement between Martha OLIVER, daughter of David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh and Nathaniel LESLIE of Drumcanner, Co. Armagh. Joseph OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER are Martha's brothers and William LESLIE Nathaniel's father. The lands granted are about 35 acres in the "Manor of Toaghy and Barony of Armagh" [The "Manor of Toaghy" may be Magherkilcranny, Parish of Derrynoose]. WITNESSES: Samuel LESLIE (brother of Nathaniel) and Nathaniel LESLIE & William OLIVER both of Laragh, Co. Monaghan. William was a brother.

October 27, 2006
March 19, 2007

November 24, 2016

1803 December 1 This marriage settlement is after the marriage of John OLIVER of Tullymore to Catherine WHITESIDE, daughter of Rev. James WHITESIDE of Drumflugh, Parish of Clonfeacle, Co. Tyrone. It involves ₤100 and 5 acres in Tullymore, Co. Armagh. OTHER NAMES: Jas WHITESIDE jr.of Drumflugh; Joshua McGEOGH of Drumshill, Co. Armagh; John OLIVER (father) of Tullycarrent [?], Co. Armagh. Footnotes added October 26, 2006
November 14, 2007
1803 December 5 NAMES: Charles COULTER of Annaghvacky; Owen ROONEY of Carrickastuck; William COULTER; Charles COULTER; Ralph COULTER of Carrickastuck; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; James COULTER sr.; Patrick CONNOLLY of Cavananore; Edward GREGORY of Dundalk; Mary PAGE & Stephen PAGE of Dundalk. August 30, 2009
1803 December NAMES: Charles COULTER of Annaghvacky; Patrick McARDLE of Carrickastuck; James COULTER of Carrickastuck; William COULTER; Charles COULTER; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; Bryan CALLANS of Tankharlsrock aka Tankardsrock; Patrick CONNELY of Tavenaghvore (aka Tawnamore?); Daniel CASSIDY of Dundalk. August 30, 2009
1804 January 14 * OLIVER-CARSON NAMES: Samuel CARSON of Armagh but then of Fredericktown in the state of Maryland, Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare, Thomas MOOREHEAD, Dillon POLLARD, Richard McCONNELL of Mullavilla, Joseph McCONNELL of Maymount, William OLIVER of City of Armagh (chandler), Thomas APPLEBY, John CORNELL, Michael MAGEE. TOWNLANDS: Ennislare, Magherykillcraney, Farnalay, Mullavilla, Maymount. March 11, 2007
1804 March 3rd Letter from George JACKSON to John JACKSON This letter is concerned with Hanratty's payments due to Margaret JACKSON, widow of David JACKSON. Hanratty was a tenant. July 19, 2006
1804 September 15 NAMES: Jane McCLELLAN; Thomas McCLELLAN of Marlycone, Parish of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh; Thomas McCLELLAN jr.; James McCLELLAN; Elizabeth McCLELLAN; William GILLESPIE of Lisaveagh, Armagh; Agnes GILLESPIE nee McCLELLAN; William OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea; David OLIVER; Owen McMAHON; Samuel McCLELLAN of Lisdoo; Thomas APPLEBY; Michael MAGEE. OTHER PLACES:Cornecarrow; Lough Eglish. July 1, 2009
1804 August 31 * This is a marriage settlement between Joseph OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh & Jane HAMILTON, daughter of James HAMILTON [?] of Tullymore. OTHER NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea; Robert HAMILTON of City of Dublin; James Maxwell HAMILTON of City of Dublin; David OLIVER agreed to transfer lands of Laragh, Co. Monaghan and Carnecarrow and the Mills & lands of Derryhat [possibly Derryhaw, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh] in trust to Robert HAMILTON & James Maxwell HAMILTON as well as an annuity of ₤50. Lands of "Killmore as well as Tullymore are also mentioned. October 26, 2005
March 8, 2007
November 24, 2016
1805 April 10 George JACKSON to John JACKSON Hanratty's payments have not yet been received. Also mention of Captain METGE who is expected to pay John JACKSON on behalf of Lord RODEN. July 19, 2006
1805 August 13 George JACKSON to John JACKSON Hanratty still has not paid and wants an arrangement that would involve DOYLEs. Also mention of John JACKSON, brother of George JACKSON who "will never do much good for himself or any one Else". July 19, 2006
1805 August 21 This Deed is mentioned in HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888:His Descendants by Henry Oliver Rea. James OLIVER Sr. was born in 1750 and had three sons: Stephen, James & William (all mentioned in the deed). On 31 December 1790, James OLIVER Sr. had leased this land from William IRVINE and apparently transferred it to his son William OLIVER (b. abt 1780) who was farming at "Six Mile Cross" - about six miles from Tattykeel, Co. Tyrone. At the time, both Stephen OLIVER and his father James OLIVER were resident at Corchoney. October 29, 2006
1806 May 8 It may be that there are errors in my transcription since the language of this deed dated May 8, 1806 parallels that of Deed: 684-85-470424 dated May 8, 1807. I suspect they are the same leases. John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone has leased for 20 years the part of Killynure (shown in map) to Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare, Co. Armagh who is also expected to grind all his grain at Lisbanoe, Co. Armagh. OTHER NAMES: William CARSON, Robert McCADAM; John DOBBIN. October 28, 2006
1806 May 26 Madden Hill This document is helpful for some of the light that it sheds on the Birch family and various property and inheritence issues. November 14, 2003
1806 July 16 George JACKSON to John JACKSON There is a mention of a Mr. SEAWRIGHT who may be an uncle of John JACKSON. Also, Hanratty still has not paid and the case will come before the Armagh Assizes. George cautions his nephew John against any dealings with him. July 19, 2006
1807 January 20 * NAMES: John OLIVER of Tullysarren, Rebecca HOLMES née OLIVER & James HOLMES of Blackwatertown, William OLIVER of Mullinture, Samuel KNIPE, William OLIVER of Tullymore, Andrew OLIVER brother of Rebecca; Andrew OLIVER of Enniskillen, James CALDWELL, John TROTER of Mullyleggan, John Lloyd SANDERSON. Updated from photocopy of Deed. See also:OLIVERs of Mullinture July 26, 2007
November 14, 2007
June 9, 2008
1807 May 2 Names mentioned: John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare; William CARSON; Leonard DOBBIN of the City of Armagh; Arthur HUGHES of Caledon; William OLIVER of the City of Armagh; Michael MAGEE. Concerns lands of Enagh & Killinure. NOTE: for some reason the memorial was dated 1815 Jan 16 (see beneath also). October 10, 2007
1807 February 28 NAMES: Margaret LOUGH; Matthew LOUGH; Miss BRADFORD & Prudy BRADFORD of Loughnakelly aka Legnakelly, Clones, Co. Mongahan; John BRADFORD; William LOUGH; Samuel LOUGH; James MARSHAL; James TURNER of Clonkirk, Clones, Co. Monaghan; Samuel GRAYDON; Thomas ARMSTRONG. July 4, 2009
1807 May 6 Joseph OLIVER & Joseph LEE *Names in order of mention: Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore, Joseph LEE, John PRINGLE, Leonard DOBBIN, Thomas APPLEBY, William BROTHER[S], Robert LIVINGSTON.
See also: OLIVERs of Ballinahonebeg. There are several leases involving the OLIVER family and John PRINGLE. This lease concerns lands in The Kennedies and a lease between Joseph OLIVER and Joseph LEE. It is likely connected to the lease on May 8, 1807 involving various other OLIVERs.
March 7, 2007
August 13, 2009
1807 May 8 John PRINGLE- James OLIVER Not being a lawyer, I don't pretend to understand all the language, but clearly the OLIVER family were at Enagh in 1807 and likely also at Killynure where the family lived for more than another hundred years. Also, the DOBBIN connection is there in small measure.John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone leased Killynure & Enagh to Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare, Co. Armagh for the yearly rent of £43.10.0. WITNESSES: Leonard DOBBIN & Arthur HUGHES. SEE notes below: 1815 January 16 May 31, 2005.
1807 November 13, Margaret OLIVER & Patrick McCLELAND * This is a marriage agreement between Margaret OLIVER & Patrick McCLELAND, a linen draper from Co. Monaghan. She was a daughter of David OLIVER of Ballyrea. Other names mentioned: Joseph OLIVER (likely her brother), William OLIVER (likely another brother), Rev. Dr. Henry LESLIE, John LEE, Alexander McCLELAND, James LEE, Rev. John McCREERY, WILSON, Patrick McCABE, Dr. McMURRAY, Samuel McCLELAND, Margaret McCLELAND, Thomas McCLELAND, Benjamin OLIVER and Rev. William HUTCHISON. Footnotes updated. March 19, 2007
November 10, 2007
August 13, 2009
1809 November 20 NAMES: William OLIVER of Laragh, Mary Anne HYDE widow of Clarendon HYDE, George ROCHE of Warrenpoint, David TOMB of Dublin, William FORREST of Warrenpoint, Robert TURNER of Warrenpoint. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Laragh & Cornacarrow, Parish of Augnamullen, Co. Monaghan; Derryhaw, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh, Ballyrea, Co. Armagh. NOTE: The WILDE family connection is interesting (see footnotes) November 10, 2007
November 24, 2016
1810 April 7th "Certificate for Killing Game" This document reveals that the primary abode for John JACKSON (1780-1817) at this time was Liscalgot (at least as far as officialdom was concerned). At the time of his death, some 7 years later, it was Urker. July 20, 2006
1811 April 8 * John OLIVER of Tullymore leased some lands of Tullymore to Samuel OLIVER of Town & County of Monaghan for ₤100. This is especially interesting because of the mention of a Samuel OLIVER in the registry of 1st Ballybay Church, the church where David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER were married in 1838. We still do not know the extent of the OLIVER interconnections between Monaghan and Armagh. OTHER NAMES: James ALFORD; John ALFORD & John HEATHER.

October 25, 2006

March 7, 2007

1811 April 24 Marriage Settlement NAMES: James McCULLAGH, sr. of Shantenagh; Elizabeth McCULLAGH; John JACKSON of Liscalgot; James McCULLAGH jr.; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD of Cavananore; Rev. Charles MOSSE; Thomas TERESON of Rosefield; Thomas TERESON jr.; John GILLESPIE; James SMITH; John SMITH; Essie COULTER; Philip SMITH; Thomas McMURRY; John DONALDSON; Walter GLASSCOCKE. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck November 12, 2003
July 1, 2009 redone.
1811 October 1 NAMES: Charles COULTER of Annaghavacky; Brian CALLAN of Tankardstown; Patrick LENNON of Carrickastuck; William COULTER; Charles COULTER jr.; Ralph COULTER; Henry COULTER; Daniel CASSIDY; Stephen PAGE. June 26, 2011
1812 January 3 NAMES: John JOCELYN; Laurence TALLAN; Samuel BRADFORD; Andrew BRADFORD; Joseph COULTER; Rev Patrick SIMSON aka SIMPSON; John COULTER; Andrew COULTER; Grizzel SIMSON aka SIMPSON; Joseph COULTER; John McNEALE; Henry McNeale KENNEDY; Thomas BRADFORD; James JOHNSTON. PLACES: Fairhill, Co. Louth; Cavananore, Co. Louth; Liscalgot, Co. Armagh; Mount Pleasant, Co. Louth; Dungooley, Co. Louth; Faughart, Co. Louth. NOTE: This deed references an earlier one dated May 29, 1753. June 18, 2009
March 19, 2010
May 14, 2011
1813 June 12 NAMES: John OLIVER of Armagh, Gent; Samuel OLIVER of Monaghan, sadler; Robert McMORRAN of Tullymore, Co. Armagh; Leonard DOBBIN, Armagh. December 19, 2007
1813 October 7 NAMES: William BARTLEY of Dublin; William CLENDINNING of Dunraymond; Thomas McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Charles MEARS of Dublin; Thomas McCULLAGH jr. of Derryvalley. July 23, 2009
1814 February 1 This is a chit concerning a dog tax. NAMES: J. IRWIN & John JACKSON. September 28, 2009
1814 May 4 NAMES: William BARTLEY of Eccles (or Essex) Street, Dublin; Thomas McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; William CLENDINNING of Dunraymond; Francis McCLELLAND of Dunraymond; Owen MURPHY; Mrs. Grace BASHFORD; William JOHNSTON of Dorset St, Dublin; John GRIFFIN. July 23, 2009
1815 Jan 16 This actually refers to a deed 1807, May 2. Names mentioned: John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare; William CARSON; Leonard DOBBIN of the City of Armagh; Arthur HUGHES of Caledon; William OLIVER of the City of Armagh; Michael MAGEE. Concerns lands of Enagh & Killinure. October 10, 2007

1815 January 16 There are two memorials on this page. The first references three documents. The first document is dated 1815 January 16 and includes a document dated 1807, May 8. WITNESSES: Leonard DOBBIN & William OLIVER both Gents of Armagh, Co. Armagh. This lease was between John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone Esq. & James OLIVER of Enagh, Co. Armagh farmer. The approx 28 acres of Enagh are bounded by lands of Alexander DOBBIN on the east and by Michael LYNCH on the south. James OLIVER is to pay yearly rent of ₤23.6 seemingly to Leonard DOBBIN of the City of Armagh,[?] CORY Esq. of Armagh, & Arthur HUGHES of Caledon, Co. Tyrone. WITNESSES Leonard DOBBIN & William OLIVER. On 1814, October 14, Leonard DOBBIN & William OLIVER witnessed that the above was true.
The second memorial is also dated 1815 January 16 & refers to a document 1807 May 2 (Deeds record is 1807, May 8) . John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone leased Killynure & Enagh to Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare, Co. Armagh. WITNESSES: Leonard DOBBIN & Arthur HUGHES.

October 25, 2006
1815 November 20 - Will of William Donaldson NAMES: William DONALDSON of Freeduff; Barbara BRADFORD, wife; Elizabeth DONALDSON, daughter; George Washington DONALDSON, nephew; Samuel DUNN, nephew; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD, brother-in-law; John MOFFITT; M.S. MACLAINE; Joseph Andew NEILSON; John JACKSON; William DONALDSON November 19, 2003
1816 March 28 - Killynure Tree Planting Agreement Benjamin Oliver planted 270 trees at Killynure & Enagh November 19, 2003
1817 June 9 Deed of Andrew Donnaldson The conveyance was to John WALLACE who we know to be the husband of Jane DONALDSON. May 31, 2005
1817 August 1 I am posting this in spite of my ignorance about exactly who is who. Hopefully, others can help. NAMES: William POOLER of Newry; Mary COULTER of Dowdalshill; Thomas COULTER of Dublin; Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg; Joseph COULTER late of Dowdallshill; William NELSON, DD.; James DICKIE. August 23, 2008
1817 August 20 Inventory of the possessions of John JACKSON of Urker
NAMES: John JACKSON of Urker; Andrew DONALDSON; Graham JOHNSTON; Unnamed EASTWOOD; Samuel BRADFORD; James McCULLAGH; Thomas McCULLAGH;Mr. McCARTER. OTHER PLACES: Tullygallaghan possibly aka Tullyogallahan. Updated.
July 20, 2006
September 26, 2009
1817 August 20 Household Furniture belonging to the late John JACKSON. This list of household items says a lot about the family's economic status. It would suggest comfort, but not wealth. April 23, 2010
1817 November 11 PRINGLE-CORRY Killynure, Co. Armagh was mentioned in the Deed book - along with the other townlands cited. October 25, 2006
1818 Feb 28 William WALLACE – John McCULLOUGH NAMES: William WALLACE; Mary WALLACE otherwise IRWIN; John McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; Jane OLIVER otherwise McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; William OLIVER; Margaret VOGAN otherwise McCULLOUGH; John James 2nd Earl of Farnham;  John WAUGH; Charles HUDSON and wife Ann HUDSON; Berresford BURSTON; Joshua McGEOUGH; Samuel HOUSTON; George PERRY; Elizabeth TURNER née CUST; Henry CUST; Annarita CUST; Richard Gervas KER; William McCLEAVE & Thomas APPLEBY. PLACES: Iskeamedy  aka Iskymeadow, Parish of Keady, Barony Armagh; Lisnafeedy, Parish of Eglish, Barony Tiranny; Tullynichol, Parish of Eglish, Barony Armagh; Pallinagh aka Pollnagh, Parish of Tynan (north-west of Killylea); Ballymacally Bog – either Ballymacully Lower or Ballymacully Upper; Killylea Bog, Parish of Tynan. July 28, 2017
1818 July 24 NAMES: Robert WADDELL of Belfast & Lisnaveane; Margaret Anne READE of Belfast; Alexander WADDELL of Lisnaveane; Rev. John WRIGHT of Killevan; Robert BARTLEY; Rev. John ROGERS of Loughbrickland; Alexander Stewart WADDELL; Stewart WADDELL; James WADDELL of Monaghan; John CHAMBERs; David CHAMBERS of Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry; Thomas Hardin CARLETON of Blaris; Cornelius Carlton BOOMER; Bennet COWEN. OTHER PLACES: Cordevlish, Co. Monaghan; Ballykeel, Queens Co. October 31, 2012
1818 September 24 Will of Rev. John OLIVER Three generations ago, those families interested in our history claimed links to Silver OLIVER and the Lord LIFFORDs. I have not yet completed these links, but the mention of these names in this will may help us to put the puzzle together. May 31, 2005
1818 November 24 NAMES: James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Alexander DONALDSON; Stewart KING; John FOSTER of Collon; Rt Hon. Frederick Viscount BOYNE aka Frederick HAMILTON; Sir Charles HAMILTON; John Stewart HAMILTON; Charles GRANT; Charles COULTER; Henry COULTER; Paul PARKS; James POLLOCK; Patrick LAWLESS; William FOSTER; Robert DICKIE of Annaghavackey; Andrew BRADFORD; Samuel BRADFORD;John BAILIE; Hugh CULLAN; James LAWLESS; Alexander PARKER; John TOWNLEY; E. WOODHOUSE. OTHER PLACES: Cavananore; Shortstone; Cloughmagniggan - perhaps aka Clonaleeenan; Barronstown. June 26, 2011
1818 December 17 & 18 NAMES: George BARTLEY, shopkeeper of Monaghan; Major George BARTLEY; George LITTLE; James NESBITT, shopkeeper, Monaghan; Richard [?]. OTHER PLACES: Dunraymond. July 24, 2009
1820 May 3 NAMES: Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Stewart KING; James DICKIE; Charles COULTER; Robert DICKIE; Joseph DICKIE; James DICKIE; John GETTY; Robert GETTY; Ralph COULTER; Francis ARMSTRONG. January 26, 2011
1821 December 19 * NAMES: Rev. William HUTCHINSON of Ballyrath; John McCULLAGH sr.of Kearny Hill; John McCULLAGH jr. of Kearney Hill; Benjamin OLIVER of Killynure; Thomas GREER; Peter CHRISTY of Scotch St., Armagh; William NICHOLS of Scotch St. Armagh; Richard Thomas DAWSON. June 23, 2009
December 16, 2009
1823 April 5 Will of Louisa Jane Kelly The mother of Louisa Jane Kelly was Sarah DONALDSON. While I have not tracked down these connections, the fact that lands at FREEDUFF are mentioned is tantalizing as is the mention of an uncle, James Randall DONALDSON.

May 31, 2005

July 24, 2006

1824 April 6 NAMES: James OLIVER of City of Armagh, merchant; Alexander McDONNELL of Belfast; Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney; John WALLACE attorney of Belfast; Matthew BARNETT of Belfast. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Dillay, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh; Lissleagh or Mount Irwin, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. December 12, 2007
August 2, 2017
1824 May 28 NAMES: Andrew LYLE City of Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore; Joseph LEE innkeeper, CIty of Armagh; John LEE probably grocer of Armagh; James ARMSTRONG of Dublin; James WATT of Dublin. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Kennedies mtg. December 19, 2007
1825 Sep 27 William OLIVER. This lease concerns a lease contracted by John McCULLAGH before his death in 1818. His brother-in-law William OLIVER was executor. His wife was Jane OLIVER. NAMES: William WALLACE; Mary WALLACE otherwise IRWIN; John McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; Jane OLIVER otherwise McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH; William OLIVER; Margaret VOGAN otherwise McCULLOUGH; John James 2nd Earl of Farnham; William BLAIR; Maxwell BLACKER;  Rev. Matthew FOX; John WAUGH; Robert McCANN; Andrew BOYD. PLACES: Iskeamedy  aka Iskymeadow, Parish of Keady, Barony Armagh; Lisnafeedy, Parish of Eglish, Barony Tiranny; Tassagh, Parish of Keady; Killyreavy, Parish of Derrynoose; Tullynamalloge, Parish of Keady; Tullynichol, Parish of Eglish, Barony Armagh; Pollnagh, Parish of Tynan (north-west of Killylea). July 27, 2017
1825 December 5 NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg; James DICKIE of Carrickastuck; Samuel COULTER of Dowdallshill; Robert COULTER of Carnbeg; Samuel COULTER late of Carnbeg; Joseph COULTER; Sir Robert JOCELYN - Earl of Roden; Unnamed JEFFRIE aka JEFFRY; Lennox BIGGER; Thomas COULTER; Joseph COULTER; Samuel COULTER; John CARMICHAEL; Thomas COULTER of Dowdallshill; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Daniel BARTATILE [possibly: BASTABLE?]; Oliver MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Carnmore; Ballinahattin; Sportsmanshall; Glebe - all in Co. Louth. September 27, 2009
1826 September 5 - Will of Jane COULTER This is a significant will shedding light on the COULTER family of Carnbeg. Updated Footnotes April 1, 2005
December 21, 2007
1826 November 28 - Death of Richard OLIVER I am filing this under 1826, the date of his death rather than 1821, the date of probate. There isn't much information, but maybe more will emerge. January 14, 2007
1827 Settlement of Accounts between James & John MClelland and Andrew Coulter Bradford These documents record the acquisition of Dungooley in the County of Louth & Tullyvalley & Maybawn, Lands which would pay dividends to future decendants. June 17, 2005
1828 January 15 NAMES: Hugh JACKSON of Creeve, Ballybay; John JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Carnaveagh. July 2, 2011
1828 April 22. NAMES: James JACKSON of Clontaghnaglar; John JACKSON (son of James Sr.); James DUNNIGAN; Isable JACKSON (daughter of John JACKSON); Sarah WIGHTMAN; Samuel JACKSON; James JACKSON jr. of Clontaghnaglar (son of Samuel); Eliza JACKSON (daughter of Samuel); Martha HARRIS; Mary JACKSON (widow of Samuel); Robert JACKSON (son of James sr.); Elizabeth THOMPSON (widow of Robert); Martin JACKSON of Barmaghery. July 29. 2017
November 3, 2017
1829 October 20 NAMES: David LESLIE of Sallyvale; Sarah McCLELLAND; John McCLELLAND;William & Robert FORSYTH; David JOHNSTON of Dorset St. Dublin; Isaiah OLIVER of Derryroosk; Charles MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Millmore aka Moyle More; Millbeg aka Moyle Beg; Derry; Mullinary & Mullinary Glebe; Edenbrone; Corkeeran; Tamlat July 11, 2009
1830 September 2 Indenture between Elizabeth JACKSON & JOHNSTON NAMES: James JOHNSTON of Woodvale, Co. Louth; Dr. William JOHNSTON of Dundalk; Elizabeth JACKSON nee McCULLAGH of Urker, Co. Armagh; Rebecca HALL of Dublin, Edward TIPPING of Mounthill, Co. Louth; Catherine TIPPING nee HALL, Richard JONES of Dollardstown, Co. Meath; Elizabeth JONES nee HALL, John JOHNSTON late of Urker deceased, John JOHNSTON of Longfield, Co. Monaghan; Thomas JOHNSTON, deceased; George JACKSON, Patrick & Owen KEENAN, David JACKSON. R. COULTER on cover. OTHER PLACES: Liscalgot. Updated footnotes. July 19, 2007
October 2, 2009
March 19, 2010
1830 October 1 NAMES: Thomas BARTLEY of Carrickmacross; Mary GOLLOGLY of Lossets; Catherine MARTIN of Lossets; Francis MARTIN & Thomas MARTIN of Lossets; James MARRIN (James MARTIN?); Michael BIRMINHAM. July 24, 2009
1831 April 20 NAMES: John CUSACK; Edward SPROULE; John JACKSON late of Crieve; John JACKSON of Co. Antrim; John CUNNINGHAM of Crieve; Right Honorable Clotworthy the Lord Viscount Massereene; Alexander MONTGOMERY; William ARMSTRONG; Thomas BRUNKER; William BRUNKER; Thomas KINGSBERY; Arthur WOLF; Alexander CRUICKSHANK; James NIXON; John JACKSON Junior; John JACKSON Senior; Robert KER; Andrew KER; Tatlow JACKSON; Alexander JACKSON; Nevin HAWELL; Rev. Robert SMITH; Andrew OLIVER; William JOHNSTON; John JOHNSTON; George THOMPSON; William BEEBY [should this be BREAKY?]; James BREAKEY; William YOUNG; William PRESLEY; Oliver MOORE. PLACES: Crieve, Co. Monaghan; Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan, Breyart [could this be Brecart, Parish of Duneane?], Co. Antrim; Carnaveagh & bogs of Carrickavetty [Carrickaveilty] and Mullynenrall; Carnavagh orwse Carricknavagh. October 2, 2017
1831 August 27- will of Eliezer Birch GILLMER GILLMER (GILMORE, GILMER etc). This will is significant for all the family links it establishes as well as for the land holdings mentioned. Eliezer died at age 71 on July 29, 1834 in Glasgow where he likely had gone after the death of his wife to live with his daughter Eliza Jane and her husband, Patrick Adair BLACK. January 25, 2006
1831 or 1832 Probate of will for Richard OLIVER see: 1826 date of death January 14, 2006
1832 January 4 NAMES: James GARTLAND of Carrickmacross; Thomas BARTLEY & Patrick BARTLEY & Mary BARTLEY of Carrickmacross; Edward QUINN of Carrickmacross; Robert GREENAN; Michael BIRMINGHAM. OTHER PLACES: Cloghwally aka Cloghvally. July 24, 2009
1832 March 1 Probated will of Benjamin Oliver of Killynure This will provides the names of Benjamin OLIVERs children as well as his brothers and mentions townlands that he had leases for. NAMES: Benjamin OLIVER of Killynure; Thomas SIMPSON of City Armagh, flour merchant; sons Thomas & William OLIVER; Elizabeth OLIVER (wife nee BRADFORD); Dillon POLLARD; John PRINGLE; Rev. Francis GERVAISE; Roger FORDE; William OLIVER & James OLIVER brothers of Benjamin OLIVER; John McCULLAGH, brother-in-law of Benjamin OLIVER; Richard MURRAY; Henry CAMPBELL; Thomas APPLEBY; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD of Cavananore; Eliza and Mary Jane OLIVER daughters of Benjamin OLIVER. TOWNLANDS: Maghery Kilcrany, Killynure, Knockagraphy, Lisdrummond AKA Lisdrummard. Footnotes updated January 11, 2007 Text & footnotes added June 13, 2009

June 19, 2005
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1833 Jan 12 This Isaiah OLIVER (1787-1833) was the son of [James] Thomas OLIVER and Margaret McCLELLAND. His wife was Isabella BARRETT (Abt 1790-1838). They had six living children, all mentioned in the will. November 25, 2006
1833 March 26. NAMES: James BOWES Jr. & James BOWES Sr. & John BOWES of Newbliss. Robert McCULLAGH & Jane McCULLAGH of Kilnamuddy; John McCARTER of Drumgriston; Robert MARTIN of Newbliss; Rev. Andrew JOHNSTON of Newbliss; James WRIGHT & John WRIGHT of Clinto; Mary BARTLEY otherwise BOWES & James BARTLEY of Ballybay. NOTE: See also: ROD 1838 22 6. 1838 Oct 25. Rev Andrew McCULLOGH-Marianne FISHER marriage article. June 25, 2016
1833 June 21 - Will of Elizabeth Bradford nee Breakey A more complete version with footnotes has been posted. May 31, 2005 Revised
1834 Feb 20 NAMES: Alexander PARKER; Mary BRADFORD; Thomas BRADFORD; Robert COULTER; Samuel COULTER; John Henry RANSON; John TOWNLEY. PLACES: Dundalk; Carnbeg. December 31, 2010
1834 May 1 NOBLETT-JACKSON NAMES: Estyer [Esther?] JACKSON; Joseph BRIEN; Thomas NOBLETT; Henry JACKSON; Andrew STEWART; Francis JONES; Samuel JACKSON; George BARKER aka George PARKER; Joseph BARKER aka Joseph PARKER; Joseph JACKSON; William MOORE; Widow MURPHY; Rachel JACKSON; Samuel SHARP; Thomas ALCOCK; Valentine KINSHALLA (this name may be a misreading of the text); Widow BYRNE; Abraham PARKER sr.; Abraham PARKER jr.; Joseph PARKER; Lorenzo John WALTERS; Michael HICKEY; Oliver MOORE. PLACES: Hacketstown; Coolmana; Nashe’s Quarters; Long Meadow; Soliska aka Loliska aka Starlusk aka Stralusky, Parish of Haroldstown; River Dereen; Charles’s Park. July 2, 2010
1834 May 2 JACKSON-NOBLETT NAMES: Estyer [Esther?] JACKSON; Joseph BRIEN; Thomas NOBLETT; Henry JACKSON; Andrew STEWART; Francis JONES; Samuel JACKSON; George BARKER aka George PARKER; Joseph BARKER aka Joseph PARKER; Joseph JACKSON; William MOORE; Widow MURPHY; Rachel JACKSON; Widow BYRNE; Abraham PARKER sr.; Abraham PARKER jr.; Joseph PARKER; Lorenzo John WALTERS; Michael HICKEY; Oliver MOORE. PLACES: Hacketstown; Coolmana; Nashe’s Quarters; Long Meadow; Soliska aka Loliska aka Starlusk aka Stralusky, Parish of Haroldstown; River Dereen; Charles’s Park. July 2, 2010
1834 May 1-3. Will of Robert Ellis BAILIE as transcribed in 1856 legal case.NAMES: Robert Ellis BAILIE of Shortstone; wife, Margaret; Robert MURPHY, Esq.; Rev. Charles ATKINSON; Rev. John BAILEY; Robert BAILEY; William BAILIE; Mary Anne McLAREN; Adelaide Louisa de GUERIN; Robert Ellis BAILIE [next generation]; Margaret BAILIE; William Frederick BAILEY; Jane BAILEY; Henry Victor BAYLEY; Charles BAILEY; Hugh CAMPBELL; James CAMPBELL; Isaac WARREN; Hugh BOYD; DEASY, Q.C.; J.E. WALSH; NAPIER, Q.C.; J. McMAHON; C.J. LEFROY; PLACES: Clonaleenen; Annavackey; Trea AKA Treagh January 11, 2009
1834 May 6 NAMES: Peter COLEMAN of Dundalk; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Thomas COLEMAN of Dundalk; Thomas READ; Dr. HAMILTON; Major BROWNE; Robert BROWNE; Rev. Elias THACKERY; James PARK OF DUNDALK; James ROWAN; John TOWNLEY. September 27, 2009
1834 July 2 Will of Margaret JACKSON NAMES: Margaret JACKSON of Monaghan née IRWIN; James JACKSON; James ALEXANDER; George BARTLEY; James HATCHETT; E.M. MORPHY; Richard JACKSON of Monaghan. January 25, 2010
1835 February 5 NAMES: Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Margaret WALLACE of Roachdale; Robert DICKIE of Roachdale; John BRADFORD of Cavananore; Robert BAILLIE Esq.; Samuel BRADFORD; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD; Hugh McCULLAGH; Owen DUFFY; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Walter GLASSCOCK. OTHER LANDS: Shortstone. July 10, 2009
1835 February 12 NAMES: Rev. Charles ATKINSON; Robert MURPHY of Marion Sq., Dublin; Robert Ellis BAILLIE; Rev. John BALLIE of Clonaleenan; William BAILLIE of Tray, Co. Monaghan; Stewart KING; John FOSTER of Collon; Sir John Charles HAMILTON, Bart.; Sir John Stewart HAMILTON, formerly of Dublin, deceased; Frederick HAMILTON of [Dunfreath?]; Frederick HAMILTON, Esq.; Richard HEATHERINGTON; Capt. Charles GRANT; Robert BAILLIE of Shortstone; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Thomas BRADFORD & Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; John BUNTON; William PARKER; Arthur ELLIS; Walter GLASSCOCK. July 10, 2009
1836 August 16 NAMES: Nathaniel LESLIE of Leslie Hall in Co. Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, Gent; Benjamin OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh, gent; William LESLIE deceased; Camack & Henry MAHALLAM; Bernard McCARTEN, Co. Monaghan; Thomas REILLY, Co. Monaghan. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Drumcanver (not sure which parish). December 19, 2007
1837 May 24 NAMES: William OLIVER & son Joseph OLIVER of Laragh; William OLIVER's brothers - Joseph OLIVER (of Tullymore) & Benjamin OLIVER (of Ballyrea). November 10, 2007

1837 June 12 DEED: 1837-11-185 OLIVER- Ulster Bank

See 1837-10-56. This is another Laragh mortgage this time with the Ulster Bank for £510 for the same lands. SEE: DEED: 1837-10-56

November 10, 2007
1837 November 15 Will proved of Joseph OLIVER See also: Newsclippings where there are three articles relating to OLIVER family members and legal proceedings regarding the mills.NAMES: Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore, Benjamin OLIVER, William OLIVER, Mrs. HAMILTON, Mrs. McCULLAGH née ALEXANDER, John Elliot OLIVER, David LESLIE, Mary Anne LENNON, B. Shuldhand HENRY, David COLLINS, Catherine OLIVER, Thomas CUMMING, MD, June BOYLE. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Laragh & Cornacarrow, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. Footnotes done. June 19, 2005
November 10, 2007
1838 February 7th - Marriage Indenture NAMES: David JACKSON; ELIZA OLIVER; William OLIVER; Thomas OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Thomas McCULLAGH; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD. PLACES: Aghavilla [aka Aughnavilla or Aughavilla], Parish of Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim; Killynure, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh. This is the marriage agreement between David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER - parents of ten children including Sir Thomas JACKSON and David JACKSON of HSBC fame. They were also my great-great grandparents. June 21, 2006
1838 February 24 NAMES: Edward OWENS; Sarah COULTER; Samuel COULTER; Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE; Simon OWENS sr.; Simon OWNES jr; Robert DICKIE; J. PURCELL. PLACES: Castlebellingham, Co. Louth; Dowdallshill, Co. Louth; Glenburn, Co. Armagh; Julianstown, Co. Meath; Killen, Co. Louth. June 18, 2009
1838 March 10 NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Molesworth; Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Humphry STEVENSON; Joseph COULTER of Dowdalls Hill; DOWDALL; QUIGLEY; GEMON; FITZSIMMON; Samuel COULTER of Kingstown, Dublin; Thomas Elder FLEURY of Dublin; Walter GLASSCOCK. OTHER PLACES: Dowdalls Hill. August 30, 2009
1838 June 9 - 1839 Will Probate of Samuel BRADFORD NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Rev. James BEATTY; William Jocelyn BRADFORD; Barbara M [Maxwell?] BRADFORD; William McCULLAGH; Rev James BEATTY; . PLACES: Cavanore AKA Cavananore, parish of Creggan, Co. Louth; Ravensdale, Parish of Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth. September 3, 2008
1838 August 15 NAMES: William BAILEY of Annaghvackey; Adelaide Louisa de GUERIN of Armagh; Hugh CAMPBELL of Warrenpoint; James CARLOW of Armagh; John STANLEY jr. of Armagh; Robert RIDDELL of Armagh; William BLAIR. OTHER PLACES: Tray aka Trea. September 27, 2009
1838 October 25 NAMES: Rev. Andrew McCULLAGH aka McCULLOGH of Caledon; Marianne FISHER of Caledon; Robert McCULLOGH of Killnamuddy; Thomas McCARTER of Newbliss; Robert FISHER of Monree; Robert HAWTHORNE of Tandregee; Sarah FISHER of Monree; Richard TROTTER. July 10, 2009
1839 May 11NAMES: Dr. Thomas COULTER of Dublin; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Charles [LYNAM?]; J.H. RANSON of Dundalk; John PURCELL; A. WILSON. OTHER PLACES: Killeen aka Killen and part of Kane called The Stump; Ballinshull aka Bailinfuil. September 27, 2009
1839 November 13 NAMES: William McCULLAGH of Dundalk; James BEATTIE, Rev of [Knockakean?] Lodge, Co. Armagh; Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel BRADFORD late of Dundalk; Bridgit McKENNA; John NICHOLSON; Edward TOWNLEY; William Robert ROGERS; William HILL; John TOWNLEY; Lucas SHERLOCK. July 9, 2009
1840 April 6 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Enagh, Co. Armagh aka Andrew Bradford OLIVER; Mary Jane OLIVER nee HAYES; William OLIVER jr. of Killinure; James HAYES of Maghery, Co. Armagh. Thomas MOORHEAD; David SCARLET; Thomas APPLEBY; John Robert HAYES; John McKINSTRY; John DAVIDSON. December 16, 2007
June 26, 2016
1842 August 19- Will of Robert DICKIE NAMES: Robert DICKIE of Rochdale; Mary Anne DICKIE (WALLACE) of Rochdale; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; William CHARLTON of Philipstown; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; John DICKIE of Casino, Malahide, Dublin; Robert DICKIE; Samuel DICKIE of Killen. OTHER PLACES: Annaghavackey; Sheelagh. February 7, 2009
1842 October 6 NAMES: William HILL of Balls Mills; Esther HILL nèe COULTER; John HILL of Grange, Gorman Lane, Co. Dublin; Samuel McCORMACK; Francis McCORMACK; Richard NEIL; Patrick CONNOLLY; Peter MORGAN; Owen CONLON; Charles CROWE; Widow CONLON; William HILL of Dundalk; William Robert ROGERS. OTHER PLACES: Tullyumphry aka Tullyhumphry. September 27, 2009
1842 Nov 17 NAMES: William OLIVER; David LESLIE; Armour Lowry CORRY; George CRAWFORD; Thomas CRAWFORD; Andrew CRAWFORD; David OLIVER; Joseph OLIVER; John DUFFY. PLACES: Laragh, Aughnamullen, Monaghan; Leslie Hill Co. Monaghan; Cornacarrow. November 25, 2016
1843 May 18 * NAMES: Andrew OLIVER of Brootally; William OLIVER of Brootally; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD of Cavananore; Anne HANNA of Tarascane; William HANNA late of Tarascane; John HANNA of Tarascane; Maxwell CLOSE of Elm Park; James OLIVER of Brootally; Sir James Maxwell STRONG of Tynan House; Henry Samuel CLOSE and John Tew ARMSTRONG of Dublin; John MAXWELL late of Fellows Hall; William OLIVER the younger of Brootally; Saul HANNA of Terrescane; David SCARLETT of Tynan. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Killylea. Now that I have a photocopy, this deed is fully transcribed, December 7, 2007
February 1, 2008
1843 May 8 NAMES: Thomas COULTER of Sky Hill; Anna Maria SEAVER of Downshire Place, Newry; Jonathon SEAVER; Mr. FLEURY; Michael CASEY; Thomas SHEWELL deceased; William SUCH of Newry; George CRAWLEY of Fleury Bridge; [William?] GLENNY. OTHER PLACES: Killeen aka Killen, Co. Louth. September 27, 2009
1844 July 21 NAMES: William OLIVER of Laragh; David LESLIE; David OLIVER of Ballyrea; Joseph OLIVER of Laragh; George SADLER. November 10, 2007
1844 September 25 NAMES: Louisa Caroline DARE née JULIUS of Camberwell [NOTE: This is her will]; Rev. George QUILTER of Canwick, Lincolnshire; Alfred Alexander JULIUS of Richmond, Surrey; Jane Adelaide DARE; Augusta Louisa LOADER; John Julius DARE of New Amsterdam, West Indies; George Julius DARE of Singapore; Dr. George Charles JULIUS of Richmond. June 7, 2011
1845 January 7 NAMES: Robert COULTER of Dundalk; David DAVISON of London; Unnamed JEFFRIE; Lennox BIGGER; James Neil McNEIL; Samuel McCULLAGH; Jonathan PURCELL. OTHER PLACES: Carnbeg; Carranmore; Ballinahattina aka Ballynahattin; Glebe; Townpark; Sportsmans Hall. September 17, 2009
1845 April 2 NAMES: William CHARLETON aka CHARLTON of Philipstown; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Robert COULTER of Dundalk; Rev. David DAVISON,(husband of Jane COULTER); Thomas COULTER of Dublin and Dundalk; Alexander DONALDSON;Edward M'ARDLE; John JOHNSTON; Charles LYNAN; Samuel Alexander COULTER; Alexander COULTER; Joseph Arthur COULTER; James Neale McNEILL; Samuel McCULLAGH of Dundalk; Tobias M. PURCELL; John HOHNES. PLACES: Killen, Kane aka The Stump; Ballinphul aka Ballinfuil; Marblehill. June 21, 2011
1845 July 5 Will of Archibald Brown This will represents my first steps in trying to situate some of the Ballybay BROWNE connections to the rest of the family tree. Of interest, is another document that I will soon transcribe involving the sale of lands in Ednafirkin in 1880 relating to the estate of John Wallace McCULLAGH. It mentions a William and a James BROWN as tenants adjacent to the McCULLAGH holdings at Ednafirkin. NAMES: Archibald BROWNE and his children: William, John, Archibald, Benjamin, Robert, Samuel and Eliza Jane; Witnesses John McCLATCHIE & William JAMIESON. TOWNLANDS: Ednafirkin, Co. Monaghan; Tullywalter AKA Tullywaltry, Co. Cavan & Drumcondia, Co. Cavan July 1, 2008
1846 June 10 NAMES: Elizabeth GUNNING of Armagh; Joseph OLIVER of Tullymore; Phillip KEENAN of Armagh, hotel keeper; David OLIVER; Jacob BARRETT gent of Armagh; John McKEE, gent of Armagh. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Derryhaw. December 19, 2007
1847 February 22 NAMES: John COULTER of Ballsmill; William POLLOCK of Dundalk; Thomas SHEWELL deceased; Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; John COULTER jr.; John TOWNLEY. September 27, 2009

1847, March 26 Will of Andrew Coulter Bradford This also includes a case brought by Barbara Donaldson after the fact. This is a most interesting case. Barbara Donaldson was the sister of Andrew Coulter Bradford, both of them children of Thomas Bradford & Elizabeth Breakey. Not all the Trustees appointed to deal with A.C. Bradford's will had wanted to follow through with their duties and the upshot was that J.B. Gillmer was left holding the bag. He then decided on his own to let Bradford's niece Mary Jane Oliver and sister Margaret Bradford continue to live on the property rather than selling everything off. This meant that those who had inherited annuities (hence Barbara Donaldson) were getting short shrift.  The advantage also went to his niece Sally McCullogh wife of Thomas McCullogh of Dunraymond since she still received the bequeathed interest on a bond of 1,100 owed by her husband even though the annuities bequeathed to others were being left unpaid. It was even more galling that the value of the assets were quite probably diminishing due to mismanagement. NAMES: Andrew COULTER BRADFORD; James Birch GILLMER aka GILMORE; Thomas McCULLAGH of Dunraymond; William CHARLETON; William OLIVER; David JACKSON; Andrew Bradford OLIVER; Eliza DONALDSON; Mary Jane OLIVER; Thomas OLIVER; William OLIVER; Sarah McCULLAGH; Elizabeth OLIVER; Elizabeth BRADFORD; Anne OLIVER née HANNA; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON; Cormack ROONEY; Michael QUINN; Thomas McKEOWN; James TIPPING; Margaret BRADFORD; Thomas McCULLAGH; Thomas BRADFORD of "Drumrule" possibly Drumroosk; Isabella Mills GILMER aka GILMORE; J. S. TWEEDY possibly TWEED; George McGUIGAN; Barbara DONALDSON née BRADFORD; Joseph NAPIER. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvacky; Cavananore; Drisgooley aka Dungooley; Tullyvallen; Killynure aka Killinure. Updated footnotes.

November 28, 2003
A missing paragraph was added June 20, 2005

July 29, 2009

1847 May 15 NAMES: Thomas COULTER of Skyhill; Anne COULTER nèe DOWDALL; Launcelot COULTER of Killeen Cottage; John COULTER of Skyhill; George CRAWLEY of Killeen Cottage;Thomas SHEWELL, deceased; Unnamed COUGAN, COLEMAN, ROBERT & DILLON; William HILL of Ballsmills; Thomas CRAWLEY; Samuel GLENNIE. OTHER PLACES: The Hamilton Arms tenement. September 27, 2009
1848 March 13 NAMES: James WALLACE of Clements Lane, London; John Barklie WALLACE of New Orleans; O'Neal BAYLY of Belfast; William McNaghton DICKIE; George SWAYNE; George Hinton BOVELL; George Kennedy SMITH; Edward O'ROURKE; Robert TORRENCE. OTHER PLACES: The Muckamore Mills. September 27, 2009
1848 December 21 NAMES: Alexander McEVOY, Philipstown;William CHARLETON, Philipstown; Alexander DONALDSON late of Philipstown; James McEVOY. August 31, 2009
1849 - Will of Thomas McCullagh of Derryvalley I have added some questions about this will in the hopes of finding answers. January 26, 2006. November 4, 2003
1849 August 27 This is the only connection we have in terms of Memorials of "Deeds, Wills and soforth" relating David JACKSON to Aughavilla, Co. Leitrim. June 20, 2008
1850 August 21 Inventory of Cavananore NOTE: I am supposing that this was undertaken as part of a will probate connected to Andrew Coulter BRADFORD who died May 10, 1847. April 23, 2010
1850 December 21 NAMES: Rev John OLIVER late of Derryroosk, Co. Monaghan, but now of Belfast; Hugh OLIVER formerly of Derryroosk but now of Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan; Turner Barrett OLIVER; Turner BARRETT of Dowdalls Hill, Co. Louth; Thomas Henry FLETCHER of Newry. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Aghnamullen corn mill. December 19, 2007
1850, December 31- Will of Eliza Donaldson NOTE: filed under date of probate - 1851. This will tells us a lot about connections, religious interests and social class in this extended family. NAMES: Elizabeth DONALDSON; Barbara DONALDSON nee BRADFORD; Margaret BRADFORD; Elizabeth OLIVER; Thomas OLIVER; Mary Jane OLIVER; Sarah Birch QUINN; Sarah SMITH; Jane ORR; Robert WYON; William TOUGH; Margaret Carson TOUGH; Andrew McCORMICK of Ballybay; Messrs TOUGH, WILSON & REDMOND; Mrs. WARDLOW; Jemima and Sarah COLLINS of Lower Rutland St., Dublin; Mrs. BURKE; Mrs. TELFORD; Mrs. CREIGHTON; Mrs. LOVE; Miss FRY; Martha REILLY; John LORD; Margaret COULTER nee McCULLAGH; James HEALY; John BLYTHE; J.C.L. CARSON; Robert ANDERSON; Arthur Samuel PROCTOR; J.W. KEATING; A.J. HAWKINS. Updated footnotes. November 20, 2003
July 24, 2009
1851 April 28 NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; William CHARLETON of Philipstown; Ann COULTER of Carrickastuck; Andrew HAMILTON of Longfield; James TREACY; Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Mary COULTER; Eliza COULTER; William COULTER; Ralph COULTER; Sarah Anne COULTER; John COULTER; Margaret COULTER; Richard LONDON [perhaps LONDAN] of Castletown; Joseph DICKIE; [Jos?] H. HARRIOT. August 31, 2009
1851 May 3 NAMES: Samuel GILMER of Liscalgot; Jane GILMER nèe COULTER; Thomas BURDEKEN of Manchester; Jessy BURDEKEN; Anne DEYELL of Northope in Upper Canada; Rev. John COULTER of Ballyhanwood, Co. Down; Rev. George Bartley COULTER of Kelly card Cottage, Monaghan; William HAMILTON of Castleblayney; James JOHNSTON of Castleblayney; Hamilton James JOHNSTON; John SMITH of Castleblayney; Andrew McMATH. OTHER PLACES: Mullahcrunk aka Mullycrock. September 27, 2009
1852 February 17 NAMES: John COULTER of Skyhill, Co. Louth; Hannah LUNDY of Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan; Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon, Co.; Henry CRANSON aka CRANSTON of Lisgar, Co. Cavan; Thomas SHEWEL of Killeen aka Killen, Co. Louth; Edward CRANSTON of Lisgar; Lawrence LEVINS of Carrickmacross; James Neale MACNEALL. August 23, 2009
1853 April 16* NAMES: William BROOKE, Esq.; Mary CAMPBELL of Portinaughy; Robert KILLEN; George Killen CAMPBELL of Portnaghy, Co. Monaghan; Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney; James OLIVER (son of Benjamin); Letitia OLIVER (née SIMPSON - wife of James); Leonard DOBBIN; Arthur OLIVER; John BURNS; Henry Leslie PRENTICE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; William BARNES. Many footnotes updated December 12, 2007
August 5, 2017
1854 November 7 Memorial NAMES: Jane MAGILL; Launcelot COULTER of Killeen; William PARSONS; Thomas BRYAN; Samuel REID. OTHER PLACES: Edentubber aka Edentober; Clanlyard possibly Clontygora; Clanbrassil St., Dundalk. May 21, 2011
1854 May 20. Will of Robert McCULLA of Armagh City. NAMES: Robert McCULLA; Anna Maria McCULLA; Philip West WALKER; George McCLELLAN; Peter WIlliam FITZGERALD; John McCLELLAN; William McCULLA; Robert Wallace McCULLA; Sarah McCULLA; William McCULLA jr.; Catherine McCULLA; Jane McCULLA; Henry McCULLA; Frederick McCULLA; Eliza McCULLA; Robert TEMPLE; John RITCHIE; William BOYD; William Jacob JENKINSON; Robert CAMPBELL; Robert MOON. June 25, 2016
1856 January 22 Legal case concerning the 1834 will of Robert Ellis BAILIE NAMES: Robert Ellis BAILIE of Shortstone; wife, Margaret; Robert MURPHY, Esq.; Rev. Charles ATKINSON; Rev. John BAILEY; Robert BAILEY; William BAILIE; Mary Anne McLAREN; Adelaide Louisa de GUERIN; Robert Ellis BAILIE [next generation]; Margaret BAILIE; William Frederick BAILEY; Jane BAILEY; Henry Victor BAYLEY; Charles BAILEY; Hugh CAMPBELL; James CAMPBELL; Isaac WARREN; Hugh BOYD; DEASY, Q.C.; J.E. WALSH; NAPIER, Q.C.; J. McMAHON; C.J. LEFROY; PLACES: Clonaleenen; Annavackey; Trea AKA Treagh January 11, 2008
1856 May 14 NAMES: James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Elizabeth McCULLAGH nèe WALLACE; Barbara DONALDSON nèe BRADFORD; Eliza DONALDSON of Bloomfield Place; Thomas BRADFORD of Carnbeg; Richard HENRY of Newbliss and Clones; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Alexander WADDELL; George BEATTY; James McCULLAGH, jr.; John TOWNLEY; Michael MASTERTON. OTHER PLACES: Drumgavney. July 9, 2009
1857 Aug 1 NAMES: Robert COULTER; Thomas BRADFORD; Alexander PARKER; Mary BRADFORD; William CHARLETON; Catherine DONALDSON; Joseph DONALDSON; Joseph DICKIE; Pat RUSSEL; R.A. THOMPSON. PLACES: Carrickastuck; Philipstown; Carnbeg. December 31, 2010
1857 December 14 Will of Jessie BARTLEY, widow of Major General Sir. Robert BARTLEY February 1, 2006
1858 March 13 NAMES: John COULTER of Skyhill; Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon; Robert SIBTHORPE; Thomas SHEWELL; Thomas COULTER of Skyhill; Anna Maria SEAVER; Hannah LUNDY; Launcelot COULTER; Henry CRANSTON; Joseph DICKIE of Dundalk; John Askey DRANSFIELD; Edward GREER; A. ENGLISH. OTHER PLACES: Killeen aka Killen. September 27, 2009
1859- Will of Margaret Bradford I have posted this with pertinent photos November 21, 2003
1859 September 6 Memorial NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon; John DICKIE of Moyles, Co. Monaghan; Russell PATTESON of Fairhill; Mountifest LONGFIELD; Charles James HARGRAN possibly HARGREAVE; WIlliam CARVILLE; Thomas George ROWLAND of Whitemills; Mary BELL aka CROZIER of Christianson; Sir John McNEILL. May 21, 2011
1860 May 24 NAMES: Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH of Urker Lodge; John JACKSON of Liscalgot; Rev. Charles MASSÉ; Thomas TERISON Esq.; James McCULLAGH sr.; James McCULLAGH jr; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD of Cavananore; John GILLESPIE; James SMYTHE; John SMYTHE; David JACKSON. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. October 31, 2011
1860 May 26 NAMES: David JACKSON of Urker Lodge; Elizabeth JACKSON née McCULLAGH; William Henry OGLE of Newry; John GILLESPIE; James SMYTHE; John SMYTHE; Richard Jebb BROWNE; William Henry WOODS; Edward GREER; John HANBURY. OTHER PLACES: Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. October 31, 2011
1861 April 10 Deed NAMES: John TOWNLEY of Ballymascanlon; Launcelot COULTER; James Wolfe McNEALE; James MOORE; Thomas Coulter DICKIE; James STOKES; Robert ROGERS; John HANBURY. OTHER PLACES: Mountpleasant aka Mount Pleasant; Culfore. May 21, 2011
1863 - Will of Barbara Donaldson This will is of interest for the many family connections that are mentioned. Amongst other connections of note, she was a great-aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON. I have also added a lengthy entry on Rev. William King, one of the beneficiaries of the will, who established the settlement in Ontario, Canada for fugitive and freed slaves in the mid-1800s. January 12, 2005
1864 February 4 NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballymascanlon; Edward KENNEY aka KENNY of Killen; Charles McMAHON; William McBRITNEY; William Robert ROGERS jr.; Francis Louis KENNEDY. June 21, 2011
1864 March 26 NAMES: Thomas BLIGH of Brittas, Co. Meath; John SHEILS; James WRIGHT; Thomas Cherburgh BLIGH; James DYAS; Arthur IRWIN; William SHEILS; Edward BLIGH; Sir Ralph HOWARD; Charles William HAMILTON; Gordon JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON sr. & jr.; Philip McCORMICK; John M'ENANY; Thomas Tughe MECREDY. OTHER PLACES: Lisnagrogh, part of Ballynatinuff, Barony of Lower Kells, Co. Meath. NOTE: This deed references several earlier agreements dating back to 1715. July 2, 2011
1864 May 21 - Will of Samuel Stewart This is a will that was saved at Gilford Castle by Mary MENARY. It is a mystery about the connection of Samuel STUART to the MENARYs. I also wonder if the bequests may have had some bearing on a later MENARY-COUSER court case. This document is shared thanks to the generosity of Christine WRIGHT. The transcription and footnotes (and hence all errors) are mine. NAMES: Samuel STUART of Lisdrumard; Rev. Joseph Ford LEATHLY aka LEATHLEY; William MENARY sr. & William MENARY jr. of Magherkilcranny; Alexander MENARY of Cavanaballaghy aka Cavan Bellaghy; Sarah WILSON of Rowan, Parish of Derrynoose; Jane COUSER of Aghavilly; Anne COUSER of Aghavilly; Elizabeth ORR of Umgola; Margaret GRAY; James HAYES. March 30, 2010
1866 January 13 NAMES: Oswald DONALDSON of Sytrim; Ann Charlton ANDERSON; Samuel DONALDSON; Elizabeth LOWE nèe DONALSON; Robert LOWE; John ROBINSON; Margaret ROBINSON nèe DONALDSON; William CHARLETON; William DONALDSON of Freeduff; Barbara DONALDSON nèe BRADFORD; Alexander BELL; Thomas BELL; John Dobbin BELL; David DONALDSON. July 19, 2009
1866 July 13 NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Arthur JOHNSTON of Dundalk; Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Henry COULTER; Bernard CLARK of Mill Park; Augustus GRAHAM of Lisdoo; John McCABE; John M. NUGENT; Richard William McDERMOTT. OTHER PLACES: Castletown River; Shortstone; Cloughmaguigan; Barronstown. August 31, 2009
1867 June 28 NAMES: Elizabeth DONALDSON of Napolean Terrace, Belfast; Elizabeth JACKSON of Fernglenn, Newtownhamilton; James CORRAGHER; Patrick GARLAND; Alexander BELL; Francis WHITE; Henry Oliver BARKER. OTHER PLACES: Kiltybane. July 5, 2009
1868 January 27 NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Arthur JOHNSTON of Lisdoo; Alexander DONALDSON of Philipstown; Henry COULTER; Matthew Moore GRAHAM of Lisdoo; Edward FERRER; William ARNOTT. OTHER PLACES: Shortstone; Cloughmaguigan. August 31, 2009
1868 July 16 NAMES: Alexander EDGAR of Belfast; Eliza PATTERSON nèe Elizabeth MARTIN of Ballykeel; Susanna EDGAR nèe MARTIN; Margaret MARTIN of Ringfad; Samuel ORR & Richard Binney ORR & Letitia Jane ORR of New Lodge. Antrim; George MARTIN; Jane MARTIN; Mary ORR nèe MARTIN; June MARTIN; George Alexander CHADWICK; Rev. Charles CAMPBELL; Joseph HASLETT; Charles HUTCHISON; Robert A. GRACEY. OTHER PLACES: Tullycarnen. July 26, 2009
1871 December 18 - copies of documents This shows links between the BROWN family of Killynure and the BRADFORD and DONALDSONs of Co. Louth. Also, the property of Kiltybawn figures in the records of these leases which it seems became the home of Elizabeth Johanna DONALDSON nee JACKSON. Footnotes updated. June 30, 2005
August 26, 2008
May 6, 2010
1872 Probate abstract of William MENARY d. 19 May 1867 July 30, 2005
1873 November 11 NAMES: William OLIVER of Killynure; William COUSER; William MENARY; Sarah ROCK; Benjamin OLIVER; Martha OLIVER; Margaret OLIVER; Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER; John JACKSON; ELizabeth BROWN née JACKSON; Thomas JACKSON; Mary MENARY née JACKSON; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON; Sarah JACKSON; James JACKSON; David JACKSON; Alexander McCOMBE; John P. KEARNEY. January 16, 2012
1873 September 4 - will of Launcelot COULTER NAMES: Launcelot COULTER of Ballmascanlon; Montifort LONGFIELD; Charles James HARGREAVE; George CRAWLEY sr. of Killeen; George CRAWLEY jr.; Elizabeth COULTER; Elizabeth OLIVER, née Elizabeth CRAWLEY; William CRAWLEY; John COULTER; Joseph CRAWLEY; Esther HILL née COULTER; Anne CRAWLEY née COULTER; Mary JOHNSTON née COULTER; Dr. William POLLOCK of Caravilla; Joseph CRAWLEY; FOSTER; Edward TIPPING; Maria WILSON; Thomas WILSON; Joseph DICKIE; WIlliam GIBBON. OTHER PLACES: Clontygora, Edentubber aka Edentober; Culfore; Monascrobe aka Monascreebe; Bellurgan; Proleek; Dundalk. May 21, 2011
1873 December 31 NAMES: Mary Jane OLIVER of Cavananore (aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON); Thomas Coulter DICKIE of Omagh, Co. Tyrone; John Thomas DICKIE of Phillipstown, Co. Louth. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Clonaleenan, Co. Louth. December 19, 2007
1874 Oct 8 probate of Will of Margaret BRADFORD (1786-1874) NAMES: Margaret BRADFORD; Mary REID née M’CULLAGH; Rev. Wiliam REID; James McCULLAGH; Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH; Thomas McCULLAGH; Sarah McCULLAGH; PLACES; John McCULLAGH; Andrew Bradford OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER; Margaret OLIVER; Eliza NORRIS née Eliza OLIVER; George NORRIS; Margaret JACKSON; Sarah JACKSON; David JACKSON; James JACKSON; Bessie BROWN née Elizabeth JACKSON; Thompson BROWN; Mary MENARY; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON; James JACKSON; Mrs. John DONALDSON née Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON; Mary Jane OLIVER; Alexander DICKIE; John DICKIE. PLACES: Derryvalley; Urker; Cavananore; Roachdale aka Annaghavackey. December 1, 2015
1875 Court Case between the infant Mary MENARY versus William Robert FERRIS, David JACKSON, Samuel MENARY, & Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON Why Mary MENARY's grandfather David JACKSON and her maternal uncle Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON as well as her paternal uncle Samuel MENARY would join in the suit against her, is not at all clear June 17, 2004
1875 Court case between William COUSER & Andrew OLIVER, Mary Jane OLIVER, Andrew JACKSON & dependants June 14, 2004
1875 June 3 Will of Ellen DICKIE NAMES: Ellen DICKIE of Carrickastuck; John DICKIE; Mary DICKIE; Rev. Joseph DICKIE; John Dobbin BELL; William STITT. June 25, 2011
1875 November 10 - Will of Mary Jane Oliver Bequests to various Oliver-Jackson-Reid-McCullagh-Norris family members. Sir Thomas JACKSON was designated to be responsible for "legatee and devises". June 19, 2005
Footnotes added
1876 January 6th and over the next few months - The John E. MORTON CaseThis case helps to make sense of part of the ongoing conflict surrounding the house and lands of Cavananore, Co. Louth. I will finish writing up a full account in the near future. April 1, 2010
May 12, 2010
1876 February 18 Agreement of Samuel Bradford NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Thomas McCULLAGH; Thomas JACKSON; Mary Jane OLIVER; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD. PLACES: Carnbeg, Derryvalley, Cavananore, Anaghvackey. Updated. June 8, 2005
February 7, 2009
1880 March 18th Auction of Drummuck & Ednafirkin NAMES: John Wallace McCULLAGH (1840-1894); Joseph DICKIE; James McCULLAGH (d. 1865); Thomas Coulter DICKIE (1837-1908); Eliza McCULLAGH nee WALLACE (1809-1895); Thomas McCULLAGH (1843-1895); James McCULLAGH (d. 1892); Henry Aitkens Newell AITKENS; James HAMILTON; Thomas HAMILTON; David LYSTER; William BROWN; James BROWN. TOWNLANDS: Drummuck & Ednafirkin, Co. Monaghan. July 2, 2008
1880 September 16 Chancery Documents NAMES: Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; Alexander BELL of Philipstown & Dublin; Catherine TRACY aka TREACY; Dennis TRACY. June 25, 2011
1881 June 28 NAMES: Emily Wilhelmina COULTER nèe BAILIE; John COULTER; Henry Victor BAILIE; Charles McMAHON jr.; Robert Ellis BAILIE of Shortstone; William BAILIE; OTHER PLACES: Annaghavackey; Trea. Updated footnotes. September 30, 2009
October 3, 2009
1881 Chancery Documents NAMES: Robert Ellis BAILIE of Castleblayney; Thomas McARDLE of Ducavan; James LAMB of Shortstone East; Mary McARDLE of Shortstone East; Thomas THORNTON of Slieve; Peter JONES of Philipstown; Anne TRACY of Carrickastuck; Anne FOX of Carrickastuck; Charles POLLOCK of Carrickastuck; John JOHNSTON of Woodvale; M.E. JOHNSTON of Woodvale; Townley Paton Hume Macartney FILGATE of Shortstone East; John W. HORAN and Mary Josephine HORAN of Slieve; Thomas BATTERSBY of Philipstown; H. J. OWENS of Dublin; Alexander BELL of Dublin and Philipstown; Charles McMAHON. October 6, 2009
1885 February 11 Probate of will of Thomas McCullagh The initial will was dated April 21 1874, a Codicil was added August 29th 1876 and the will was probated February 11, 1885. NAMES: Thomas McCULLAGH (1793-1877); Andrew Bradford McCULLAGH (1842-1897); James McCULLAGH (-1913); Mary REID nee McCULLAGH (1840-1919); Rev. Wm REID (1829-1906); Sarah WHITESIDE nee McCULLAGH; Thomas McCULLAGH (1854-1920); Matthew McAuley RUTHERFORD ( 1845-1926); Samuel McCLEAVE; George Hill SMITH. TOWNLANDS: Derrivalley AKA Derryvalley; Dromalt AKA Drumalt; Ganemoe possibly Garranroe; Possy AKA probably Tossy; Ballibay AKA Ballybay. July 2, 2008
1886 - Will Abstract of John JACKSON (brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON) November 29, 2003

1888 May 4 Will of David JACKSON This David JACKSON was the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON. Although in the middle of the 1800s he had times when he couldn't come up with the rent, by the time of his death, things had turned around - I suspect largely due to the efforts of his wife and the support of his children.

July 1, 2006
1892 - Will Abstract for Daniel Gunn Browne November 29, 2003
1892 Feb 14 will of James OLIVER of Urney The Will of James Oliver late of Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 14 February 1892 at same place was proved at Londonderry by John James Oliver of Creggan Farmer and the Reverend Matthew Neil of Sion Mills Presbyterian Minister both in said County the Executors. Effects £187 July 24, 2017
1894 - Will Abstract for Rev. Hugh Edgar November 29, 2003
1895 November 23 NAMES: John Bailie COULTER; Henry O'CONNELL; James JOHNSTON; Hugh CALLAN; John DICKIE of Casino; John BAILIE; Robert DICKIE jr.;Robert DICKIE of Annaghvackey; Robert DICKIE; John Thomas DICKIE Clonaleenan; Samuel COULTER of Mounthill and later of Shortstone; Mary BAILIE; Samuel COULTER [jr.]; Charles McMAHON. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvackey. September 28, 2009
1897 - Will probate for Mary Anne McCready NAMES: Mary Anne McCREADY; Mary GRIFFIN; Sally WHITESIDE. PLACES: Derryvalley. December 30, 2003
1897 February 8 NAMES: Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER of Ballyscandle, Co. Armagh, farmer; William BRAWLEY of Terreskane. December 19, 2007
1897 February 26 NAMES: David GILLESPIE of Armagh, Merchant; Andrew Coulter Bradford OLIVER of Ballybrockey, Co. Armagh, farmer. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Lisbane (probably Parish of Eglish) December 19, 2007
1898 Samuel Bradford Land Case This concerns lands of Cavananore & Annaghavackey - a case with implications started a hundred years or more earlier and involving several Bradfords & Jacksons in the dispute. December 30, 2003
1899 - Will Abstract for George Crean Martin November 29, 2003
1899 Will of James OLIVER of Urney. Annotated. Probate of the Will of James Oliver late of Glentown Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 20 January 1899 granted at Londonderry to The Reverend Thomas Oliver of Garston County Lancaster England Clerk. Effects £388 2s. 6d. July 22, 2017
1900 October 31 NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Thomas JACKSON; Alexander BELL; W.Warren LAW; Sir Robert JOCELYN, Earl of Roden; Thomas BRADFORD; John Wallace BRADFORD. PLACES: Carnbeg; Sportsman's Hall; Moorland; Balriggan; Cavananore; Ballynahattin; Dowdall's Hill; Annaghvackey; Lisdoo.
IN APPENDED CHART (Names connected with Board of Sportsman's Hall): James HAMILTON, Earl of Clanbrassil; Arthur O'HARE; Henry C. BACKHOUSE; Robert Louden BROWN; Thomas J. BYRNE; Thomas CALLAN; Paul V. CAROLAN; Vincent T. CARROLL; James CONNOLLY; Michael HAGGERTY; Joseph D. JENNINGS; Michael P. LYNCH; Thomas Callan McARDLE; Charles McMAHON; Hugh Frank McCANN; Michael C. MOYNAGH; James MURPHY; Henry O'CONNELL; John D. O,NEILL; William Megaw PATTESON; William TEMPEST; Thomas WILLIAMSON.
July 28, 2009
1901 January 14 - Chancery document NAMES: John Bailie COULTER; Henry O'CONNELL; James JOHNSTON; Hugh CALLAN; Robert Ellis BAILIE. October 6, 2009
1902 August 27 NAMES: Rev. William REID of Belfast; Eliezer GILMORE of Liscalgot; Mary REID née McCULLAGH; Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH; Rev. William Sherlock WHITESIDE; James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Eliza JACKSON née OLIVER of Urker; Sarah GILMORE née JACKSON; Margaret McCULLAGH née JACKSON of Slieveroe; Elizabeth BROWN née JACKSON; Thompson BROWN; Mary GRIFFIN née JACKSON; John NORRIS; Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON of Fostertown; Sir Thomas JACKSON; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD; Andrew Hugh Gilmore JACKSON; William Richard CORR; J. O'CONNOR; James QUAIL; Walter H. PAGE; John NEIL. OTHER PLACES: Annaghvackey; Cavananore. October 31, 2011
1907 - Will Abstract for Acheson Henry George Gilmore November 29, 2003
1910 - Will Abstract for James Carlisle Monteagle Browne November 29, 2003
1910 - Will for Thompson Brown These are notes - not the entire will. December 10, 2004
1912 February 16. NAMES: James HALE of Crossmaglen; Dr. William Scott McBRIDE; Eliezer GILMORE; Hugh CORR; Norman McCLEAN; John DONALDSON; Sir Thomas JACKSON; Joseph HALE of Crossmaglen; John J. JOHNSTON of Woodvale, Ballsmill; Rev. Samuel MAYES; John F. JOHNSTON [?]; John T. JOHNSTON [?] John O'CONNOR; Robert J. SCOTT. OTHER PLACES: Cregganban. The memorial references an indenture of February 28, 1882 concerning about 70 acres in the townland of Cregganbane Glebe, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh. April 11, 2014
1915 List of lands owned by Thomas JACKSON in Armagh & Louth NAMES: Sir Thomas JACKSON; PLACES: Cavananore; Anaghavakey; Urcher aka Urker; Liscalgot. These were lands that meant more to the family than simple acreage - they were the lands where his family had its roots, roots that went back at least to the mid-1700s in some properties and a century earlier in others. April 7, 2010
1916 January 24 - Abstract of Will probate for Thompson Brown November 29, 2003
1916 March 3rd. Probate of 1905 Will of Sir Thomas Jackson NAMES: Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915); Amelia Lydia Lady JACKSON (1851-1944); Kathleen McCullagh JACKSON (1872-1959); Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1854); George Julius JACKSON (1883-1856); Elizabeth BROWN (1843-1923); Mary GRIFFIN (1844-1921); Sarah GILMORE (1848-1942);Margaret McCULLAGH (1853-1944); Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (1846-1929); James JACKSON (1850- aft 1911); Kate JACKSON (1854-?) widow of John JACKSON; PLACES: Stanstead; Cavananore; Urker; Annaghavackey; Liscalgot. May 17, 2010
1918, May 22 - Notes on Will for Elizabeth Brown July 9, 2004
1919 June 14 NAMES: John COULTER; Patrick TREACY; William TREACY; Margaret TREACY; Mary Anne TREACY; Margaret GORDON; John Gordon COULTER; Charles COULTER; James McCOURT; Francis James TEEVAN; A. NELSON. PLACES: Carrickmacross; Ottertail, Minnesota. May 11, 2011
1924 - Will Abstract for Elizabeth Brown November 29, 2003

1925 - Trustee payments from legacies from will of Andrew Coulter BRADFORD Andrew JACKSON; Miss S. REID; Mrs. Sally WHITESIDE; Mrs. G. BROWN; Mrs. Molly WRIGHT; Mrs. S. GILMORE; Mrs. M. McCULLAGH; Mr. George NORRIS

May 6, 2010
1927 - Will Abstract for Hubert Evelyn Brown November 29, 2003
1931 Parliamentary debate - Acquisition of Louth Estates NAMES: William BAILIE; Mrs. QUIGLEY; Patrick O'ROURKE; Patrick CUNNINGHAM; Misses DICKIE; Rupert F. FRANKLIN. PLACES: Annaghvackey; Cavananore; Clonaleenaghan; Rassan; Shanmullagh April 8, 2010



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